Andrew Rolfe’s Involvement with Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe serves as the chairman of Ubuntu Fund’s board of directors. Ubuntu Education Fund ensures that the donations given to the South African children are done without any restrictions. Andrew Rolfe’s primary goal is to ensure that underprivileged kids acquire the education that they deserve.

Ubuntu Fund

Ubuntu Fund is a well-known education foundation that funds school programs across South Africa. The Education Fund was founded on the basis that privileged and unprivileged children should be offered the same opportunities to enable them to succeed in life. Ubuntu Fund works with high net-worth individuals and family foundations to raise money with no strings attached. Ubuntu Fund doesn’t accept donor funds that come with restrictions on the expenditure of the money. It is difficult for many nonprofits to find donor organizations that give out funds with no strings attached.

Most donors tend to specify the programs that should be highly benefit from the funds. Also, the donors like to have a major input on the overall operations and management strategy of the non-profit organizations. The organization implemented the Ubuntu Model which aims at providing quality education, good healthcare and stability in order to eradicate poverty. The Ubuntu Education Fund operates on an annual budget of $7,000,000. A majority of wealthy donors prefer to give funds to specific projects and offer one-year grants. As a result, non-profit organizations are forced to continue reapplying for funds once the period of the grant comes to an end. According to the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, the available funds for operations had a 5% increase between 2008 and 2014.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe exhibits exceptional leadership through the Ubuntu Education Fund. Since 2011, Mr. Rolfe has donated more than 100,000 dollars to the fund in order to assist disadvantaged children in getting quality education. According to Andrew Rolfe, children perform well in school once they are assured that their education program fees are secured with funds.

Andrew Rolfe uses the Ubuntu Education Fund aim at giving back to the children in South Africa by providing them with through proper and high quality education.

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