Lawrence Bender Produces Box Office Success With Rum Punch Adaptation, Jackie Brown

Pam Grier, Robert Deniro, Michael Keaton, Chris Tucker, Robert Forster and Bridget Fonda all find themselves inside of the villainous web spun by criminal gun runner and international smuggler lead character Ordell, played by Samuel Jackson in the 1997 motion picture hit, “Jackie Brown.”

Based on Elmore Leonard’s “Rum Punch,” the film adaptation produced by Lawrence Bender and Directed by Quentin Tarantino traces the Machiavellian depravity of Jackson as he finds his criminal enterprise threatened by law enforcement and the sloppy illegal activities of his henchman Beaumont Livingston, played by Chris Tucker and cash smuggling operative, Jackie Brown portrayed by Pam Grier.

Jackson, a small time though successful illegal gun trader shares details of his opulent lifestyle created by the high markups he earns in his clandestine firearms operation, with former prison-mate Louis Gara, played by Robert DeNiro.

A short while later Jackson is contacted by a desperate Chris Tucker who has been arrested while running an errand for Jackson. Afraid that Tucker’s loyalty has been compromised, Jackson pays Tucker’s bond and immediately executes him.

Meanwhile another of Jackson’s operatives, an airline stewardess named Jackie Brown is stopped by customs agents at the airport while trying to smuggle cash into the country.

Brown is persuaded to cooperate with the federal agents in exchange for an immunity deal.

One last operation is planned, smuggling more than $1/2 million of Jackson’s overseas funds, allowing him to retire from his illegal firearms dealing operation early.

In a twist of events, Jackie Brown hatches her own scheme to outwit both Jackson and the federal agents, keeping the entire $500,000 for herself.

Jackie Brown’s plan carries a number of risks, particularly around the cleverness and wrath of Jackson who will no doubt be merciless in the most unearthly way imaginable should Brown ever be found out.

However, with the help of the bail bondsman who has developed a romantic interest in her, Robert Forster cast as Max Cherry, Brown is successful and fulfills her own plans to move to Madrid, Spain and carry on with her life.

This is yet another masterpiece resulting from the collaborative efforts of Bender and Tarantino.

Sharing a number of key entertainment elements common to their earlier films, Jackie Brown is full of punchy dialog, gangster characters with full human dimensionality and a suspenseful story full of plot twists and surprises.

About Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is a renown film producer, having three Best Picture Academy Award Nominations to his credit.

The producer of several box office successes across a diverse range of genres including From Dusk Til Dawn, Nancy Drew, Good Will Hunting, The Mexican and An Inconvenient Truth, Bender is also the recipient of several industry awards for his film works.

Born in Bronx, New York, Lawrence Bender completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at The University of Maine.

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