End Citizens United: Fighting the Decisions to Uphold Citizens United’s Policies Permitting Corporate Influence

End Citizens United is a group dedicated to helping reverse the decisions made by Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a Supreme Court case that change the way that corporations are treated when it comes to their individual freedoms of speech. The reason that this court case is so important to groups such as End Citizens United is because of the hidden implications that reside with giving corporations this type of freedom, especially when it comes to the political process. There are various ways that corporations can shake up the political process and exert an undue amount of influence over candidates. This can be done by promising extensive amounts of funding toward the candidate, and because of this new decision, these corporations are not required to report such monetary donations.

The whole reason that this decision came into the fact is that of the conservative group dubbed Citizens United. They had earned the ire of the Federal Election Commission when they released a movie about Hillary Clinton, who is running for president’s office at the time. The movie turned out to be nothing more than a feature-length ad against the candidate. It became immediately clear that a corporation had helped the group produce the ad as an attempt to attack the candidate, the FEC wanted to get that information as it was a federal law. Citizens United refused to provide that information and it went all the way up to the Supreme Court. Now, it is a law that these corporations can contribute to political campaigns uninhibited.

End Citizens United saw the future that would revolve around corporations being able to continue this practice, without some type of check. The group is dedicated to fighting against this decision and moving towards a more lasting solution. They want candidates that have signed a pledge stating that they will not accept funding from corporate sources. In exchange for that pledge, the individuals in citizens United will work to raise additional funding for these individuals to help put them on similar financial playing fields with their competitors. In fact, in their first political cycle, they were able to raise more than $25 million for the candidates they supported. This place most of the individuals on par if not exceeding their competitors in their races. It proved that End Citizens United could be a valuable resource for these individuals and help to fight against this cause.

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End Citizens United Fights For Campaign Finance Reform

In 2010, the political spectrum was forever changed with the ruling of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. End Citizens United was founded five years later and has since been fighting to keep big money out of politics and overturn the Supreme Court’s decision. Their headquarters is located in our nation’s capital and Tiffany Muller is president of the organization. Their goal is to use grassroots funding to counterbalance all the big money being poured into republican political campaigns. This funding then goes to democrats who share the same goal of eliminating the greed and corruption that runs rampant through our government. Of course, it’s not going to be an easy feat. To overturn the court’s decision, they will need two-thirds of the vote in both the House and Senate and then they’ll need it to be ratified by three-fourths of the states which means they need at least 38.

Nevertheless, End Citizens United remains confident they will achieve their goals. Currently, they have set their sights on the impending November elections. To achieve their goals, they plan to raise $35 million by November which is a significantly higher goal than they had in 2017. However, they are making good progress. They currently have twice as many staff members as they did last year, they have at least 380,000 people currently making donations to their cause and they’ve already given 130 endorsements during this year alone.

Another one of their goals is to help candidates who are looking to eliminate corporate donations from their campaigns. In addition to that, End Citizens United is targeting the Big Money 20, a list of the most greedy and corrupt politicians currently in office. The list includes such well-known Republicans as Dana Rohrbacher, Ted Cruz and speaker of the house, Paul Ryan. Three of the people on the list have already announced their plans not to seek reelection in the upcoming midterms so the list has since been narrowed down to just 17. By helping democrats turn the tide in the government, End Citizens United will be closer than ever to achieving their goals.

That is why it is imperative the democrats take back the house, senate and congress in the upcoming midterm elections which should be fairly easy given the number of republicans who have chosen not to seek reelection this year. As they look towards November, we can only hope they emerge victorious.

For details: www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/

End Citizens United Counteracts Citizens United

In the 2010 Supreme Court case of Citizens United v. F.E.C., corporations won the privilege of acting as ‘people’. This allowed billionaires with special interests to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. Since then, there has been no transparency in the funding of election campaigns. Billionaires and corporations can now sway political decisions in their favor.

End Citizens United is a PAC aimed at stopping the unlimited and unaccountable money in political matters. The steps towards achieving this are electing supporting candidates, raising the question of money in politics, cooperating with ballot measure campaigns, and using the grassroots membership to show political power on the issue.

The $100,000 Russian digital ad campaign from 2016 showed just how vulnerable elections have become. The loopholes in the law will not reveal just how much foreign individuals, governments or corporations have invested in elections in order to sway public opinions.In 2016 the American Pacific International Capital, a company controlled by Chinese nationals, used this to contribute $1.3 million to a PAC supporting Jeb Bush.

In 2017 the End Citizens United has endorsed Democrat Doug Jones to run for U.S. Senate against Roy Moore. According to ECU, Roy Moore is an extremist with a racist agenda, who serves special interests over the will of Alabamians. He hosts extreme ideologies, unfit with American values. He has embarrassed Alabama on countless occasions and has paid himself $1 million from a charity he headed. Unlike him, Doug Jones does what is right in all situations. Moore is aligned with shady big donors, which is precisely what End Citizens United is fighting against. He is also a leader in the effort to repeal the Johnson amendment, in order to allow political groups to use churches to fund campaigns. Moore has a long history of promoting outdated and bigoted ideas. Unlike him, Jones has brought KKK members involved in bombing to justice.

Washington has options to stop this but does not take action. Democrats have been trying overcome Republican opposal to the DISCLOSE Act, which requires groups to disclose political spending. House Democrats have once again introduced By the People reform package to overturn Citizens United and get foreign money out of US politics. For more info about us: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/ click here.

Ending Citizens United supports Democrats since the last ones are fighting to overturn Citizens United. ECU supports candidates under the attack of special interests of donors and their PAC networks of shady money groups. ECU is funded by grassroots activists throughout the country. ECU actively uses social media to keep their members informed about latest actions taken by them and to expose any shady money funds in politics.