Clay Siegall Makes Fight Against Cancer Personal

Finding a cure for cancer has been on the forefront of every medical researchers and physicians’ since the very moment the disease was finally named. The disease which destroys the lives of countless individuals across the world has long been the leading killer among for our species. As thousands of lives have dedicated their existence to finally putting an end to cancer, we have found suitable treatments that increase the survival rate for every person diagnosed but still, a viable cure eludes us.

Adding endless hours and days to the effort of fighting cancer, Clay Siegall has built his life around putting an end to the disease that took a very personal toll on his own life. Faced with the reality of cancer at a young age, Clay Siegall watched as his father battled cancer throughout some of the most instrumental years of his young adult life. Clay Siegall watched as his father fought a losing battle, witnessing first hand the limitations placed on doctors fighting to save his father’s life. Taking away from the experience the need to provide oncologist on the front lines with the proper tools to save lives, Clay Siegall used that experience to drive his ambition in starting Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics Provide Medical Professionals with Access to Much Needed ACDs

The life-saving drugs developed by Clay Siegall and his dedicated team at Seattle Genetics have been instrumental in aiding doctors in fighting the disease that once turned his personal life upside down.

Clay Siegall Talks With IdeaMensch

Though a successful entrepreneur and leader in the fight against cancer, Clay Siegall has little opportunity to sit down and impart some of the wisdom he has gained over the course of his life.