David Giertz: Make The Years Ahead Financially Secure

If there is one thing most people want as they age, it’s financial security. Not only will this allow them to live the lifestyle to which they’ve been accustomed, but it will also give them peace of mind. However, because the majority of workers fail to adequately plan for retirement, this scenario is often unattainable. Rather than let this happen to workers everywhere, financial services experts like David Giertz regularly speak with millennials and other groups of workers to advise them on the best ways to plan for retirement. To learn what this 30-year business veteran recommends, here are some of David’s top strategies.

Take Full Advantage of 401(K)

First and foremost, David Giertz advises workers everywhere to take full advantage of their employer’s 401(K) plan. Not only can an employee set up regular deductions from each paycheck, but they can enjoy the added benefit of having their employer match those contributions dollar for dollar. By doing so, these accounts can add up to large amounts of money, and can act as an impetus to a solid and secure retirement.

Financial Health Through an HSA

Known as Health Savings Accounts, these can also provide tremendous peace of mind once retirement arrives. Along the way, workers can contribute up to $3,450 annually if they are unmarried, and $6,900 if they are married. By doing so, they can use this money to purchase many standard health products, such as over-the-counter medications, various types of health equipment, and other necessary supplies. While these benefits are great, the real advantage occurs when the person reaches age 65. Once this happens, any money left in the HSA can then be spent however the person wishes, without worry of being penalized.

By helping workers with these topics, as well as also advising them to be fully aware of any tax deductions they can use to save money that can be contributed to retirement funds, David Giertz believes he can use his experience to help others create the retirement of which they’ve always dreamed. In doing so, David helps people everywhere realize their financial goals.