Stream Energy Inspires Women To Shine at Annual Women of Power Retreat

The Women of Power retreat is held each year in Dallas, TX. The Women of Power retreat provides women with the tools they need to succeed in business. Influential speakers from all walks of life attend these retreats every year. The first retreat held in 2014 kickstarted a movement to empower women. Each retreat focuses on a particular theme. This year’s theme was “Shine.” The Women of Power group was started in 2010. Chief Financial Officer Renee Hornbaker and co-founder of the group explains that the focus of the weekend retreat is so women can show their true selves as strong confident women.

Energy services are what Stream Energy focuses directly on in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., New York and Illinois. The direct selling approach works well with customers opportunities to choose a variety of energy services (Indeeds).

Stream Energy provides clean alternatives to coal and gas. Renewable energy resources such as solar are often touted as cheap and easy to implement. The deregulation of energy resources has helped to spur Stream Energy to promote their services. Stream Energy leads the way to implement new technologies in support of renewable energy resources.


Stream Energy’s Opportunities

The opportunities women have within Stream Energy are incredible. The retreats do offer women many avenues to discover. Women are encouraged to stretch themselves through workshops and through interaction. The lessons learned through the retreats last long after the retreat is over. Women are able to take the information gained and utilize it to grow their businesses.

The “How to Be Your Own Boss” presentation was very interesting and informative. Attendees learned about branding and how to present their best foot forward. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with news correspondent Nicole Lapin and corporate wellness consultant Melissa Mark Gardner. Karen Leland offered some clear insights into business leadership skills.

Stream Energy’s connected life services provide customers with choices to save the planet. Stream Energy understands the on-the-go lifestyle. Women attending one of Stream Energy’s retreats often come back to work revitalized and ready to go. This is important. Everyone deserves a chance to shine.