A Review Of The Plastic Surgery Services Offered By Dr Walden

Those who are looking for natural results after a plastic surgery is completed on them should look for a doctor who will offer them that. Dr Jennifer Walden knows how to complete the surgery work that she does on her patients in a way that will help them look good while still allowing them to look natural. She does not leave her patients looking fake after she has completed a rhinoplasty or other type of procedure on them, but she helps them to look their best in a natural way.

Dr Jennifer Walden has a medical license from three different states. She has been certified to practice medicine in Florida, New York, and Texas. She also has received certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Those who are looking for someone to complete work on their body can trust this woman as she is trusted by others and has been certified.

When someone owns their own business, they have a lot invested in that and they will try to do good work so that they can be successful. Dr Jennifer Walden is someone who owns her own medical practice and she is careful in the work that she does because she wants that practice to be successful. Those who turn to her for help can know that she will do well by them because she cares about the way in which she helps her patients and the feedback that they give her when she is finished working on them and to know more

How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Reform The Elective Surgery Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is an entrepreneur in the elective healthcare industry. He has a lot of things planned for his career in 2018 starting with the grand opening of what he calls a “medical aesthetic experience” clinic in Buckhead, the trendiest neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. The clinic is called OVME (pronounced like “Of Me”) and it will offer minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

When people first visit OVME he has a private office including in the clinic where patients will receive their individual consultations. This clinic also features four luxurious and private treatment rooms where the procedures will be performed. He said that when designing the OVME clinic he wanted to combine state-of-the-art technology with medical aesthetics so that patients receive the exact look they were hoping for.

Before opening his clinic, Dr. Mark McKenna sent out a press release to local media. He said that the medical aesthetic industry has grown way to stale. People, he said, are seeking out a new experience and it is his goal to reinvent how elective care is perceived.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has been in this industry for the past 18 years. After graduating from the Tulane School of Medicine he started practicing in his dad’s clinic while also working in the real estate industry. Eventually, he left real estate behind and moved from New Orleans to Atlanta. He owned and operated another company in Atlanta called ShapeMed for a number of years but sold it to a gym chain.

In another revolutionary move for the elective care industry, Dr. Mark McKenna is planning to release a mobile app for it. This app, also called OVME, will shake things up by introducing an Uber-like setting to this industry. People will tap in what procedure they want performed and where they are at. A licensed cosmetic surgeon will then show up and do the procedure. Dr. Mark McKenna is really excited about this and has been attending trade shows and other events so that he can get cosmetics surgeons signed up for this new service in cities across the United States.


“Dr. Jennifer Walden – The physician with a personal touch”

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Cosmetic Surgeon located in Austin, TX. Born in Austin, Texas, she grew up seeing her parents working in the medical field. Her dad was a Dentist and her mom a Surgical Nurse.


After Jennifer Walden graduated from high school, she went to the University of Texas for a degree in Biology. Later, she reached out to the University of Texas Medical Branch and was the salutatorian when she finished her special training.


Leaving the state of Texas, she moved to New York, to continue her studies at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Here she was instructed and guided by Dr. Sherrell Aston, chair of the department. She attended to patients at this hospital as well as the Lenox Hill Hospitals and New York University Langone Medical Center, where she was designated as the Clinical Instructor of Surgery.


Walden was on the front lines in bringing back silicone breast implants. Dr. Walden is also recognized for her utilizing cutting-edge technology in her practice such as 3-D imagery to allow a patient to see how they will appear before receiving the surgery. She has a technique for employing a unique system that tightens the vaginal area and Jennifer has created devices to help patients experience a more comfortable breast surgery.


Having twin boys and feeling homesick, Dr. Walden decided to move back to her hometown of Austin, where she opened her own private practices, fully staffed by women.


Involved in acts of benevolence, Jennifer is a part of numerous programs and organizations that benefit the hurting and disadvantage such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The Circle of Red is a heart disease prevention foundation, in which she is committed. Food In Tummies (FIT), which enables kids who receive free and discount prices on lunch, to be able to eat on the weekend, is another one of her projects. All these charities are just a tip of the iceberg in how she is helping the community.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a consultant, spokesperson, writer, featured in publications, magazines and on TV programs and the news. Although, Jennifer is influential, has received many honors, and accolades, she remains grounded.