Cone Marshal Streamlines the Process of Setting up A Trust in New Zealand

Cone Marshall Limited is a top law company that delivers tax and trust solutions to worldwide families as well as their advisers. It oversees the establishment of New Zealand trust, building of partnerships and businesses, and offering global wealth planning advisory services. Cone Marshall Ltd. does not deal directly with customers; instead, it provides services to family advisors, lawyers, private financial institutions, and other esteemed entities located outside New Zealand to empower them in dealing with their clients. For instance, the company can come up with New Zealand structures and will offer comprehensive local tax, succession, trust, and organization structuring advice. The company protects all inquiries made and keeps them confidential.


At the top of Cone Marshall’s management are Karen Marshall and Geoff Cone. These two individuals are responsible for guiding the company towards attaining its goal. The Auckland-headquartered company has cemented a high profile position in the corporate world as the reliable provider of cutting-edge advises on global tax and trusts law.

Karen Marshall – executive principal

Karen Marshall has a law degree from the New Zealand-situated University of Otago. Before obtaining an administrative position at Cone Marshall, Karen was based in London and led the Commercial Litigation section in one of the biggest firms in the city. She joined Cone Marshal in 2005 and rose to the position of executive principal in 2006. She offered advisory services to two statutory corporations on matters such as trustee’s ability to secure third parties by entering into compromises and trustee’s liabilities. She has served as a legal representative and advisor of many Charitable Trustees. Karen expertise in managing trusts range from handling concerns from Settlors and their legal representatives, dispensing information when the Trustee is a Company, penning down action requirements of Trust, and overall advises. On the other hand, Geoff Cone has unsurpassed experience of providing fully integrated global tax planning and trustee management services. He ventured into the field of trust laws and international tax back in 1980.

Geoff’s opinions on New Zealand taxing system

Geoff wrote an article in 2012 that demystified the assumption/notion that New Zealand is a tax haven with an extremely secretive banking system. The article trended on leading social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He stated that New Zealand engages in sound business practices and observes the set rules and regulations. According to him, these features have made New Zealand an ideal choice for many investors globally.