Avaaz Takes On Monumental Challenge Of Climate Change

It is perhaps the central most challenge facing the human race today — the effort to beat back the destructive potential of climate change.

Global warming has already wreaked havoc on our beautiful green earth — from devastating the ocean’s barrier reefs, to creating massive deserts where plants, greenery and life once flourished.

A big problem like this needs a one-of-a-kind champion — and that entity is Avaaz. Established in 2007, Avaaz has grown into the world’s largest online social, political and environmental advocacy group.

To date, some 47 million people worldwide have joined Avaaz. They have donated money, or leveraged the infrastructure of the organization to get projects going that make positive changes in local communities. A major focus of Avaaz has always been climate change. Certainly, without the voices raised by millions of Avaaz volunteers, the landmark Paris Climate Accord would never have been signed.

Avaaz uses the international community of internet users to educate, inform and identify problems. Then they make it possible for anyone to start doing something practical and realistic.

Avaaz has active members in 197 countries. Collectively, it has taken an astonishing 375 million actions since it was established. Furthermore, Avaaz gets things done by sticking to a strictly grassroots model — that means accepting no major donations from big corporations or greedy billionaires. It relies on small donations from millions of people who just want to get off the couch and get something done.

Avaaz empowers people by giving them a voice — and that’s just what Avaaz means — “voice.” But Avaaz also provides practical tools and guidance so that definite actions are taken and quantifiable results are produced.

The people of Avaaz believe climate change can be beaten, stopped and reversed. It believes our planet can be saved. It happens when people come together, get organized and take action. That’s what Avaaz does.

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