ClassDojo Is Now Rolling Out Plans To Make Money

ClassDojo, a social media app designed for classroom and educational purposes is now working on providing extra content users can pay to use. The app has already evolved through its five years of existence from behavior rewarding to a full-scale communication system connecting teachers and parents to class activities. Throughout the day, teachers can take photos of activities and post them to their Student Stories profiles, and students can take home stories to tell mom and dad. ClassDojo’s premium content could be a variety of teaching tools, including more animated videos about student learning. They’ve already put together videos about student learning strengths and weaknesses, and now they’re looking to produce the next series. Users have already expressed interest in more premium content.


ClassDojo was founded and designed by two UK grad students, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Chaudhary and Don felt that education was lacking in technology developments, specifically with social media and mobile apps, and they believed they could create one that both teachers and students would love. While visiting the US, they started talking with teachers and parents about what they would like to see in an education app that would bring in ground-up change to school, and that’s how they came up with the idea for ClassDojo.


Chaudhary and Don have not been interested in simply making a buck with this app, but instead being in tune with their customer’s interests, and staying true to their goals. Thus far the app has gotten around $30 million in venture capital funding, but has not spent any money on marketing or public relations costs. It simply becomes known through word-of-mouth, an approach that’s worked well thus far as now about 2 in 3 schools around the country have at least one teacher that uses the app.


What’s great about the app is that anyone can download it from students, to teachers and even administrators, but you don’t have to jump through any hoops to do it. It’s come in handy for parents as now they don’t have to schedule parent-teacher meetings once a year anymore, and they can help guide children with homework better. Also, Don and Chaudhary have taken steps over the years to address privacy concerns about their app by adding in security features, parent and teacher approval settings, and other steps to protect personal information.

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