Psi Pay Rewrites Banking Game

With so many different alternative banking apps and methods coming out in recent years it can be difficult to separate the proverbial sizzle from the proverbial steak, yet Psi Pay has made a name for itself as a go to solution for both business and members alike for its sleek design and easy to use interface. What truly separates Psi Pay from so many of their competitors is their core philosophy which is to let their business partners do what they do best. And this philosophy has clearly worked wonders for the company, as they can now boast a banking network that spans over 173 countries and includes 44 separate forms of currency. That level of international footprint, coupled with their responsive central team, is part of the reason why Psi Pay has grown so exponentially since their inception in 2007. For members of Psi Pay they offer three distinct and versatile forms of payment cards that offer the regular person a simple and easy-to-use entry into the world of alternative banking.

As a leading alternative payment provider Psi Pay knows one of their most important functions as a business is complete and total reliability, as well as a willingness to try out new methods. Perhaps there most exciting partnership in recent years has been the decision to develop a contactless payment ring in coordination with Kerv Wearables which happened in June of 2016. This ring allows members of Psi Pay to simply tap their wearable ring onto, for example, the payment scanner on the bus. Additionally, the wearable ring can be shut on and off and has a limit of just 30 Euros so they do not constitute any sort of major financial risk and simply make the act of paying smaller fees that much easier. And for a retail price under 50 Euros it is one of the few pieces of groundbreaking new technology that won’t leave a sizable hole in your wallet.

Innovation, reliability and growth are all words that could be used to describe the 11-year history of Psi Pay, and if their recent partnership with Kerv is any indicator there is only going to be more exciting things on the way. By sticking to their time-tested philosophy of allowing their partners and members to focus on what they know, Psi Pay can in turn focus on doing what they do best: providing a reliable AND groundbreaking banking alternative for members worldwide.


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How Don Ressler’s Fabletics is Changing Life for Women through Fashion

For the longest time, women’s athletic wear brands had a disjoint between fashion and affordability; those that were fashionable were unaffordable and vice versa. Adding the element of functionality to the previous two, the gap grew even bigger. Thanks to the creativity of Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg, the gap that existed between functionality, affordability, and fashion was closed. The duo established Fabletics, a women’s athletic wear brand that has brought a solution to many challenges that the fashion e-commerce used to face.

Designing What People Want

There is a big difference between what fashion trends dictate and what customers want. Instead of flowing with the prevailing fashion trend, Don and Adam made an extra step of going to the people and asking them firsthand what it was that they wanted. From that point, the duo set out to design athletic ware brands that fell squarely within the tastes and preferences of their clients. Fabletics design outfits that fit perfectly are comfortable, and above all, are inexpensive.

To get the Fabletics brand going, the actress Kate Hudson was brought on board as its face. Bringing together Don Ressler’s knowledge on matters e-commerce and Kate’s understanding of what women love has worked magic within the few years the brand has been in existence. Kate is friendly and confident, making her a good customer relations person. She serves as the brand’s spokesperson and lead ambassador and to this end, she did a great job at it. The actress is also known to be a passionate business executive who stops at nothing to see to it that Fabletics gets to the top of the fashion e-commerce industry in America and beyond.

Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies employed by Don, Adam, and Kate for Fabletics were unprecedented in the industry. First, Kate’s conversational prowess built a strong grassroots client base that got Fabletic’s physical stores crowded with clients. Secondly, the brand has a strong presence online that diverts lots of traffic its way. Thirdly, Don introduced discounted prices for subscribed clients as a way of cementing customer relationship. Some of the other benefits accorded to these subscribed customers include free delivery and getting reward points that they later use to make purchases.

Fabletics is definitely changing the lives of many women for the better. Thanks to the company, women can stay fit and lead healthy lives through active exercises. While at it, they are enjoying and are comfortable while at it. Don Ressler announced that plans are underway to bring even the plus size women on board.