Book of the Year- Bob Honey Just Do Stuff

Every publisher and author writes for their books and articles to be known and read by the world ans also to become famous. It is opposite for one of the prominent writers Sean Penn who does not struggle to let people love his work. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Mr. Sean’s latest book which was arguably even before he finished writing. People had already started talking about the particular parts of the book which talked about the President of the United States Donald Trump as well as another segment that talked about the #MeToo Movement. During the discussion, people thought that Sean Penn treated the two topics as facts and not fictions, but according to him, he was misinterpreted.

Sean Penn told Rolling Stone that his article was taken out of context, and he further said that people no longer understand the difference between fiction and fact. Instead, they are interpreting fiction as an opinion. Mr. Penn says that fiction cannot be read as it is. Although the debut book is receiving a lot of provocation, after reading it one cannot see it was written without aspiration. When he decided to write the book, Sean Penn had the mind to create an oddball Americana that was meant to confuse his readers. The book is written with a lot of sarcasm and lacks narration. The book has been written in extraordinary times, and it gives a story of an old woman who does odd jobs including arranging firewood for dictators, selling septic tanks to Jehovah Witnesses, slandering seniors, and delivering imprisoned Hasidic Jews from foreign prisons which she was doing accidentally.

Sean Penn is not concerned with how his book has been reviewed instead his major concerned is his legacy. Mr. Penn is a prominent actor of his generation, writer, and performer and he has also written other books including Mystic River and Milk which won the Oscars Awards. The 57-year-old publisher continues to make sure that he impacts the entertainment industry by accomplishing a lot more. Penn is angry about the world, and he has experienced his anger in his latest book Bob Honey Just Do Stuff.