Cássio Audi Transitioned From Rock & Roll To The Corporate Universe

When Cássio Audi began his musical career, he quickly became famous in many parts of Brazil as the drummer for a band called Viper in the mid and late 1980’s. Viper still retains some of its original members, of which Cassio Audi was a part of. Viper came to be in 1985 with only two demo songs: Projeto SP Metal and The Killera Sword. The original band formation was André Matos as lead singer, Pit Passarell on the bass guitar, Yves Passarem on the electric guitar, Felipe Machado on the electric guitar, and Cassio Audi on the drums.

Viper was a big hit with the album “Soldiers of Sunrise”, which is until present, still considered to be among the best heavy metal records produced in Brazil.

In 1987, Junior Andrade on the keyboard joined Viper. His influence on the band gave it a more melodic quality. Some people feel that his influence made the band cease to be a true heavy metal band. It is not certain, but it is possible that Cássio Audi left Viper for this reason and transitioned to a career in the corporate universe. Viper continues to play with Pit Passarell on the bass guitar, vocals and backing vocals, Felipe Machado on the electric guitar, Leandro Caçoilo on vocals, Hugo Mariutti on the electric guitar, and Guilherme Martins on the drums who was Cássio Audi’s replacement.

Currently, Cássio Audi enjoys his career as a notorious investment manager with exceptional experience; and has been the CEO and CFO for several multinational companies and Brazilian companies.

Cássio Audi earned his BA from Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo and his MBA from Universidade de São Paulo. He decided to become an investment manager in order to help others. Cássio Audi assists individuals and enterprises make safe investments and assists them in avoiding fraud schemes and helps shield their investments from significant losses.

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