Talos Energy Acquires Stone Energy In Epic Merger

Talos Energy, an independent offshore oil and gas producer based in Houston has finally closed its almost $2 billion dollar merger with Stone Energy, a Louisiana based company and is now a publicly traded company.

This merger has created a larger offshore energy company that focuses on the U.S. And Mexican side of the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy is a Private-equity held company that is now publicly traded by acquiring a controlling interest in the Louisiana based Stone Energy which was already a publicly traded company. Talos energy opted for the merger rather than filing for a public offering.

The Houston headquartered company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the name TALO.

Stone Energy operated for more than 20 years out of Lafayette until it filed for bankruptcy in 2016. Those who back Talos company owns 63 percent of the merged company while Stone shareholders receive 37 percent said, Tim Duncan.

Tim Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy said the deal was a ‘transformational combination.’

With this new found growth of Talos Energy, the oil and gas producer can expand into greater regions of the Gulf for exploration and production. Talos Energy has many decades of offshore exploration and production. Talos Energy was founded in 2012 and before that the company had already built and sold two large Gulf of Mexico oil and gas companies, Phoenix Exploration Company and Gryphon Exploration Company. The delivered significant returns to their investors in these companies.

Talos Energy is backed by a partnership with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings which allows them to expand their operations by buying assets in the Gulf Coast and Gulf Mexico regions and to optimize their assets and exploration and exploitation efforts.

Talos also engages in business development efforts such as Jvs and farm-ins where they use their 10.2 million acre seismic asset to enhance their economic transactions.

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Success and Achievements of Tony Petrello

Success is all about passion and dedication. It is all about being creative, committed and also not forgetting the art of innovation. Nabors Industries Ltd is the leading oil and gas driller across the globe. The company’s success has been as a result of committed management and they will never write anything without mentioning the name of one great Toiny Petrello. He is one of the guys behind the tremendous achievements of this great company. He is in no doubt the leading CEO and has made the company one of the best to ever work with. The company is located in Hamilton and has been having its operations in the Middle and Far East countries, United States of America and various oil-producing oil countries. The company has by and large developed because of the leadership commitment and dedication.

Tony Petrello has come from far. He did not have the privilege of being brought up by a well up family. He has attended public schools like any other child of a poor background. The great Tony was very famous in his hometown. Everybody knew him as a mathematics genius and could find nothing difficult. Due to his fame and also his humor in approaching certain issues, Yale University came looking for him and awarded him a scholarship to advance his mathematics skills. He pursued a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and later masters in the same course. He was under the mentorship of a famous mathematician and a technologist. He was respected by the management of Yale University because of the way he approached certain mathematical issues. It came as a surprise to them that he was not interested in mathematics and had other dreams when he joined the Havard School of Law to Pursue a bachelors degree in law.

Tony started his journey of becoming a professional after graduating whereby he was employed by Baker & Mckenzie. That is how he started developing his practical experience in the legal field. At the company, he specialized in taxation, corporate governance, and other business-related issues. He was a tax expert considering his first degree. The company decided to promote him and made him the managing partner of their New York office. That is how his star continued to shine and he now started dealing with new clients. He resigned in 1991 to join Nabors Industries Ltd as the Chief Operating Officer. In less than one year, he was elected as the company’s board of directors as the president. He later became the deputy chairman and then the chairman later.

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