JHSF, the Risk Taker

About JHSF

JHSF is a real estate firm that was founded back in 1972. With the hard work and determination of the managers, the company has risen to be a market leader in Brazil. The main activities at JHSF revolve around residential and commercial markets acquisition, development and management. Mainly the firm develops international executive airports, hotels, and shopping centers. The company is also involved in the share market as its shares have been traded on NorvoMercado and FBovespa for a decade.


JHSF capitalizes on the identification of new opportunities in the Brazilian high-end market. It then devises ways of responding strategically to the opportunities. The management weighs the risks against the benefits and many times ends up taking the chances. Many reports show that JHSF takes risks that the ordinary investor would avoid. In response to this, the management says that it is only in taking risks that a venture can become profitable. They say that if a loss occurs, the management should learn from it. The daring aspect helps JHSF be a pioneer in most of the types of projects it undertakes. The above helps it reap huge profits from new markets and ventures.

Locations and Enterprises

The company operations are mainly in capitals such as Sao Paolo, Manaus, and Salvador. JHSF mainly deals with four kinds of ventures: executive airports, restaurants, malls, and hotels.


JHSF has several accomplishments as it has integrated urban development Catarina as part of its projects. The first part of the above was the construction of Catarina fashion outlet and Executive airport. The project also entailed the development of high-class hotels in the high-income area of Brazil. JHSF as well owns Vitra building, which was drawn by Daniel Libeskinf. North American Architects rated the construction among the best 3 in the entire world. The Vitra project has also completed other 34 buildings, which are all state of the art developments.

Sustainability is a core value at JHSF as the company considers the environment and the living things. It ensures that all projects are constructed with utmost care and protection. CidadeJardim Corporate Center holds an AQUA Certificate for its environmental friendliness.

Arthur Becker Goes From Stockbroker to Real Estate Mogul

In an article on Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker came up in the early 2000’s as a stockbroker. His greatest work, and first fortune, came by the way of investing in tech companies. Arthur Becker bought and sold tech companies until he was able to make a transition into the career that he had always wanted: a real estate mogul. However, there were more than a few hurdles that Becker had to leap before he could become the successful New York based real estate maven that we know of today. Let’s dig into Becker’s interesting career arc in order to really appreciate how far he has come!

Let’s jump back in time to when Becker was still looking for a way to transition from a stockbroker into a full-fledged entrepreneur. Becker wanted to utilize his fortune in order to invest in something big that could get him comfortable. Of course this led Becker to take a friend’s suggestion: investing in macadamia nut farms in Hawaii. Yeah, that isn’t exactly the first thing that you’ll think of when it comes to investing but the gambit worked! Becker was able to turn a few million dollars into even more when he sold his stake in the farms to a prominent cookie company that you’ve probably (definitely) heard of: Mrs. Fields.

According to The Real Deal, eager to parlay that success into more, Becker turned his attention to real estate. Specifically: Becker wanted to focus on real estate in New York. For a while Becker worked as the silent money man behind some of the biggest investments in the New York area. Becker was a silent partner for Billionaires’ Row which was developed by Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Becker also worked with Maloney and Robert Gladstone as well. Now Becker is looking to take his name to the next level by getting to the front of the building. What does this mean?

Well, now Becker is investing in his own developmental projected which is located at 465 Washington Street. Becker is stepping to the forefront in order to establish himself. The building will become an eight unit luxury condo that embodies everything that Becker defines in terms of style: luxury, art, and a boutique cover through it all.

Click here: https://therealdeal.com/issues_articles/at-the-desk-of-arthur-becker/