Beneful through the Dog’s Eyes

At Beneful brand the dogs do the talking, and they are very vocal about what they eat. Take the wire-haired mix in the spot labeled, “Superfoods”, he talks the entire time. In between mouthfuls the mix informs us that Beneful commercial is grain-free, contains farm-raised chicken as the main ingredient, and three super foods. It is also so delectable he can taste the accent of each ingredient.

This is one of a series of commercials for Beneful. Each told from the dogs perspective. The main thing to remember is that the food is grain free, contains fresh ingredients, and contains flavor dogs can actually taste. On the whole these Beneful commercials are thoughtful and funny, with adorable dogs taking the main focus. Like, “Dinner for Two”, where a border collie reminisces about all the dinners shared with its owner, and then compares their food.

According to dogs, Beneful is better.


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