Paul Mampilly, Financial Genius, Investor And Author Helping Main Street Americans To Invest Profitably

Paul Mampilly is a widely-experienced investor and author from Durham, North Carolina. Currently, he is a management consultant with the Capuchin Consulting Firm.

He has for 20 years worked on Wall Street for prestigious clients such as ING, Kinetics International, and Deutsche Bank. In 2009, he turned and investment of $50 million into a $88 million investment during the country’s financial crisis, which was 76% gain and won him the coveted Templeton Foundation competition.

Mampilly is now working with Banyan Hill Publishing, which is an independent publishing firm whose specialty is publishing advisories in research and investment newsletters. He started a newsletter that he sends out to his subscribers once a month which helps the Main Street Americans to make profitable investments.

He sends a new stock option in the newsletter each month and keeps them updated each week on several stocks in their model portfolio and keeps track on his website as to how these stocks he has recommended are progressing.

However, Paul Mampilly does not invest for them but offers them an alternative to use their own brokerage firms instead of the traditional methods used by financial advisors and their clients. His subscribers say that this is the most profitable stock market investment method that they have ever experienced. One such subscriber has generated $45,190 by investing in the stocks that Mampilly has recommended.

The consulting firm, Capuchin Consulting, was founded with the idea of providing money-making recommendations to professional investors. With his Profits Unlimited he has managed to, in 11 months, show a 40% return.

His philanthropic involvement is with the Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. as a food distribution volunteer, Big Brothers a Big Sisters, Junior Achievement of New York as a volunteer teacher, acquainting them with money and finance.

He attended New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering for Financial Engineering, City University of New York-Hunter College, Economics, earned an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a BBA in Finance and Accounting from Montclair State University.

Equities First: Your Reliable Partner in Financial Need

Equities First Holdings, LLC offers lending services that based on securities for individual and businesses investors. It deals in loan based on few factors: its valuation of the risk, future performance linked to the bonds, stocks, and treasuries. EFH was founded in 2002 and based in Indianapolis, with an office in New York City.Since 2002, it has provided clients with alternative finance investment solutions, supplying funds against the publicly traded stock to allow their clients to meet their personal/professional goals. Equities First Holdings provides capital against the globally traded shares on public exchanges. EFH has completed 650 transactions that worth approx. $1.4 billion till date by lending customers high loan with low fixed interest rates, so it grows.

EFH has recently relocated its Melbourne office. The new office for EFH Australia is located in the town center of Melbourne and will make it accessible to business and clients to reach them in the case of need. This new office will also help them to market their services easily by sitting in the middle of the city.Equities First Holdings has just moved its Melbourne office; other two offices are still on their same old addresses in Sydney and Perth. The firm offers clients with loans that base on the stock to provide funds for strategic investments, business expansion, or numerous other purposes depend on the need of a company.

To offer more services to their client, EFH opens loans that based on stock so the capital can also be used for whatsoever purpose; the requester is lending the money. And numerous type of loans that are offered by EFH is non-recourse. In addition to three offices in Australia, EFH also maintains a different branch office in more than five famous countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, in addition to the headquarters in the USA.

David Giertz the Financial Advisor with Keen Interest on Social Security

David Giertz famously known as Dave is a renowned corporate head who advocates for social security. He is the current president for National Wide Financial; his major responsibility at the firm is running all its sales and distribution operations. His duty in the company began in 2013, and he has been very excellent in his duties.

David believes that social security is a matter that should never be taken lightly and he has always been worried because most of the financial advisers don’t give their clients information on this issue. The issue on is complex and research that was conducted recently showed that the subject is rarely given weight even by some of the recognized firms offering financial advisory services. For you to be successful in planning for your retirement, David Giertz insists that social security has to be given a lot of focus.

David Giertz has been in the financial advisory business for a period exceeding thirty years. He has seen people losing a lot of money for ignoring social security and many advisers losing big numbers of clients for not educating them on this vital issue at David Giertz helps his clients to know the most appropriate time to start committing a part of their income to social security planning.

Ignoring social security plan has made some people pay a lot of taxes at their old age leaving them broke and even dying of poverty. An effective retirement plan according to David Giertz at should clearly outlay all the social security benefits. Without proper planning, you may find yourself receiving retirement benefits that are lower than what your financial advisor had planned. Though social security may not fund you fully when you retire, proper planning will put you in a better financial position in your retirement.

David Giertz works from Dublin a city located in the Midwestern state of Ohio. He is very knowledgeable on economic issues and he is particularly keen on the Social Security subject. Being able to tackle this issue has earned Dave a good reputation and he has a big number of clients.

Leader in the Financial Services Sector

NexBank Capital, Inc is a regional financial services banking institution that focuses on three central areas of service. They are engaged in the business of commercial banking, in mortgage banking, and in investment banking. The bank provides tailor made financial and banking services in these three core areas. NexBank works with institutional clients, financial institutions and with corporations at the national level. The bank is based in Dallas, Texas and as of December 31, 2016, the bank had assets worth $4.6billion.

NexBank a Leader in the Financial Services Sector

NexBank has an experienced executive management team that incorporates industry expertise and an unmistakable focus on service to its clients. The bank has proved beyond doubt that it is a top rated financial institution with a very god reputation. The banks capability is evidenced by the recently released report by S&P Global Market Intelligence, a provider of financial and industry data analysis to various interested parties. The report released the annual rankings of the best performing community banks in the United States. This is a ranking of banking institutions with assets between $1billion and $10billion. In that report, NexBank emerged 5th in the United States and was also ranked the 10th best performing bank overall.

Other Services by NexBank

The bank also offers other services such as corporate finance and consultation and syndicated loan servicing. It offers tailor made programs and agency services as well as investment banking services. NexBank is also a leading online banking financial institution. The President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank SSB is Mr. John L. Holt, Jr. The bank recently successfully completed the raising of a $24 million capital through common equity capital. The capital will be used for a number of corporate objectives and will go a long way in enhancing the reputation of the bank. The idea is to ensure that the capital is used appropriately for the continual growth and development of the financial institution.