Dr. Dov Rand is the initiator of healthy Elderly therapeutic center situated in Wayne, New Jersey, Rand is a physical medicine, physiatrist and Recovery Doctor. He acquired his degree in medicine from the University of Howard school of medicine. Dr. Rand also obtained his tutorials at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Centre in New York where he learned his major principle that he cannot prescribe treatment without supporting it with a journal. Dr. Dov Rand has stood the premiere of Healthy Aging Medical Centers since 2010. He is always a role model to his patients since he is sensitive, kind and understanding and keeps on advising them on situations that often go with the elderly progression. Dr. Dov Rand’s training pacts in wellness program which consist of IV nutrients rehabilitation and weight loss solutions ( He has developed program that talk about discrete wants through his integrative tactics because he always has the desire and morale to realize brilliant outcomes. Dr. Dov has continuously been ready to help patients with ageing diseases and enable them to restore health, prevent diseases and improve strength.

The services offered by Dr. Dov Rand in the health Centre includes inventive slants to hot flashes anxiety and mood swings which are brought about by menopausal symptoms. He also deals with weight gain, depression, mental fogginess, and rise in blood pressure which commonly goes with menopause hence the treatment addresses the functions that hormones stages execute in the body.

Dr. Dov Rand holds that everybody has good hormones and bad hormones. He stresses that as one continues to grow old, the bad hormones such as insulin and cortisol intensifies. At the same time, good hormones like; estrogen, Dhea, testosterone, growth hormones and progesterone reduces. Dr. Dov Rand focuses on reinstating this hormone which in return his patients gain back strength, energy and stamina which leads to them not anguish from depression and also prevent them from suffering from cancer.


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