DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Is Named As A ‘Real Estate Legend’ At Arabian Business Awards

With billions in annual revenue and a hotel empire that’s now rising up along the Dubai Canal in AYKON City, DAMAC Properties has been turning into one of the world’s most powerful real estate companies. Also having the inclusion of luxury interiors designed by Bugatti, Versace and Cavalli specialists has made the DAMAC Maison destination one of the most attractive vacation places for visitors. But it’s been the vision and planning of DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani that’s contributed the most to the company’s success, and it’s why with his acumen he was named “Real Estate Legend” at an annual Arabian Business Awards event. Sajwani has been able to understand where the market demands are going over the years and adapt his building strategy to meet them.

Hussain Sajwani was born in Deira in the UAE and got his business degree at the University of Washington. He decided after working for an oil company for a few years that he wanted to run his own business and look to make it big doing that. A blogpost from aleqt.com mentioned that Sajwani opened a catering business that had a great reputation for creating tasty food, and he was given a plaque for serving US military troops during the Gulf War. But he realized he could do even more with the profits he made from this company and he started buying different companies like building supplies, insurance companies and even a private equity firm. DAMAC Properties was started in 2002 with its first properties completed in 2003, and Sajwani guided it through the turbulent times of 2008 and into a period of growth unlike any it had seen before.

According to Saudi Projects, Hussain Sajwani took the company public in 2013 on the Muscat Exchange and recently spoke of selling some of its ownership shares. He’s also been proud to work with President Trump back when he was a real estate mogul running the Trump Organization, and Trump even has built a Tiger Woods golf course and had the Trump Estates built on DAMAC Hills. Sajwani plans to continue his relationship with the Trumps in hopes that the presidency will not get in the way of new deals.

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OSI Group President David McDonald:Delivering Value For The Customers

When Iowa native David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University in 1987 and became a project manager at the OSI Group, few anticipated the impact he would have on the company. Now, over 30 years later, he is president and chief operating officer of the company and a major reason the company is a leader in the worldwide food processing industry. Using his diverse skill set, ability to deal with government agencies in foreign countries, knowledge he gained about meat and agriculture growing up on a farm and his genuine interest in satisfying the company’s customers, McDonald has helped the OSI Group grow and succeed globally.

At the OSI Group, they process food and provide products and services for both major companies as well as individuals around the globe. David McDonald has helped the company to establish lucrative, dynamic partnerships. Plus, he has helped the company remain flexible enough to create unique, innovative food products as well as dynamic solutions to a variety of problems. McDonald has helped to make things run smoothly and fulfill the vision of company CEO Sheldon Lavin of feeding people all over the world. The high quality production and distribution standards McDonald has helped the company establish and maintain consistently attract new customers and keep them coming back.

David McDonald explains the OSI Group’s most effective marketing strategy that generates new business is to blend in with the local people, understand the products they want and need and deliver those products. This has allowed the OSI Group to gain the trust of the people. Each day David McDonald is charged handling the technical and infrastructure challenges the company faces. Working with great suppliers, supportive government agencies and an experienced, well-trained creative staff, he is able to come up with effective decisions that benefit the customers and the company.

The success of the OSI Group is built on the valuable partnerships McDonald has helped them to create as well as the company’s great culture, vision, innovation, talented staff and wise, thoughtful, decisions made by their executive leadership. But the bottom line is there is no success unless the customers are satisfied. David McDonald’s most important job is to do whatever is necessary to ensure the customers get the nutritious, tasty products they enjoy. Driven by a can-do ethic and an entrepreneurial passion, David McDonald is working every day to deliver the best value for the customers.

About OSI Group: interview.net/david-mcdonald-osi-group/

Willis Towers Watson Appoints Michael Burwell As CFO

Willis Towers Watson appoints Michael Burwell as their chief financial officer to take part of the Roger Millay since he is retiring. Mr. Burwell appropriately fits that position since he is well versed in financial matters. Michael Burwell has been serving in the financial industry for over 31 years which has prepared him well in that professional field. At PwC, Michael Burwell was holding top management positions as well as in the United States of which he had a good legacy that is remarkable.


It is evident that Mr. Burwell has eleven years of experience in the auditing and twelve years in providing transaction services. The role that he plays in the Willis Tower Watson is recommendable since the company can experience his contribution to the firm; besides, he is passionate and committed to delivering his responsibilities. From the speech delivered by the John Haley, the Chief Executive Office of Willis Tower Watson indicates that Burwell appointment to be the Chief Financial Officer of the firm was appropriately and timely since the firm was in need of such services and skills that Mike has in the professional.


Since Burwell is well conversant with the transactions, transformation, and finance, it will be easy for the company to meet its long-term objectives and goals. For this reason, Michael Burwell will help the firm to be at the top in the provision of advisory services to the clients and be leading in the market.


Michael attended the Michigan State University where he earned Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He worked at the PwC Company for about 30 years, and it is from there that he strengthened and equipped himself with leadership skills since he resumed senior positions of the company. Michael Burwell was able to deliver quality services to all the customers and clients that approached him since he wants all to be satisfied.


When he was at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Company, he gained a lot of experience in the transactions and other financial related fields that made him lead the company to greater heights and more so achieving its set goals. Therefore, by joining the Willis Towers Watson is in order because the gained skills and experience will be transformed into the company and makes it have a global touch. The company will get the results that it expects from the set goals. Michael Burwell is a successful and goal-oriented business person that delivers his duties appropriately. See Related Link to learn more.


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Adam Milstein Succeeds in Charity and Business

Many people desire to achieve their goals. However, only a handful of people follow the prescription as to what will bridge the gap between them and success. Like Adam Milstein, if one blends determination and resilince, then success is the only destination.

Dawn of Adam’s Life.

Adam’s early life was a preparation towards his future. Having been born in 1952 at Haifa in Israel, Adam used his home as the first learning point. His father, a real estate developer, was ideal for his career while his mother, a homemaker was instrumental in modeling his charity. Being a cheerful man, he joined defense forces in 1971 and was a crucial participant in the famous KiyatMotzkin.

Preparing for success

Knowing there was a passion for following, Adam Milstein went his studies at Technion where he studied BSc Business and Economics. For his companion, Adam was married to Gila Elgrably who provide a helping hand in all his quest. They later migrated to the US in 1981.

Step by step to His Philanthropy Goals

Adam Milstein had an intuitive understanding that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. He joined Hager Pacific properties as a sales agent. But later he arose the rank to be the company’s managing partner.

In the course of his service at Hager, Adam Milstein was introduced to philanthropic work. He began to use his resources to set a legacy. Together with his supportive wife, the family coined Adam and Gila family foundation which reach out to the Israelites and their organization.

Milstein Foundation

The foundation is supportive of organizations as well as numerous activities that serve Jews and Israel Americans.

True to its mission, the foundation empowers the Israelites and Jewish by building a stronger relationship between them and the US. As a way of preserving Jewish culture, the foundation educates the youths on Judaism and more specifically how they can identify and hold to their identity

The Outline

Adam Milstein’s philanthropy extends beyond his foundation. Therefore, he serves in an array of Israel centered organizations in the US as a board member. Concurrently, it is evident that he uses his family foundation to foster healthy relationships in his community.


Jordan Lindsey Wants People To Know More About Forex

Jordan Lindsey has made a career out of giving the world a better understanding of forex and all of the things that come with it. He has already proven that he has the talent to handle some of the world’s most important investments. Now, he wants to help people learn about the things they’re going to need to do in order to fully appreciate forex themselves. Given his success in creating a company with a strong reputation in the world of investment, it’s not hard to look at his work and find reasons to praise it. There is something being done here that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

The most interesting thing about his career is how he has managed to make algorithms that allow people to outperform the market. His algorithm is currently being used by countless forex investors ranging from novice to veteran. That sort of longevity is worth taking a look into. It isn’t every day that someone creates a hit algorithm and manages to sell that to so many people. You need to have a clear and obvious plan to get anywhere in the world of forex. It looks like he really knew what he was doing and things took off.

The forex world as we know it today is strongly influenced by his ideas and what he wanted to show. He’s made it easy to get into forex thanks to the online sites that frequently offer people a chance to engage as they see fit. Nobody has to go without their own personal forex investments and people can easily see massive profits if they are willing to put in the efforts. The door is open and you can see all sorts of people from different walks of life getting into forex trading. Many are people who have never invested in their lives but want to try forex. Over the course of thousands of years there has never been nearly as many people getting into forex as we see today. It’s the start of something truly special for the investment world no matter how you look at it.


Commitment Showcased by Perry Mandera in Various Fields

Perry Mandera is one of the businessmen who has showcased their dedication in the sector of transport. The commitment that he has put in the circle of business has earned him a better state in the community. Perry Mandera founded Custom Cares Charities. There are several projects that he has carried out in the community relating to the issues linked to the church and sports.

Perry Mandera studied at Chicago public high school where he graduated in 1975. He has utilized his skills in most of the projects that he has implemented in the society. After his studies, he enrolled in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves where he took the duty of the driver of the motor pool. Perry Mandera was then honored in the sector of Honorable Discharge from United States Marine Corps throIsmailiugh his dedication.

Perry Mandera at the age of 23 decided to become a businessman particularly in the segment of transport. The skills that he applied in most of the businesses that he ventured in made him earned a lot of respect in the community. The company that Perry Mandera showed full commitment and was then one that he set up in 1980. As a passionate person the areas of politics, he served as a member of the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago for four years. He was the youngest politician in the scene of politics.

Perry Mandera merged the skills that he had in the business world with the politics. He founded a company called The Custom Companies, Inc. which was meant to supply its products to the customers based in the United States. The expansion of the company through the excellent leadership made it employed many people from various regions. The head office of the business was based in Northlake. Perry Mandera set up other branches of the organization in many parts of the United States to help distributors handle their matters successfully.

The dedication of Perry Mandera in the circle of business made him feature among the top businessmen in the list of “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Perry Mandera has further helped the community through various charitable programs.


Academy of Art University

“Built for artists by artists” is the motto of San Francisco-based Academy of Art University. The school boasts more than 12,000 students, and it is giving those students real opportunities to pursue their artistic passions.

In September, New York Fashion Week was held. Ten recent BFA and MFA graduates from the university’s School of Fashion were among those showcasing their collections.

The collections reflected the individual spirits of their creators, and they impressed the crowd that included notables such as Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model. For the students involved, the show reflected their extensive education and work along the way. It was a chance to show to the entire world, including potential career mentors, what they can achieve.

Other graduates from the university have had success in a variety of fields. Notable alumni include film director Rudy Soedjarwo, cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, reality star Heidi Montag, fashion designer Kara Laricks, and actress Lauren Conrad.

The students who participated in drew inspiration from a variety of places. Dina Marie Lam, MFA Fashion Design, drew inspiration from her feelings surrounding the loss of her aunt. This led her to seek to convey a sense of transition with her collection.

Chicago-born but California raised, MFA Menswear Design student Joanna Jadallah turned to her heritage for inspiration. She drew on her Palestinian ancestry to create a collection using cashmere knits, lambskin leather and other materials.

The students showcasing their collections at New York Fashion Week were just a small slice of what Academy of Art University is. Students across the university benefit from instruction by notable instructors such as actress Diane Baker, animator Tom Bertino, journalist Richard Hart, creator of Myth Busters Adam Savage, and former designer for Alexander McQueen Simon Ungless. with such a lineup of talent, it is unsurprising that the university counts itself as the largest privately owned art and design school in the nation.

Paul Mampilly Is Talking About What 2018’s Best Investments Look Like

Paul Mampilly is an investment expert who moved from being a Wall Street insider to sharing his knowledge with the outsiders. He writes newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing and in his latest article he talks about what 2018 holds for buying stocks. It may not have the same explosive growth all across the board that 2017 had, but if you look at mega trends stocks, Mampilly says these could really boost your portfolio. Mega trends include financial developments such as person-to-person lending apps, blockchain technology, cardless ATM apps and cryptocurrency. Another mega trend to look out for is the “Internet of Things” which will be devices such as smart appliances connected to the internet, voice-activated search apps and self-driving vehicles eventually.

Paul Mampilly has looked for new opportunities at each stage of his life, a characteristic he inherited from his father who found a job in the UAE and was able to send Mampilly and his sister to college with the money he earned. Mampilly got his bachelor’s degree at Montclair State University and shortly after joined the research department at Deutsche Bank. He caught onto the basics of investing so quickly that within a year he had risen to portfolio manager. He also worked for ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears, Royal Bank of Scotland and a Swiss Bank during the next 10 years.

From banking, Paul Mampilly went to professional consulting for a few years at Capuchin Consulting. Then he became an advisor at a major hedge fund firm in Kinetics International Fund. He helped bring in over $25 billion in assets under management and Barron’s quoted the firm as bringing in returns for client investments that reached over 40% in annual returns. Mampilly made the biggest news when he joined the Templeton Foundation’s competition during the thick of the financial crisis, and turned $50 million into $88 million during that time and winning the grand prize.

Around 2015, Paul Mampilly decided to retire so that he could spend more time with his family, and it allowed him to compile his newsletters that he intended for people who would otherwise not have access to the information. He grew a subscriber base of over 60,000 readers in a short time and most of them spoke highly of how Mampilly’s stock advice really worked. He has shown his followers stocks in his own portfolio, and he was noted for being an early investor in companies like Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix early on.

Paul Mampilly’s Social Media: https://twitter.com/MampillyGuru

Omar Yunes, the Winner of Best Franchise of the World

The 2015 Best Franchise of the World done on 5th December 2015 in Florence, Italy got won by Omar Yunes. This is a worldwide event that distinguishes efforts and courses of the franchises of various brands. In each country involved a selection is usually made which allows the state to present their best franchisees of the best brands. In 2015, Mexico was well represented by Omar Yunes and Sushi Itto franchisee with a title “The professionalization of the role of the Franchisee.” The primary goal of these competitions is to recognize and reward leadership, teamwork, innovation and implementation processes of progressive development in the process of a franchise. In additional, BFW seeks to motivate franchisee and promote various business ideas through the award.

During the award ceremony, thirty-four countries which include Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, Mexico, and Argentina got represented. The franchise was analyzed, and its impact on the network got evaluated. These areas included; how Omar has impacted the food chain, its knowledge contributions, any implementation of saving, motivation to employees and to what extent is it charged and the types of the improvements suggested to the model.

When Omar Yunes won the award, he recognized that the victory was not for him, but a victory for the entire four hundred employees of the thirteen units he manages and the company that permitted them to be innovative. He was just a representative of their victory. At the age of twenty-one years, Omar decided to become a franchise owner in the Japan food chain. Since then Omar has grown in knowledge and experience until he has managed to possess thirteen franchised units in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. These thirteen food chains represent about ten percent of the units the company he serves. Apart from BFW award, Omar has won the national chapter prize and more

Diego Elizarrarras, an organizer of BFW, informed the people that Yunes won the award because he played a significant role in the positive change of a franchisee-franchisee relationship and attaining a better way of management of the information and executing control panels that aid in having a better measurement of units.


The Noteworthy Contribution Of The Prominent Activist, Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was a renowned labor activist who dedicated his relentless effort to fighting for employment rights of industrial workers. He was born in Liverpool, England, in 1874. Although he was born and raised in a poor background, this did not deter him from striving for excellence and protecting the rights and interests of others.

Since he had no formal education, he commenced his career by seeking manual jobs in order to meet the family needs. Through hard work and dedication, Jim Larkin became a Foreman at Liverpool docks.

As a dedicated social worker, Jim upheld the belief that industrial laborers needed to be treated with dignity. As a result, he chose to shift ships and join the National Union of Dock Laborers. In 1905, Jim larking assumed the role of a full-time coordinator for the trade union.

Jim Larkin was transferred to Dublin in 1907 since National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) was not happy with the methods Jim employed during industrial strikes.

While in Dublin, Larkin formed an industrial workers union, Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). The purpose of this union was to bring all skilled and unskilled Irish industrial workers together to address issues concerning their welfare.

Additionally, Jim formed the Irish Labor Party that led several strikes. One of the strikes that made a significant impact was Dublin Lockout in 1913 where more than 100,000 industrial workers stopped working and went on strike for about eight months.

The strike paid off well and the industrial workers won the right to fair treatment and employment. In all the strikes that Jim led, he strongly discouraged violence and upheld the belief that a fair day’s work should be followed by a fair day’s pay.

In 1914, Larkin went to the United States where he began a new freelancing career on public speaking. While in America, Jim Larkin joined the Industrial Worker of the World (IWW) and the Socialist Party of America. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

During this period, Easter Rising took place in Ireland and James Connolly, Jim’s friend, died as a result. For this reason, Jim started the James Connolly Socialist Club where the left-wing activities were handled.

In 1920, Larkin was sentenced due to criminal anarchy and was released after three years before being sent back to Ireland.

In 1924, Jim Larkin organized the Worker’s Union of Ireland, and as a result, he was recognized by Communist International. Jim died on 30th January 1947 in Dublin, Ireland.