Willis Towers Watson Appoints Michael Burwell As CFO

Willis Towers Watson appoints Michael Burwell as their chief financial officer to take part of the Roger Millay since he is retiring. Mr. Burwell appropriately fits that position since he is well versed in financial matters. Michael Burwell has been serving in the financial industry for over 31 years which has prepared him well in that professional field. At PwC, Michael Burwell was holding top management positions as well as in the United States of which he had a good legacy that is remarkable.


It is evident that Mr. Burwell has eleven years of experience in the auditing and twelve years in providing transaction services. The role that he plays in the Willis Tower Watson is recommendable since the company can experience his contribution to the firm; besides, he is passionate and committed to delivering his responsibilities. From the speech delivered by the John Haley, the Chief Executive Office of Willis Tower Watson indicates that Burwell appointment to be the Chief Financial Officer of the firm was appropriately and timely since the firm was in need of such services and skills that Mike has in the professional.


Since Burwell is well conversant with the transactions, transformation, and finance, it will be easy for the company to meet its long-term objectives and goals. For this reason, Michael Burwell will help the firm to be at the top in the provision of advisory services to the clients and be leading in the market.


Michael attended the Michigan State University where he earned Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He worked at the PwC Company for about 30 years, and it is from there that he strengthened and equipped himself with leadership skills since he resumed senior positions of the company. Michael Burwell was able to deliver quality services to all the customers and clients that approached him since he wants all to be satisfied.


When he was at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Company, he gained a lot of experience in the transactions and other financial related fields that made him lead the company to greater heights and more so achieving its set goals. Therefore, by joining the Willis Towers Watson is in order because the gained skills and experience will be transformed into the company and makes it have a global touch. The company will get the results that it expects from the set goals. Michael Burwell is a successful and goal-oriented business person that delivers his duties appropriately. See Related Link to learn more.


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