Goettl Is An HVAC Company With A Heart

Goettl Air Conditioning is based out of Arizona but has locations in Las Vegas as well. During the holidays Goettl provided heat for a family in Las Vegas. The house they were living in did not have working heat or air conditioning. They did not even have a working toilet and the two girls living there had become used to the situation.

Michael Gamst is the current manager of Goettl. When he found out the circumstances this family was living with he moved fast. He got help from some of his team members at the company and they installed a new heating unit, air conditioner and toilet for the family. They did not charge them anything.

In addition, the employees at Goettl and a nonprofit organization known as Triple5teens all donated gifts for the family. They gave the family back their faith in humanity. Prior to the new air conditioner being installed the families electric bill was $600 dollars per month. Due to the technology, knowledge and experience used by Goettl the bill was cut by more than half. Goettl is raising the standard for the meaning of true quality.

Goettl is a leader in their field. They have had a large part in shaping the industry for many years. They provide all of their customers with the best possible HVAC services throughout Arizona.

The company originally began in 1926 and was founded by the Goettl brothers in Ohio. Bill, John and Adam eventually relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. This was during the time of the Great Depression. They became pioneers in mass producing evaporative coolers. The innovations due to the brothers caused them to become internationally known. At one period in time the brothers had well over 100 patents. They have become a symbol of top quality in their industry.