Glen Wakeman Advancing the Careers of Many

Glen Wakeman is a multi-talented entrepreneur. He has achieved success in his diverse roles as tutor, writer, investor and business developer. The reason behind Glen Wakeman’s success is his desire to help business entrepreneurs with advice on financial success, through the cultivation of two-way mentorship relationships.

Glen Wakeman created the Nova Four company and LaunchPad Holdings LLC. LaunchPad Holdings provides a unique technology called software as a service or SAAS. This website helps new groups with the ropes of initiating a new business and handling investments related to it. Nove Four is a firm that assists start-ups with mentoring and finances to aid in the formation of their company.

Glen Wakeman graduated in Finance and Economics in the year 1981 at the University of Scranton and later, in 1993, attained his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Chicago. GE Capital was the company which provided Glen Wakeman the major chunk of his financial experience ( He served there for a total of 20 years. He eventually headed the GE Money Latin America. Under his guidance, GE Capital developed a global presence with more than 1000 divisions in as many as 30 nations. He occupied several executive roles during the time that he served at this firm. These include the positions of Chief Operations Officer of the company called Consolidated Financial Insurance Group, GE Money’s Director of Business Development and also the Director General of the core firm, GE Capital. His contribution to GE Capital’s success was recognized through the Growth Leadership Role Model Award conferred on him by the GE Board of Directors.

Glen Wakeman is a prolific writer and has authored several articles on coaching and mentoring. He has developed a strategy involving three principles to help revive a sinking organization. These include outlining the value of sold goods, identifying reasons for failure and finally, creating a network of persons to criticize and motivate the firm’s outlook.