Equities First: Your Reliable Partner in Financial Need

Equities First Holdings, LLC offers lending services that based on securities for individual and businesses investors. It deals in loan based on few factors: its valuation of the risk, future performance linked to the bonds, stocks, and treasuries. EFH was founded in 2002 and based in Indianapolis, with an office in New York City.Since 2002, it has provided clients with alternative finance investment solutions, supplying funds against the publicly traded stock to allow their clients to meet their personal/professional goals. Equities First Holdings provides capital against the globally traded shares on public exchanges. EFH has completed 650 transactions that worth approx. $1.4 billion till date by lending customers high loan with low fixed interest rates, so it grows.

EFH has recently relocated its Melbourne office. The new office for EFH Australia is located in the town center of Melbourne and will make it accessible to business and clients to reach them in the case of need. This new office will also help them to market their services easily by sitting in the middle of the city.Equities First Holdings has just moved its Melbourne office; other two offices are still on their same old addresses in Sydney and Perth. The firm offers clients with loans that base on the stock to provide funds for strategic investments, business expansion, or numerous other purposes depend on the need of a company.

To offer more services to their client, EFH opens loans that based on stock so the capital can also be used for whatsoever purpose; the requester is lending the money. And numerous type of loans that are offered by EFH is non-recourse. In addition to three offices in Australia, EFH also maintains a different branch office in more than five famous countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, in addition to the headquarters in the USA.

How Equities First Holdings is changing people’s lives.

Equities First Holdings is viewed by many as a leader when it comes to offering alternative financing solutions. It provides traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic environment where other lending solutions and banks have tightened their lending capabilities to put off come customers. The firm specializes in developing and managing effective lending solutions for the high-net-worth individuals and businesses who are seeking for non-purpose capital. Its primary focus is securities based loans and reaching all people from all walks of life and offer them a solution concerning finances.

When it comes to operating deal-by-deal basis, the firm is known for its hyper focused nature. It is focused to ensure the deal is done properly and there are no cases of fraud. Investors who decide to invest with Equities First are assured of a straightforward and tailored transaction that in most cases empower the investors to access the required amount of money efficiently and quickly.

Equities First Holdings is built on a code of transparency and integrity to help in the day to day activities. The firm relies on regulatory, lending legal and trading institutions when they require counsel. Nobody or any organization is perfect thus counseling is always available to keep you on the right track. One of the company’s missions is delivering maximum benefits that have minimal risk to help all their customers meet their financial and personal goals.

The reasons as to why the firm chose to specialize in providing capital to businesses and individual investors is the fact that they use equities as loan collateral for a period of time. If a person has stocks in a developing company and you are sure the stocks will appreciate with time, you can enter into a transaction with the firm. Instead of liquidating the individual’s position in the company, the individual can transfer the shares to act as collateral to Equities First and be given the loan he/she wanted.With Equities First Holdings, life has been made easy as they offer financial support.

A solution to all financial problems; Equity First Holdings

One of the world’s largest companies when it comes to issuing stock-based loans is equities Firsts Holdings. For more than fourteen years, the company has become reliable and dependable to all its investors. It’s a company everyone depends on, when it comes to providing financial solutions regardless of what amount you may require.

With the help of professional experience, the firm has committed its self to serving other businesses and individuals in all the services they offer. With the aid of the company’s leadership skills, Equities First has been able to serve and perform a hedge between the high-net-worth individuals and problems being faced by startup companies. Due to this reason, Equity First has taken it their responsibility to issue non-recourse capital to enable corporations and individuals reach their goal using stocks as collateral.

The firm has always specialized in rendering fast working capitals using various entities such as bonds, treasuries, and stocks as collateral for the loans. During economic crises, there exist various issues related to stock-based loans. In some cases, they accept to give an individual the required amount of money needed after transferring his/her stocks to Equity First Holdings. The person needs to be sure that the stocks will appreciate after some few years. The firm will use the stock as collateral.

Over the years, Equity First has worked with its offices and stakeholders all over the world to be able to finish more than two thousand transactions which translate to more than two billion dollars. According to Equity First, this is not a big deal as they take it their duty to help in solving financial problems, and this is what makes them outstanding and the best. They majorly focus on assisting individuals and business in an environment where financial institutions and banks have tightened their lending capabilities and increased their interest rate with the aim of putting off some customers.With the help of their non-recourse capital, a lot of people have been helped especially when it comes to securing fast working capital.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Most people never understand the real effects of the economic crisis. While they think the rise in commodity prices is the only part which has significance in the reduction of the crisis, the ever they understand that the financial world is always the worst hit by the financial crisis. For this reason, banks and other credit-based companies work to get a solution towards the reduction of the crisis to have the best thing occur for the enterprise. As a matter of fact, we must work to look at the adverse effects of  economic crisis and determine the best practices we must undertake to have their effects mitigated.

During an economic crisis moment, there is always inevitable market fluctuation. For his reason, there are tightened lending capabilities and options available for the banks and other credit-based companies offering the same solutions. As a matter of fact, the companies work to determine the best criterion essential for the use of the loans in a manner which depicts the usefulness of seeking another alternative in them the most innovative way. Equities First Holdings is the only company which survives the harsh economic crisis. As a matter of fact, they have worked to see their innovation needs attained through a necessary measure.

There are many characteristics associated with stock-based loans. While most people don’t understand the use of stocks to secure capital, they might want to know this use and develop their regular use because they provide the highest rates to obtain the loans. As a matter of fact, we can work to see the increased need in mitigating the effects of the financial crisis. During a financial crisis, Equities First Holdings has most of its business because banks have minimal lending capabilities. The stock-based loans are featured by the non-purpose where you don’t have to say its use to qualify for the loan.

3 People Who Would Benefit From a Stock-based Loan

With the financial market in ever-changing climates, it’s important to know the kinds of options you have available. Equities First Holdings is one company that offers reliable stock-based lending, a trend that’s fast becoming a popular choice. If you’re one of the many people who need working capital but aren’t thrilled with the traditional options available, you might be a good candidate for stock-based loans.

You Were Denied By Traditional Lenders

The financial market has changed quite a bit in the last several years. Part of that change includes the tightening of restrictions for those seeking to apply for personal or business loans. Banks are much less willing to lend money, the qualifications you have to meet to become a borrower are much stricter, and it’s harder to secure the capital you need. If you’ve been denied by traditional credit-based lenders, stock-based loans might be a great option for you.

You’re Looking at High Interest Rates

Another situation might also exist in which you managed to pass the requirements to secure a loan, but you’re being forced to pay astronomical interest rates. If you’re trying to find another option before signing on that dotted line, make sure to look into stock-based loans as an option. With stock-based loans, you’ll typically have a fixed interest rate of around two to three percent, which is much lower than you’ll find elsewhere.

Traditional Loans Are Too Restricting

Finally, you might be a great candidate for stock-based loans if your traditional loan options have too many restrictions on how you can spend your money. If you need working capital, you need to be able to spend it how you see fit. It’s your business or project, so you should be the one making decisions. Stock-based loans allow you to spend the money however you choose.

There are many benefits to choosing stock-based loans. You don’t have to jump through the qualification hoops that traditional loans will put you through, you can spend the capital how you see fit, and since they’re non-recourse loans you can walk away at any time. If you’ve been let down by traditional loan options, contact a company who specializes in stock-based loans and see if they’re right for you.


Are AIIB and BRICS a Conflict of Interest for China? What Does Martin Lustgarten Think?

China is one of the key members of both the BRICS and AIIB. But, could a “conflict of interest” arise, due to these multiple roles? What does investment banker Martin Lustgarten think about these organizations?

“BRICS Alternative Political Power”

As a Third World nation, China could represent the interests of the vast majority of countries on Planet Earth. This was a very lucrative position, ensuring that China would have a place at negotiating tables. Now, as an developed nation, China is a model for high growth.

The BRICS represent a different path for development from the European model. Each region has its unique languages, history and geographical characteristics. Even Hegel argued that geography played an important part in development.All in all, the BRICS group is primarily a political organization. These nations can work together at the United Nations, forming voting blocs. They can also support one another with bilateral trade agreements.

“Economic AIIB Model”

Once China became fully industrialized, it could begin to consider world organizations. With their economic surplus, the created the AIIB, which has memberships, like corporation shares. While the BRICS might coordinate policy, the AIIB will actually be creating policy independently and might replace the Asian Development Bank. In fact, some of the Vice Presidents, previously worked at the Asian Development Bank.

Wisely, taking the best talents from other banks, China is expanding its reach to new projects. The AIIB will also focus primarily on Asia with China, India and Indonesia taking important roles. Having China and India on both the BRICS and AIIB creates stability.

“What Happened to Communism?”

Isn’t it strange how all of these formerly communist nations – Cuba, Russia and China – are suddenly on the front lines, making capitalistic deals? What happened to Communism? Investment banker Martin Lustgarten can guide you in this topsy-turvy world.He can explain how certain investments will be beneficial to BRICS, while others benefit the AIIB. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten might also discuss how China is trying to achieve financial “critical mass” with both organizations.