OneLogin Solves Authentication Challenges for Security Professionals

Passwords have been used for securing data for a number of years now. However, due to the ever-increasing number of data breach incidents, information security experts are looking for more secure means in an effort to provide a better way of securing company data. In recent years, a number of technologies have been fronted with an aim of curing this challenge. One of the most promising technologies is the biometric technologies.

Biometric technologies can be further sub-divided into two main groups namely the physiological biometrics and the behavioral biometrics. Physiological biometrics, as the name suggests, are basically an individual’s physical features including fingerprints, voice, face, heartbeat and even the iris. Behavioral biometrics may include other factors like hand tremor, keystroke dynamics, navigation patterns and whether an individual is either right or left-handed.

This provides a unique opportunity for information security experts to find the perfect blend of password authentication, physiological biometrics and behavioral biometrics in a deliberate effort of improving their organization’s identification and access management policy. Some organizations such as Google on Project Abacus are currently testing the use of a combination of both physiological and behavioral biometrics while at the same time immensely reducing but eliminating the use of password authentication.

One of the biggest challenges experienced by institutions trying to deploy biometric authentication is the issue of cost considering that everyone in the organization is supposed to have access to biometric readers. The ever-increasing number of employees working from home or on the road also poses a significant challenge to information security professionals. This is so because these individuals don’t need to come to the physical office to get their work done, all they need is an internet connection and access to cloud services. Hence the need for security experts to find a secure way of identifying and authenticating users outside the physical office.

One company that has managed to solve this problem is OneLogin Inc., a cloud-based identity and access management provider. OneLogin uses speed and security to deliver single-sign-on features to businesses of all sizes in order to secure company data while increasing IT administrator and end users efficiencies. OneLogin works with several cloud applications including Workplace and RemedyForce.