Brown Modelling Agency: En Route to Major Success

The Brown Agency is located in central Texas where much talent is recruited. It’s an agency that provides clients with a lot of talent options and opportunities to work with some of the most well-known fashion brands out there. This opportunity excites many clients and motivates them to be a part of such an incredible agency.


The Brown Modeling Agency is an agency that provides a full service that represents models and actors in all areas of the industry. The Brown Agency came about after Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South and it relaunched as The Brown Agency. Wilhelmina is already known as one of the best modeling agencies, and Heyman Talent-South has created one of the most successful agencies in Austin. The combination of the theatrical agency and modeling agency has brought broader and greater opportunities for clients. It has allowed them to be able to showcase a broader portfolio filled with experiences and talents where many have had their dreams become a reality.

Justin Brown the CEO of the agency, was able to afford his college tuition by modeling himself and working at a modeling agency. Brown states that he would mainly “fit” model what is now called skinny jeans. However, what really caught his interest was what went on behind the scenes. Brown studied business management in college where he was able to land many agency jobs. Brown had the skills to train models to work like professionals where he would find many of the models’ jobs like he is similarly doing with the Brown Agency. His Agency began in 2008 as full-service which provided him with more tools to get ready for the fashion boom at the time. Check out their website



With his ability to lead models from runways to prints and screens and over 450 talents, the Agency is taking care of it is no secret that the Brown Agency is en route to major success. Especially with such an incredible team to back up even more incredible talent, there is only room for success at the Brown Agency. With over 5,000 Instagram followers there is no denying that this agency is only going to grow more and more over the years. With such a strong team, clients will be driven and attracted to all the opportunities the Brown Agency has to offer. The agency provides innovation, excitement, and uniqueness of the industry which gives many clients leverage to reach their greatest potential.



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