OG Juan And Jay Z Hit The Town For An Extravagant Birthday Bash

Celebrating a birthday should be memorable. Most people, unfortunately, can’t tell the difference between one birthday celebration from another. Dinner and cake comprise the celebration. OG Juan Perez certainly won’t forget the incredible birthday bash Jay Z took him on recently. Jay Z and OG Juan go back many years. Hip-hop superstar Jay Z even mentioned OG Juan in a host of songs. The two work together as business partners. Jay Z feels an affinity for OG Juan as evidenced by the six figures spent on birthday festivities.

A 50th birthday should be special. Jay Z definitely made OG Juan’s half-century birthday a night to remember. The two and their guests when to a club and ran up a $91,000 bar tab. And that wasn’t the full amount of the money spent on birthday party. $13,000 went to dinner alone.

The birthday party and festivities across town generated a lot of press. Entertainers such as Jay Z and OG Juan understand the value of positive publicity. Their night on the time was a lavish and fun affair. Nothing controversial occurred. Hence, the press generated from the night out comes off as positive. People marvel at the extravagance of birthday celebration. People end up talking about Jay Z and OG Juan. Staying in the news helps an entertainer’s career. Even high-profile entertainers rely on publicity from the press.

The Playroom Nightclub certainly appreciates the patronage of Jay Z and OG Juan. That was the nightclub that reaped the huge reward of the $91,000 bill.

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