What To Know About Graeme Holm: The Founder Of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is the founder of the organization called “Infinity Group Australia” which is aiming to makes changes that will fix the life the Australians are living financially. Graem has been in the field of financial services for more than 17 years now. He is among the people who can be talked of having completed the accreditations in the field of real estates, financial planning, and finance at large. He has also been in major banking environment for more than a decade now. What appalled Graeme to start his organization was because of the way the finance institutions were directly offering poor deals to most of the families in Australia. This is where the inspiration came from, and when he was in an interview, he talked about how his company is operating.


Graeme Holm was asked about how the organization is able to make money not only getting commissions from its clients. This is where he talked that the organization charges some fee so that to establish their debt reduction model and then assign a banker to the client. The charges are 10 percent of the debt reduced annually. The key thing is that the outcome comes when the client from infinity pays more home loan for the first period of three months that they could do in the entire period of 12 months which was not under Infinity guidance or support.


The model was created because there was loses in mortgage commissions because the infinity clients were not being liked by the banks because they were clearing their loans very fasts. Many people see the strange thing where four businesses make $30 billion in profits in a year and yet the country has only 24 million citizens. The company is opting to end up having commissions clawed back and therefore they developed an honest and open fee-for-service, a model that the clients understand that the company is mutually invested in so that the clients receives strong results which are also stronger results for the organization. It ends up being a win-win situation.


The other thing Graeme talked about is how the unique approach is being received by the clients. He said that most of the clients are loving the approach. This is because they are now capable to attend their daily work, have time to spend with their families and at last their bills end up being taken care of. This makes them stress-free. For some, they even pay debt more in the first period of three months than they have ever paid in the period of 12 months. They have been able to see that big picture.


The organization was nominated for the 2017 Optus Business awards due to their customer’s services experience business in that year. It is a reflection that the company lacks clients, but have financial family members. Learn more: https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/about-us/