Erick Lefkosky Fighting Cancer Using Technology.

Implementation of Technology in the Treatment of Cancer.

Technology has a significant impact on the healthcare system and is a dominant driving force to improvements in the health industry. Cancer has been a burden to the health sector for a long period, but with the intervention of technology, there has been a breakthrough in research, treatments data collection to help the patients having cancer.

Understanding the disease.

The management and cure of cancer depend on the information available. This information is vast and therefore requires the use of a system to organize and store and data properly. The system developed by Tempus Labs not only organizes and stores data but also allows the doctors to obtain the algorithmic patterns.

Eric Lefkofsky objective is to convert the information obtained to a digital format that allows future patients with the same condition to get treatment easily. The data collection is achieved by data buses that collect and analyze the information obtained to produce the best course of action.

Tempus Labs.

Tempus Labs has specialized in the collection of clinical and molecular data to create a hub in which this information can be easily accessed by physicians to aid in the treatment of cancer. The company established in 2015 and has developed an interactive system to access their molecular and clinical data library.

The platform allows patients to be treated using information of patients who had the same condition. The firm also provides genomic sequencing and analysis of molecular data to help doctors make informed decisions. Tempus has been named among the top ten firms in health technology in Chicago. The firm has a developed a network of partnerships with cancer centers, health centers, and health academic institutions.

About Eric Lefkofsky.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus Labs and the chairman of Steppenwolf Theatre Inc. Board of Trustees. Eric is the founding associate of Uptake Technologies a firm specialized in providing analysis prediction to industries and Lightbank ventures.

Eric Lefkofsky has developed a commitment to help the society by establishing a family foundation together with his wife to improve the living standards of people in the community. Eric is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

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