James Aziz the CEO With a Difference

Gregory James Aziz is the able leader of the National Steel Car Company that is headquartered in Hamilton Ontario. Aziz knew from an early age that he would pursue business since he was born into a business minded family. Gregory Aziz’s parents own the Food Affiliates Company which focuses on buying fresh food and supplying it to other regions. Although by the time he was a kid, it was not very large, Gregory helped in the minor duties of the firm.

Aziz took a Business Administration course on campus as he wanted to take his parents path after campus. After university, he enrolled to work in Food Affiliates at a senior position. It was at this point that the company grew tremendously under his leadership as it started importing food from Europe, North and Central America and exporting it to other sections of the country. Additionally, the employee motivation in the firm increased, and the customer satisfaction too was higher due to the new values instilled by Greg Aziz. However, in the later 1880s, Greg decided to pursue a career in the banking and investment industry in New York. He stayed on the course for a while and only quit in 1994 when he bought the National Steel Car Company from Dofasco.

At the time of purchase, James Aziz felt that the company had more potential than it was displaying. Consequently, he had the vision to raise the firm performance by engaging new strategies that would boost the performance. First of all, Greg focused on improving the quality and quantity of cars that were produced annually. The vision was realized as within five years the number of cars produced rose from 3,500 to 9,000, while the number of workers rose from 600 to 3000. Greg also asked the workers to make the customer needs and preferences the center of their production. He told them that the customers were an important part of the company as dissatisfied customers would lead to low sales and vice versa. Therefore, the success of the company depended on the satisfaction of the customers.

Additionally, Greg values the employees and treats them with utmost respect no matter the position they hold in the firm. He says that each person is important in the productivity of the enterprise; consequently, he loves to maintain a healthy working environment for all the employees. Greg Aziz has been rated as a transformational leader, who associates with all people at a personal level