Toronto’s Health Improvements Under Cameron Clokie

Stem cell therapy is an idea that is simple in theory but challenging in practice. This treatment, regenerative medicine, is about taking donated cells and inserting them into a patient’s body to treat an existing disease or an injury.

According to Dr. Cameron Clokie, a regenerative medicine expert based in Toronto, it takes utilized molecules, cells, and biomaterials to repair structures that have been damaged because of an injury or disease.

Regenerative medicine has made headlines in many scientific journals as a promising procedure but the number of its procedures already done is still low.

In fact, it has been recorded that only a few breakthroughs have made it to the patients with other hospitals providing patients with unproven therapies which worsen the condition.

Blood transfusion was the earliest cell therapy to be conducted and is currently the most common one. It was then followed by bone marrow transplantation which was a breakthrough for blood cancer patients as it gave them a chance to new blood cells using the healthy bone marrow stem cells from the donor. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Moreover, another regenerative medicine procedure is skin grafting when a patient burns. When the burns are not severe, cell therapy is done using the cells of the same patient. Despite all these practices, regenerative medicine has not been fully employed in the medical field.

According to The Lancet report, regenerative medicine has a higher chance of reducing conditions such as stroke, progressive neurological illnesses, and heart disease. Also, regenerative medicine can increase human’s longevity and also improve the quality of life of patients living with chronic conditions.

As a certified maxillofacial and oral surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie can confirm the incredible benefits of regenerative medicine. However, it is expensive due to the need of special facilities and a skilled team of technicians which is believed to be the reason it has not been highly implemented.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a regenerative medicine firm providing solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Moreover, Clokie is the Chief Scientific Officer and the Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board of Osprey Biomedical Corp. Dr. Cameron is passionate about helping improve the medical industry with implementing regenerative medicine.

Dr. AviWeisfogel is the Prominent Medical Sleep Practitioner that Has the Correct Solution in the Remedy of Sleep Apnea:

Dr. AviWeisfogel aims to put a rest to the severe disorder of Sleep Apnea, by way of the Dental Practitioner or the Physician. The quality of a person’s sleep, according to Dr. AviWeisfogel, is of the utmost importance. When a person experiences, Sleep Apnea, his health greatly impacted. It is natural, that the well-being of the individual, greatly adds to that particular person’s lifestyle.

A very prominent sign of Sleep Apnea is snoring. Any individual snoring, each and every night, may have the condition. In order to diagnose it, properly: a sleep test performed.

Many persons are interested in knowing what other symptoms, are signs of having a Sleep Apnea. The condition is relative halt in breathing, during periods of sleep. Naturally, the best way to test for the condition is by means of monitoring, while the sufferer sleeps, in order to determine the extent of the condition. However, in answer to the preceding inquiry, the list of symptoms of Sleep Apnea follow:

1–Breathing is interrupted;
2–The patient is tired throughout the day,
3–The individual experiences Insomnia, due to awakening so frequently,
4–Mood disorders occur such as anxiety and depression,
5–The patient is subjected to dry mouth. He or she has a sore throat and there is pain when swallowing. The lips become cracked and dry.
6–The person experiences sleeplessness or restlessness–the result of the body registering that when the sufferer becomes fully engaged in sleep, he experiences a halt in breathing.
7–Headaches that are quite painful. The migraine headache, occurs in the morning hours, due to the fact the sufferer has experienced a lack of oxygen during the night.

Dr. AviWeisfogel suffice it to say, is providing the Physician, and the Dental Practitioner a way to cure a very serious condition, that can have serious consequences, with regard to patient health. By way of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, the Physician or Dental Practitioner is able to add a sleep lab component to his business setup. Too: the remedy, used, by means of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program is an oral device–which is very non-threatening to the wearer. It allows the individual to keep his air passageway open, in order to achieve better night’s sleep.

Notes with Regard to Dr. AviWeisfogel:

Dr. AviWesifogel practiced Dentistry for fifteen years at the Old Bridge Dental Center. He became interested in sleep disturbances, during this time. He has assisted physicians and dentists in opening sleep labs, and has lectured professionals, how to add a sleep lab to their respective practices for more info: click here.

The preceding activities evolved to Dr. Weisfogel’s development of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program. The program is designed to allow the physician or the dental practitioner to add another income stream–by means of remedying the sleep disorder–to their existing operation.