Aloha Construction, Inc. is a company serving southern Wisconsin & all of Illinois. They have inspectors, field supervisors, installers, claim specialists, and an office team that has worked closely with each other and witnessed the successful fulfillment of over 7,000 local investments. Aloha Construction Inc. is family operated and owned. Aloha has experienced a string of revolutions and changes over its development. The company has expanded from a modest family business into a leader of the industry that accomplished a huge list of successes. Now Aloha Construction, Inc. survives as a pioneer with a reputation for unrivaled excellence, security, and knowledge in the construction industry.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation, founded by the Chief Executive of the company seeks to increase the sense of “random acts of kindness” in Lake Zurich city families, according to Scott Konecke, a representative for the charity.

The organization did exactly that during its debut event on August 14, a shopping spree at Learning Express Toys for four local sisters.

“At the end, after the four girls shopped, I said, ‘I want to thank you for shopping here and giving us a look at giving,'” Derr stated. “One of them, around 7 years old, said, ‘No, I want to thank you.’ And they all looked you in the eye. I felt they were really good kids. I thanked their mother, too. They were humble.”

Farbaky, a North Barrington native who owns Aloha Construction in Lake Zurich, chose to start the organization after getting a taste of giving on a smaller scale, Konecke said.

“He determined that by doing smaller charitable acts, he wanted to start driving charitable events,” he said. “So, he started looking at different things you can get into. We wanted to use this event as a launching place. We thought it would be a good outlet for us.”

Aloha Construction Inc, endeavors to maintain high levels of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness in its relations with subcontractors, suppliers, and partners such as company agents, insurance adjusters, and most importantly the customers. The company ensures customer content in areas such as efficiency, and consideration to detail in all departments of the organization – within the service team, the sales team, and the staff in the office.

Aloha Construction: The Company With The Passion For Quality Home Repairs and Restoration

It’s everyone’s dream to have a well-maintained residence that’s not only beautiful but also well taken care of by experts. It’s great to know that Aloha Construction is a company that’s able to assist anyone who wants the best home today.
This vision is not hard to do for Aloha Construction, mainly because it’s a family business that has been able to repair homes both in Illinois and Wisconsin, and their dedication to their craft has made them the best in the industry. With their clientele reaching around 18,000 renovation projects, it’s easy to see how committed they are in providing professional services for customers who only expect high-quality standards.
This devotion to Aloha Construction is only possible because of the efforts of its CEO, Mr. Dave Farbaky, who unceasingly finds alternatives and new ways to ensure that the employees are well-trained in providing exceptional repair service.
What Makes Aloha Construction The Best?
The company only offers home repair services that come from technicians who have extensive experience in the trade.
With the immense experience of their craftsmen, the company can promise their customers only the highest level of quality that guarantees satisfaction. It’s also good to know that Business Bureaus are rating the efforts of Aloha Construction an impressive A+ rating and the highly sought after BBB rating.
The company whose office is in Lake Zurich is also offering people a one-on-one style of assistance in giving financial loans with the help of Synchrony Financial to those who need it. This benefit is perfect for people living near Illinois, including Lake Zurich and Hoffman Estates who want to acquire the services of Aloha Construction but is not able to pay upfront.
All this said it’s not hard to see how Aloha Construction can help you with your home repairs and offer the beneficial and quality services at the most reasonable and loan-friendly rates.
The company also now recently launched Aloha Restoration, which helps restore houses in their original state. With both of these products offered by the business, getting the best home repairs for your house will no longer cause you the stress other companies usually cause.