Understanding the common orthopedic procedures through Greg Finch

Some of the major conditions that have been seen to have a large impact on the American population in terms of health include arthritic knees, sports injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, back pain among others. The health care industry has recorded a high number of patients who have complained of these circumstances, and this is why the health sector takes it upon itself to help all patients. In instances when an individual is suffering from musculoskeletal ailments after undertaking a proper diagnosis, consulting an orthopedic surgeon is viewed as the only right and appropriate thing for the person.

An orthopedic surgeon is qualified and trained to rehabilitate, diagnosis, prevent and treat ailments and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system majorly entails the nerves, bones, ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles. One of the best Orthopedist surgeons is Gregory Finch also identified as Greg Finch.

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who has been in the health care industry for quite a long time. Just like other orthopedic, his area of expertise falls under trauma and performing spine procedures. He is also capable of performing other procedures such as spinal fusion, lumbar spinal surgery, and cervical spinal surgery among others. His capabilities to perform various procedures are due to his years of experience in different states such as German, UK and United States. Mr. Finch gained his theoretical knowledge from Auckland Medical School before heading to Royal College Surgeons Melbourne. With the help of his experience, Mr. Greg Finch has found solutions to his patient’s issues, and thus most patients feel comfortable consulting him.

Orthopedic procedures aim at treating various conditions that are seen to affect the muscle or the skeleton. Depending on what the issue is, the procedure can be non-surgical or surgical. Some of the major and common procedures done include;

  • Shoulder Replacement: -this procedure is commonly done on patients who are experiencing chronic shoulder pains. Regardless of the fact that the patient is experiencing shoulder pains, the process is gentle and efficient to help in reducing the pain. In case the shoulder cartilages are damaged excess, an Orthopedist can decide to use metal implants or even plastic.
  • Spine surgery: – in most cases, back pains might increase thus impairing a person from doing any activity. This is the reason behind patients undertaking a spinal surgery with the aim of reducing and relieving the pain. An orthopedist is responsible for performing spinal fusion where the vertebrae are joined.