Greg Finch is Ready and Able to Administer the Top Most Common Orthopedic Procedures

Orthopedic surgeons are individuals who are dedicated to improving the quality of life of literally hundreds of thousands of people. They have a host of common orthopedic procedures that can help many individuals who healthier, more productive lives. As dedicated medical personnel, they are well-regarded as experts in their field. You can trust an orthopedic surgeon to be a lifesaver in just a few of the following common procedures:

  1. Soft tissue repair

If you have been involved in sports then chances are you are aware of some of the work that an orthopedic surgeon would do. A major part of their responsibilities would be soft tissue repair. This is most common seen in ligament tears, tendon ruptures, and sprains and strains. Both male and female athletes are subjects to an ACL tear, and symptoms for this would include a loud “pop” or “popping” sensation in the knee, a severe pain that limits your activities, loss of range of motion in the knee, and an inability to put weight on the knee.

  1. Bone fracture repair

Many orthopedic surgeon also do bone fracture repair, where broken pieces of a bone are repositioned using metal pins, screws, or metal pins. The result would naturally be a bone that is now fused together for the patient.

  1. Spinal fusion

For those dealing with severe back pain, this can literally be a lifesaver. Many times their back pain is due to having a spine that is out of alignment. Thus, a good orthopedic surgeon can fuse it back together often with a minimally invasive procedure in order to end any back pain.

If you live in Australia and have these or other symptoms then orthopedic surgeon Greg Finch is an individual you will want to talk to. After Dr. Greg Finch first gained his FRACS certification, he spent several years working with world leaders in spine surgery.

Greg Finch‘s training has led him to be fully qualified in all aspects of spine surgery and other orthopedic procedures. If you are suffering from an orthopedic ailment Down Under, call Greg Finch today for a consultation.