Betsy DeVos Is A Prominant Figure In American Leadership

Betsy DeVos is the 11th US Secretary of Education. She was appointed to the position by President Donald J Trump. DeVos has been working in the public education system for nearly 30 years. She advocates for children, and parents alike. Betsy is dedicated to reforms that are able to assist children who do not have access to quality education. DeVos was led to the field of education by her mother. Betsy’s mother was a public school teacher. Her interest continued to grow after she put her own children in school. This is when Betsy realized that there are tremendous differences in the level of education that each child receives and has access to. She got a close look at how leaders in her community are working to improve educational opportunities for students. The passion for education has taken her to communities across the nation.

Betsy DeVos worked as an in-school mentor for at-risk children for 15 years. She interacted with students in Grand Rapids, Michigan public schools. Betsy believed the experience changed her life. DeVos discovered that empowering parents is a key element to improving the education system for everyone involved. Her efforts have led to new educational choices in 25 different states, as well as the District of Columbia.Betsy DeVos will use her position as Secretary to advance educational opportunities for all students no matter what their zip code is. She believes that a person’s origin should not affect the quality of learning that they are able to receive. Betsy plans to focus on returning educational control and decision-making to the states. This will give parents more power to choose the type of educational environment their child will work best in.

Betsy served time as Chairman of the Windquest Group, which is an investment management firm. DeVos has also sat on the boards of many national charitable and civic organizations. These include the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church and Kendall College of Art and Design.The private school voucher program was implemented in Wisconsin more than 25 years ago. Betsy is excited about the progress of the policy over this period. Currently 250,000 students are being publicly funded in 33 different private choice programs. The new policy has had a positive effect in 17 States, as well as the District of Columbia. Within a year there was an increase of 40,000 students who were participating in educational choice programs. States such as Mississippi, New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Louisiana expanded their programs. Indiana introduced a new statewide voucher program in 2011 and enrolled approximately 10,000 children by its second year.Betsy Devoe graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She earned a bachelor’s degree and later married Dick DeVos, who is an entrepreneur, community activist and philanthropist. The two of them have four children and six grandchildren.

Success Academy: committed to innovation

There are plenty of charter schools throughout America and most certainly in the state of New York. But how many actually push new ideas? Not only in the learning curriculum but also in the content that will help shape the educational experience. At a glance, one would see children reporting for school in uniform like any other public school. But a closer look at Success Academy reveals the network of schools to be anything but uniform and banal, backed up by empirical results.


Success Academy currently has 32 schools within its network; Of those 24 are elementary schools, seven are middle schools and one is a high school. There are plans for an additional 13 schools to open in the near future. Success Academy currently educates 9,000 students and with the impending expansion, that number could grow to 21,000. Those numbers are impressive considering the first school was established in 2006.

Expanding young minds with real life experience and courses beyond the norm. Other schools may have a Chess club, but how about an actual Chess curriculum? Success Academy brings in actual Chess experts to teach the students the basics of the game. Whether you’re a Chess advocate or not, you can’t deny the analytical skills required to play the game; Imagine how those new tools set young minds on fire and help them with problem-solving in Math, Writing and Scientific studies. In most Kindergarten classes blocks are a standard set piece. Success Academy takes building blocks and turns it into an introduction to architecture and public speaking. At Success Academy, the children break into small groups to first sketch the structure they wish to build. They are then set to the task of constructing the building. After completion of the project, one student then explains to the class exactly what the group has constructed, impressive and innovative to say the least.

It seems apparent that Success Academy has plotted a course towards a horizon of new ideas, in order to equip our young learners with all the tools they will need to accomplish their goals.