Lime Crime Keeping Fans Guessing, Could it be Venus 3?

A beauty guessing game can be a fun way to break up a long and monotonous week. Fans are speculating in overdrive, about the ultimate tease posted by Lime Crime vis-à-vis their new product that is launching in late April. Many fans are speculating with great hopes that the all new product is the next iteration of Lime Crime’s beloved eye shadow palette, Venus. Could Lime Crime be announcing the birth of their newest addition, Venus 3.

The post featuring the palette that is floating beneath the suns shining rays from the heaven above, is an obvious clue that the new addition is without doubt a palette, but that is the only clue Lime Crime is giving at this point. Every previous version of Lime Crime’s Venus collection, such as Venus, Venus XL and Venus II eye shadow palettes, have all been tremendous hits, with versatile and vibrant pigments and a super silky formula that applies with ease.

Now we know, Lime Crime is launching a new product at Ulta Beauty, but we are still guessing what it is, and the fans’ imaginations are going wild. Guessing from the size of the pan, some fans are saying it is Venus 3, but Lime Crime is offering no spoilers on their new product. Those who are guessing Venus 3 are counting on it with their hearts desire, and many are hoping for purple tones.

If you are anxious to find out what new product Lime Crime is getting ready to launch, you can be the first to know, by signing up through their website. But, if you are the kind that likes to be surprised, then you can wait it out and see what they are dropping in the next few days when it launches. Either way, Lime Crime is guaranteeing this is going to be good.