Psi Pay Rewrites Banking Game

With so many different alternative banking apps and methods coming out in recent years it can be difficult to separate the proverbial sizzle from the proverbial steak, yet Psi Pay has made a name for itself as a go to solution for both business and members alike for its sleek design and easy to use interface. What truly separates Psi Pay from so many of their competitors is their core philosophy which is to let their business partners do what they do best. And this philosophy has clearly worked wonders for the company, as they can now boast a banking network that spans over 173 countries and includes 44 separate forms of currency. That level of international footprint, coupled with their responsive central team, is part of the reason why Psi Pay has grown so exponentially since their inception in 2007. For members of Psi Pay they offer three distinct and versatile forms of payment cards that offer the regular person a simple and easy-to-use entry into the world of alternative banking.

As a leading alternative payment provider Psi Pay knows one of their most important functions as a business is complete and total reliability, as well as a willingness to try out new methods. Perhaps there most exciting partnership in recent years has been the decision to develop a contactless payment ring in coordination with Kerv Wearables which happened in June of 2016. This ring allows members of Psi Pay to simply tap their wearable ring onto, for example, the payment scanner on the bus. Additionally, the wearable ring can be shut on and off and has a limit of just 30 Euros so they do not constitute any sort of major financial risk and simply make the act of paying smaller fees that much easier. And for a retail price under 50 Euros it is one of the few pieces of groundbreaking new technology that won’t leave a sizable hole in your wallet.

Innovation, reliability and growth are all words that could be used to describe the 11-year history of Psi Pay, and if their recent partnership with Kerv is any indicator there is only going to be more exciting things on the way. By sticking to their time-tested philosophy of allowing their partners and members to focus on what they know, Psi Pay can in turn focus on doing what they do best: providing a reliable AND groundbreaking banking alternative for members worldwide.


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Eric Pulier’s Ascent to Tech Wonder

Eric Pulier is an innovator and entrepreneur within the field of technology development. Right now Pulier uniquely focused on his latest work, vAtomic Systems. vAtomic Systems is focused on bringing digital goods out into the real world by way of micro-transactions. Pulier saw this company as palatable thanks to the advent of mobile technology and other disruptive factors. Pulier is probably most famous for work with the XPrize Foundation, a company that focuses on bringing excited young entrepreneurs to the opportunity to develop their concepts. Behind these two major successes Pulier has a long history of hard work.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in a small neighborhood in New Jersey. Here Pulier would quickly come to love technology, even if he was a kid before computers were easily accessible and affordable. Pulier’s early fascination with technology would inform the decisions that would follow. Pulier would take computer classes at school and he would soon begin to learn how to program before he was even a teenager. Pulier would graduate and run his own computer database company for awhile. Eventually Pulier would set his sights higher and head off to university.

After graduating from Harvard, where he worked as the lead editor for the school paper, Pulier would make the trip and transition to Los Angeles. Pulier’s dream was to start his own business in Los Angeles and pursue his goals of becoming an innovator within technology. Pulier would set up shop in the early ’90s with his first company, People Doing Things, and this company would go on to be a success in both the medical and educational sectors. Pulier’s early success gave him the momentum that he needed in order to chase larger projects to learn more about us: click here.

As an entrepreneur Eric Pulier has always maintained a razor sharp focus while working. His unique goals give him the footing that he needs in order to pursue new and more advanced projects. Eric Pulier is focused on a variety of different projects right now but he is particularly interested in the concept of genome sequencing and the various sciences that are advancing the field.