Giving is Perry Mandera’s Lifestyle

Perry Mandera has maintained the vibrancy, consistency, and reliability of his successful transportation company in his philanthropic life. The President of The Custom Companies, Inc., has left an indelible mark on the success of many charities in Illinois and around the world, refer also here at More so, Perry Mandera has initiated various programs for the youth and children and participated actively in providing resources and moral support in times of disaster.

Perry Mandera sticks to his Company motto, “One call does it all”, even in his philanthropic endeavors. Consequently, he has been on the forefront in helping charitable organizations for children, teenagers, and veterans at the slightest request for his input.

Many of the charitable organizations in Illinois and around the world have received bountiful funds and advice from this entrepreneur who wishes to see the world a better place than he found it. In this regard, he has been involved closely in the activities of Marines for Life, Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation, Hiring our Heroes, Aids Research among other organizations.


More Great Acts of Goodness

Perry Mandera has also initiated personal initiatives and other programs in conjunction with his company to reach out to the needy, find out more here. For instance, during the ravaging hurricane Katrina that hit most parts of Louisiana, Perry Mandera donated 40 truckloads of foodstuff. He recently started a project in which he has bought 6,500 winter jackets for needy children.

Perry Mandera is also enthusiastic about sporting activities and has been instrumental in helping many young people achieve their goals. For instance, he has personally trained youth in football, basketball, and baseball. Financially, he has supported many sports stars such as the American Olympian “Doc” Nickelson. Perry Mandera also funds the Olympic boxers.

Perry Mandera is indeed a shining light to many souls in the world. Upcoming entrepreneurs should get cues from this fantastic figure who understands that community service not only saves the needy from suffering but also acts as a potent marketing tool for any profit-making organization.

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