An insight to Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando, a prominent American businessman, philanthropist and political fundraiser was born on July 8th, 1971 to C.K and Laura Fernando in Denmark. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Scoutahead Company. Despite being so successful, he had a rough time building his career having started as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange while in college. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history, Raj Fernando started at the lowest ranks and through persistent, hardworking and patient he rose up the ranks to the very highest position. This gave him experience in the financial markets field and eventually he started Chopper trading after several years of working at the Chicago Board of Trade.

In 2004, he decided to change to part-time trading to enable him to expand and grow his company. This imminent sacrifice was worthy as Chopper trading rose to become the technological powerhouse. During his dispensation as the CEO, he designed and managed highly sophisticated systems in the communication, security and communication fields.

Also in his dispensation, the firm grew and traded on a global scale. This led to the growth of the employees to over 250. The success of the company attracted other players in the field, as its growth was rapid. Eventually, DRW, a leading firm in the worldwide financial industry, bought it in 2015.

This was not the death of Raj’s professional career. He went ahead to launch aimed at providing accurate and reliable information to individuals and companies to increase professionalism. Through the exemplary performance in his business, he secured board membership of various organizations such as American Security Project, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at Brookings Institution.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he has made played a significant role in influencing politics of the day. He has sponsored Democrat Candidates since 2003. He fundraised Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama’s campaign. In addition to the presidential elections, he has donated to Women Count aimed at empowering Democratic women who run for office.

Fernando also gives a hand back to the society. He serves on the B.O.G of PAWS Chicago, designed to protect animals and board of trustees for Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also provided financial support to other organizations; Clinton Foundation.

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