Equities First Holdings- Supporting business growth in Australia

Equities First Holdings is a company that offers lending services to individual and businesses. The firm, however, operates differently from the traditional banks which are known as the primary source of financing. Since the company was established, it has provided alternative means of financing to businesses in various parts of the world where the company has business operations. Equities First Holdings is an organization that meets the needs of the people through alternative financing options. The alternative business options are making it easy for individuals and businesses to access alternative financing.

With the economic climate becoming very tough for many companies, banks are now not giving out loans to many of their clients. Equities First Holdings has come up with a business model that is not affected by changes in the economic environment. Equities First Holdings is implementing shareholding loans. These are low-cost loans which are easy to repay since they do not fluctuate with the economic conditions. The interest rates are low and fixed. Equities First Holdings in Australia is working with multiple organizations to create to offer better services to the people. By financing busies expansion operations, EFH is assisting many businesses to grow. One of the companies which have benefited from financing is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited.

Stansberry Research Helps Investors Call Their Own Shots

With changing times comes a new landscape for investors. Technological improvements and the accessibility of market research have made it easier for personal investors to call their own shots. But, financial advice is everywhere and forward-looking investors know that making decisions based on faulty research or the wrong analysis could mean making serious mistakes that will wipe out their wealth. This is where firms like Stansberry Research come in.

Founded in 1999 by well-known investment advisor Porter Stansberry, Stansberry Research is newsletter-based clearinghouse of financial research that gives subscription customers a unique, multilateral view of potential growth strategies. It publishes the opinion and recommendations of diverse analysts based on the most current economic news and market information, giving investors the up-to-the-minute data they need to take advantage of investment opportunities from stocks and bonds to commodities and currency.

Justin Brill, Lead Editor at Stansberry Digest, recently gave readers a bird’s eye of view of the credit bubble and what the government, the media, and the markets may be thinking, warning investors that high national and household debt are unsustainable and will eventually lead to a credit collapse (http://thedailyrecord.com/2018/01/15/gary-d-anderson-stansberry-research/). In his analysis, Brill points to the effects the debt burden is having on those with the fewest financial resources and challenges investor skepticism that a debt jubilee could be the way out.

In Stansberry Research’s daily letter to subscribers, Brill discusses a recent CBS news report highlighting research from Bard College’s Levy Economics Institute that suggests forgiving the $1.4 trillion in student debt currently carried by over 40 million Americans could add over a trillion dollars and a million new jobs to the economy. The idea that such a radical solution is being freely discussed at a mainstream level leads Brill to conclude that investors should heed Porter Stanberry’s warning that this financial reset would lead to an unprecedented devaluation of savings.

For concerned investors, the time to know more is now. The team at Stansberry Research plans to give subscribers and an ongoing, in-depth analysis of both the risk and opportunity this unique situation could create. Stay tuned.