DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Is Named As A ‘Real Estate Legend’ At Arabian Business Awards

With billions in annual revenue and a hotel empire that’s now rising up along the Dubai Canal in AYKON City, DAMAC Properties has been turning into one of the world’s most powerful real estate companies. Also having the inclusion of luxury interiors designed by Bugatti, Versace and Cavalli specialists has made the DAMAC Maison destination one of the most attractive vacation places for visitors. But it’s been the vision and planning of DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani that’s contributed the most to the company’s success, and it’s why with his acumen he was named “Real Estate Legend” at an annual Arabian Business Awards event. Sajwani has been able to understand where the market demands are going over the years and adapt his building strategy to meet them.

Hussain Sajwani was born in Deira in the UAE and got his business degree at the University of Washington. He decided after working for an oil company for a few years that he wanted to run his own business and look to make it big doing that. A blogpost from aleqt.com mentioned that Sajwani opened a catering business that had a great reputation for creating tasty food, and he was given a plaque for serving US military troops during the Gulf War. But he realized he could do even more with the profits he made from this company and he started buying different companies like building supplies, insurance companies and even a private equity firm. DAMAC Properties was started in 2002 with its first properties completed in 2003, and Sajwani guided it through the turbulent times of 2008 and into a period of growth unlike any it had seen before.

According to Saudi Projects, Hussain Sajwani took the company public in 2013 on the Muscat Exchange and recently spoke of selling some of its ownership shares. He’s also been proud to work with President Trump back when he was a real estate mogul running the Trump Organization, and Trump even has built a Tiger Woods golf course and had the Trump Estates built on DAMAC Hills. Sajwani plans to continue his relationship with the Trumps in hopes that the presidency will not get in the way of new deals.

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Jim Toner Leading Fertility Specialist Known for His Success Rate

Starting a family is one of the happiest decisions in the life of a couple. Starting from the day that one hears that they are going to have a baby to the time the baby is born; it is a journey to cherish forever. Unfortunately, there are many couples who do not get to cherish these memories as they are not able to conceive. There were very few options available earlier in terms of medical treatment to such fertility issues, but thanks to the advancement in the field of reproductive medicine and infertility research, there are specialized treatment available today that can come to your rescue. The lives of people have become much more complicated than earlier and starting from living a professionally hectic life to staying under stress all the time; there is a range of external factors that impact the health negatively. All these factors combine to hit the fertility strength of a person, whether it is a male or a female. Such issues continue to grow even more intense as we age, and it is, for this reason, most of the fertility experts prefer that couples decide to conceive earlier on while still young and around or within their 30s.

According to doctor.webmd.com, one of the famous reproductive and infertility experts from Atlanta is Jim Toner, who has helped realize the dreams of many couples to conceive. Jim Toner has studied Psychology from St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia and has done his M.S. as well as Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He has done his doctorate under the founder of the Jones Institute, Howard Jones, which is a big honor for any medical student. Currently, he is practicing with the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Jim Toner, the fertility doctor,  believes it is essential that more and more people come forward with their issues about infertility as there are cures available today, and there is no shame in coming out in the open about the issues you might be facing with conceiving. Jim Toner is a board certified physician, which is a huge honor and adds a lot of credibility to any physician because of the amount of study and discipline goes into becoming board certified in the United States.

Jim Toner is a highly sought specialist who has couples come to him from different parts of the country. He is soft-spoken and is a good listener. Since most of his patients are in two minds if they should opt for fertility treatment, he ensures that they know all the different aspects before making a decision. He does not push couples to opt for the treatment as it is a decision that they need to make. Jim Toner aims to provide the best treatment possible so that they can become parents too.

Helpful Source: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-james-toner-x3cxr

Philanthropistic Therapy With Mina Ebrahimi

There are a lot of people who are misfortunate or just need a little bit more to stay afloat. On the other hand, there are many people who are willing to help. There are people who would share their wealth to help a group or community. They do not do this for praise or a good reputation. They help because they put themselves in their shoes. If you are willing to help, why not? Mina Ebrahimi is the perfect example of a helping hand. Mina Ebrahimi is a philanthropist and the CEO of Saint Germain. Saint Germain is a catering business.

Mina Ebrahimi says her goal with her business is to help find a cure for Breast Cancer for humans. She plans to do so through a program with animals. A few years ago, she took her golden retriever, Maggie, to Upenn. She brought her here to find a cure for a very rare form of cancer in the lining of her heart. Dr. Karin Sorenmo and the Oncology team was a big support in Mina’s time of need. The relationship she made with the doctor and the team was a strong one. With the satisfactory of her pet, she started to help fund the Mammary Tumor Program.

The program has helped find a cure for Breast Cancer for Women through an Animal Shelter Program. The programs helps dogs with Breast Cancer. Mina thought so much of the program that she had to further support it through her business, Saint Germain. She immediately started by creating a cupcake program and gives them 100% proceeds to help them move forward. This will be the fourth year that she is involved with the program. Mina Ebrahimi is the perfect example of a lending hand. Her drive has gotten her a long life for her companion Maggie. The fact that she would sacrifice her own ailments to help her dog is amazing. There are a lot of philanthropist but one that is changing the world is Mina Ebrahimi.


Is Robert Deignan an Expert of All Sorts?

Robert Deignan, is a name that resonates with those who are looking for answers on what an expert really is. Having worked in the technology industry for 20 years, Robert Deignan is one of the greatest examples of what it takes to make a technology company great. What is it that makes him such a real-world example of a successful businessman? It’s more than his ideas, but it’s his education, as well as his willingness to commit to making his business work and grow.

Robert Deignan’s first venture was just three years out of highschool, making it clear that he wanted to know from day one what it takes to build a business and to make it work. A passion for technology was just the starting point for Deignan, leaving him with only time to think about what his next move was. After his first business, Fanklink had dissolved, he moved onto a software company to gain even more valuable experience, as well as learn more about what it takes to make a business work. The ability to work with a company that was customer-centric, as well as one that would offer multiple services in technology, it seemed the ideal fit for Deignan.

His passion for technology coupled with his curiosity to find out how things would work together, kept him focused on figuring out what business path would suit him best. Once his second venture had satisfied his need more for knowledge, Robert Deignan went onto found ATS Digital Services. Having worked in various roles from Vice President to being a co-founder, Deignan put all of his energy and discovery into ATS Digital in 2011. ATS would become the professional trademark of Robert Deignan, focused on being the one company that could resolve nearly any issue within the field of technology.

Mobile devices, as well as storage devices, and anything related to technology would get the attention of Deignan as an opportunity for business. It’s no surprise that he is the topic of discussion today in business, serving as role model for those who want to know what serving others is all about.

Shervin Pishevar Takes on Silicon Valley in Tweet Storm

Investing in Uber prior to the ridesharing service became a known commodity seemed like a risk. Shervin Pishevar looked straight at the risk and didn’t blink. He felt the world was ready to move on beyond the traditional model of the street taxi. Uber may be experiencing ups and downs finance-wise, but the tech-based ridesharing company definitely reflects the future of transportation. Shervin Pishevar maintains a strong understanding of technology and business in general. The entrepreneur has tried his hand at many different business endeavors. Recently, he took his hand and types a lot on his keyboard. The result was a massive 21-hour tweet storm. He covered a range of different topics. Not surprisingly, the tech industry was among them.

Pishevar directed some concern over the size of the growing tech industry. His comments about the “big five” tech companies stressed that these companies created a de facto monopoly. Pishevar notes that breaking up the monopolies of Silicon Valley could be a wise move. As a historical comparison, Shervin Pishevar pointed out the breakup of Bell Telephone, which he refers to by its old nickname “Ma Bell.”

As a venture capitalist, Shervin Pishevar has directed significant amounts of money into Silicon Valley investments. So, his somewhat negative sentiments about Silicon Valley may come off as surprising. Should they really? Since he directed critical funds into tech ventures, Pishevar clearly knows quite a bit about the tech industry and its corporate culture. Perhaps he is someone who knows the proverbial “inside track” about the direction the industry best take. Monopolies aren’t always good for business. Breaking up monopolies can spawn more competition and help the industry thrive.

The tweet storm by Shervin Pishevar did cover a number of other topics. The total number of tweets was about 50. He addressed matters related to cryptocurrency and the stock market. With cryptocurrency, he pointed out some positives and a few negatives with digital currency trading. As for the stock market, he’s more bearish than bullish. In fact, Shervin Pishevar believes the market may be headed for a crash. Could the crash occur far sooner than later?


Louis Chenevert On How He Propelled UTC To Incredible Heights

No one can quite compare to the level of success that Louis Chenevert achieved with his time at United Technologies Corporation. With grace, perseverance, and a good head on his shoulders the Canadian businessman grew UTC to unbelievable heights of success. Recently Louis Chenevert sat for an insightful interview with Ideamensch to discuss his legacy at United Technologies Corporation and how he operates in his daily life.

Louis Chenevert was born in the beautiful country of Canada in 1958. He attended college at an affiliated business school of the University of Montreal called HEC Montreal. There he received a Bachelor of Arts in Production Management, a very fitting degree for his career path. He has worked for some major companies including General Motors as General Production Manager for about 14 solid years. He now works for Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking since 2015. As Senior Industry Advisor Mr. Chenevert strives for excellence every day.

In each career role Louis impresses the companies he works for, but none compares to United Technologies Corporation. This incredible company is a conglomerate or companies one of them focusing on the manufacturing of jet engines, aircraft parts, and much more. In his time there Louis Chenevert redefine their GTF engine by investing in the most up to date and advanced technology. They were able to reduce the jet engine noise by 50 percent and cut down fuel costs by 20 percent. On top of that they were able to cut airplane parts by a whopping 30 percent which means it would reduce the how much it costs to maintain it during its lifetime. Louis Chenevert was able to obtain Goodrich Aerospace for United Technologies Corporation for a cool $18 billion dollars, making it the largest acquisition in history. Also UTC and Mr. Chenevert changed the F135 engine tremendously making it a very important factor for the United States military.

A very important factor that Louis says is crucial to success it gathering the right team with the talent to achieve such incredible goals. He stays very focused on each goals until it reaches completion. This takes lots of enthusiasm, hard work, follow up, time, and passion to get there.


Adam Milstein Succeeds in Charity and Business

Many people desire to achieve their goals. However, only a handful of people follow the prescription as to what will bridge the gap between them and success. Like Adam Milstein, if one blends determination and resilince, then success is the only destination.

Dawn of Adam’s Life.

Adam’s early life was a preparation towards his future. Having been born in 1952 at Haifa in Israel, Adam used his home as the first learning point. His father, a real estate developer, was ideal for his career while his mother, a homemaker was instrumental in modeling his charity. Being a cheerful man, he joined defense forces in 1971 and was a crucial participant in the famous KiyatMotzkin.

Preparing for success

Knowing there was a passion for following, Adam Milstein went his studies at Technion where he studied BSc Business and Economics. For his companion, Adam was married to Gila Elgrably who provide a helping hand in all his quest. They later migrated to the US in 1981.

Step by step to His Philanthropy Goals

Adam Milstein had an intuitive understanding that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. He joined Hager Pacific properties as a sales agent. But later he arose the rank to be the company’s managing partner.

In the course of his service at Hager, Adam Milstein was introduced to philanthropic work. He began to use his resources to set a legacy. Together with his supportive wife, the family coined Adam and Gila family foundation which reach out to the Israelites and their organization.

Milstein Foundation

The foundation is supportive of organizations as well as numerous activities that serve Jews and Israel Americans.

True to its mission, the foundation empowers the Israelites and Jewish by building a stronger relationship between them and the US. As a way of preserving Jewish culture, the foundation educates the youths on Judaism and more specifically how they can identify and hold to their identity

The Outline

Adam Milstein’s philanthropy extends beyond his foundation. Therefore, he serves in an array of Israel centered organizations in the US as a board member. Concurrently, it is evident that he uses his family foundation to foster healthy relationships in his community.


Stream Energy Commits to Charity with Stream Cares

For residents of Houston, Texas, it will be hard to forget seeing their neighborhoods inundated, hidden beneath nearly five feet of water. The ferocity of Hurricane Harvey ravaged the region and made the need for donation drives and volunteers essential to helping people return back to daily life. And in Dallas, just a few hours away, Stream Energy got straight to work finding ways to send money to victims and curbing energy charges to customers affected by the storm and the recovery phase.

Charity has long been part of the culture at Stream Energy. Giving and volunteering is so common that the company decided to just open up a new charity to better concentrate their efforts. Stream Cares will organize and host charitable functions, form new, and further existing partnerships with businesses and charities interested in helping those in need while also promoting the brand of the company as one that is dedicated to philanthropy from the highest level.

With this new charity come new representatives like Kimberly Girard, not the Senior Event Manager for Stream Cares. In a recent statement about the new charity, Girard stated that charity efforts will be carried out in partnerships whenever possible to maximize the effect it can have in the lives of those who need assistance.

In the past Stream Energy has worked with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to assist local communities across Texas.

Hope Supply Co. has worked with Stream Energy to combat homelessness in the city of Dallas for several years now. this cooperation made it possible to provide more then 1,000 homeless children with a day of food and fun at a water park. All expenses were covered and they were able the receive much needed supplies and financial assistance for their families.

Stream Energy worked with the Salvation Army to help with the recovery from another natural disaster. When tornadoes pounded Texas in December 2016, they matched donations to help families and businesses get back into their communities.

In Texas, charity isn’t as common as it is within this company. When ranked against other states in terms of charitable giving, Texas is near the bottom. Girard stated that this endeavor will hopefully encourage other businesses to follow Stream Energy’s lead.


Jordan Lindsey Wants People To Know More About Forex

Jordan Lindsey has made a career out of giving the world a better understanding of forex and all of the things that come with it. He has already proven that he has the talent to handle some of the world’s most important investments. Now, he wants to help people learn about the things they’re going to need to do in order to fully appreciate forex themselves. Given his success in creating a company with a strong reputation in the world of investment, it’s not hard to look at his work and find reasons to praise it. There is something being done here that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

The most interesting thing about his career is how he has managed to make algorithms that allow people to outperform the market. His algorithm is currently being used by countless forex investors ranging from novice to veteran. That sort of longevity is worth taking a look into. It isn’t every day that someone creates a hit algorithm and manages to sell that to so many people. You need to have a clear and obvious plan to get anywhere in the world of forex. It looks like he really knew what he was doing and things took off.

The forex world as we know it today is strongly influenced by his ideas and what he wanted to show. He’s made it easy to get into forex thanks to the online sites that frequently offer people a chance to engage as they see fit. Nobody has to go without their own personal forex investments and people can easily see massive profits if they are willing to put in the efforts. The door is open and you can see all sorts of people from different walks of life getting into forex trading. Many are people who have never invested in their lives but want to try forex. Over the course of thousands of years there has never been nearly as many people getting into forex as we see today. It’s the start of something truly special for the investment world no matter how you look at it.


How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Reform The Elective Surgery Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is an entrepreneur in the elective healthcare industry. He has a lot of things planned for his career in 2018 starting with the grand opening of what he calls a “medical aesthetic experience” clinic in Buckhead, the trendiest neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. The clinic is called OVME (pronounced like “Of Me”) and it will offer minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

When people first visit OVME he has a private office including in the clinic where patients will receive their individual consultations. This clinic also features four luxurious and private treatment rooms where the procedures will be performed. He said that when designing the OVME clinic he wanted to combine state-of-the-art technology with medical aesthetics so that patients receive the exact look they were hoping for.

Before opening his clinic, Dr. Mark McKenna sent out a press release to local media. He said that the medical aesthetic industry has grown way to stale. People, he said, are seeking out a new experience and it is his goal to reinvent how elective care is perceived.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has been in this industry for the past 18 years. After graduating from the Tulane School of Medicine he started practicing in his dad’s clinic while also working in the real estate industry. Eventually, he left real estate behind and moved from New Orleans to Atlanta. He owned and operated another company in Atlanta called ShapeMed for a number of years but sold it to a gym chain.

In another revolutionary move for the elective care industry, Dr. Mark McKenna is planning to release a mobile app for it. This app, also called OVME, will shake things up by introducing an Uber-like setting to this industry. People will tap in what procedure they want performed and where they are at. A licensed cosmetic surgeon will then show up and do the procedure. Dr. Mark McKenna is really excited about this and has been attending trade shows and other events so that he can get cosmetics surgeons signed up for this new service in cities across the United States.