An Exclusive Interview with the CEO of Everest Group: Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is an Indian Native American entrepreneur, humanitarian and a venture capitalist. Gupta is the former CEO of infoGROUP which was also known as the infoUSA. In his philanthropic actions, Gupta had contributed over $50 million in the USA as well as in India. Vinod was born in India in the year 1946. He started off his business career by borrowing $100 from a bank to grow infoGROUP from a one-man job to an international company which later retailed for $680 million.

While being the CEO, Gupta assimilated many other companies which later created a juggernaut in the Information Technology arena. Vinod Gupta is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Everest Group, a firm that offers investment funds for database technology startups, secures businesses that are stressed and focuses on using IT to nurture success.

Who came up with the notion of Everest Group?

According to Vinod, he was employed by Commodore Corporation immediately after he graduated from the University of Nebraska. Commodore Corporation is a company that produces portable homes. Here, he was a Marketing Research Analysts whose main responsibility was to collect a comprehensive list of portable home traders in the United States. It was while working for this company that he knew the time-saving paybacks for businesses to exploit such extensive list. He, therefore, created a database company of his own and capitalized on direct mail advertising to mark businesses that would gain from this list.

He documented the demand for Business-to-business information after getting enormous amounts of orders from the collected list. With its many years in the industry, started purchasing other companies. Vinod then gained familiarity in the world of using the means that he has come up with, applied and perfect in the former years to produce a victory for the stressed firms.

According to Gupta, Everest Group grew as a way to carry on exploring into the positioning territory of database technology but on a more global scale.

Vinod Gupta

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