George Soros Role In the Ferguson Protests

One of the most liberal men in the entire world has been giving out his fortunes the entire time he has been rich. He is arguably the most generous man in the world and is known to have given out over 12 billion dollars since he became financially empowered despite holding the title of the Man Who Broke the Bank of England. George Soros, the Man Who Broke the Bank of England, was not always rich, neither was he always American. However, as you will note, he was always determined to assert his sovereignty and that of the people with whom he came into contact.

The uncanny economist and financial investor was born in Hungary back in the days when the Nazi Regime ran havoc in the world, slaughtering the Jewish people of Germany and other sovereign nations’ on whose territories they encroached. He, in his formative years, found himself in a peculiar situation where his fellow Jews were being flocked together in concentration camps and executed simply for being Jewish. Since he could not willingly concede into slaughter, he and his family forged documents and faked their identities to stay alive. In a concerted effort to preserve life, his family plotted with other Jews to pretend, and they made fake documents for other Jews as well. He later managed to leave Hungary for London where he worked two shifts like a manual and casual laborer to raise fees for his studies at the London School of Economics. After achieving his education, he flew to the United States to chase the American dream. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros became financially independent and even started his hedge fund to consolidate financial gains. He inclined to philanthropy with every dollar that he made on top of what he needed to stay afloat. By 1979, he had founded the Open Society Foundations. His style of philanthropy started taking shape when he offered liberal black South Africans scholarships to equip them with the necessary skills to oppose the Apartheid Regime. His liberal nature took more shape when he funded the publication and duplication of banned literature in oppressive African regimes that tried to silence the people. The documents sparked rebellious feelings, and the people began agitating for democracy and the respect for their rights. He continued to flex his financial muscle against oppression across the world and even concentrated his dedicated efforts in strengthening the Democratic Party in the United States. Read more on

The Ferguson Protests

The Ferguson protests erupted spontaneously and violently after a racially motivated police murder of an unarmed 18-year-old. The situation was spinning out of control and could have resulted in further racially motivated violence. George Soros sought to intervene and better organize the unfortunate event to consolidate gains against racial profiling, police brutality and discrimination. He spent 33 million dollars organizing activists, bus rides and mass social media campaigns with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag campaigns. Lobby groups that benefit from his philanthropy also created documents capturing cases of police brutality in the Island and argued why and how errant police officers should be held accountable for their actions for the sake of peace and confidence in the police by the general public.

Betsy DeVos an Astute Businesswoman and Philanthropist

Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan, her father Edgar Prince founded the Prince Foundation which supplies auto parts. She married Dick DeVos Amway Products founder. She attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science and business administration.

Betsy DeVos, in 1992 to 1997 was a chairwoman for the Michigan Republican National Committee. From 1996 to 2000 she was chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. She is known for her expertise for behind the scenes organizer and an excellent fund raiser, who believes in the core Republican issues

As for her fundraising abilities, in 2004 she worked on the Bush re-election campaign and through her efforts at fundraising she raised $150,000. During the Bush

Administration she was, for two years, a finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Since 1998 the DeVos family has donated more than $17 million to committees and candidates of the Republican Party.

In 2012, she and her husband Dick DeVos were the producers of the Broadway play Scandalous, which is based on the true story of the famous evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson.

The DeVos family started a foundation in 1989 that is centered in the cultivation of leadership, leveraging support and accelerating transformation for education,the community,leadership,justice and the arts. There were 11.6 million in charitable contributions raised in 2015. This brought the couples lifetime charitable giving to $139 million. In 2015 Forbes listed them at #24 on the list of America’s top givers. Visit their family foundation here:

In 2004 President Bush appointed Betsy DeVos to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts board of directors where she served until 2010. She and her husband funded a program to teach art managers and the boards of directors’ of cultural institutions how to manage their businesses and to successfully manage fundraising. In order to continue the program, the couple donated $22.5 million which they gave in the name of DeVos Institute of Arts Management.

After giving this gift to the Kennedy Center she explained she had talked with the Kennedy Centers officials and realized that millions of dollars had been invested in the training of artists and the arts themselves but not in the training of leaders who run these organizations and hire the artists. Their gift will also, in part, be spent on Michigan arts groups that have been hit by the recession. This donation to the Kennedy Center was the largest in the Centers history.

The DeVos family, in 2009 founded ArtPrize which is an international art competition that is held in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Betsy DeVos is a staunch activist for education and is affiliated with the Alliance for School Choice, and the American Federation for Children. She has previously been on the board of Children First America along with the American Education Reform Council. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Michael Zomber Is A Man Of Many Passions


In an interview with the iUniverse Podcast, author and screenwriter Michael Zomber talked about his passions and how they motivate him.


He has a love for the Japanese culture and has explored many aspects of it in his latest work Shogun Iemitsu. Zomber is a lover of history. One of his other passions is collecting antique weaponry (He has been a serious collector for 40 years).


He has collected quite a cache over the years. He has a number of Samurai swords and guns from all eras.


Such is his love for guns, his expertise has been featured on the History Channel’s documentary Tales of the Gun.


Michael Zomber’s riveting stories have received high praise. He has a gift for storytelling unlike most others. His expertise on swords and other weaponry during Japanese Fuedalism will have readers on the edge of their seat.


Bushido, Soul of the Samurai is an award-winning documentary that solidified his place as an expert


Michael Zomber and his wife own a production company that produced the Bushido documentary. He also has other works in progress.


He has also released other novels, all of which available on Amazon, including Park Avenue, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me and Son of Kentucky.


Michael Zomber is a man of peace. He has given generous donations to the United Way, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF and many veterans organizations.


Zomber, a Philadelphia native, received degrees from UCLA and the University of Illinois.