According to Filipe Montoro Jens, Public-Private Partnerships Could Give Brazilian Local Governments Some Much Needed Reprieve

The Brazilian economy has experienced a few jitters in the last couple of years. After decades of tremendous and consistent growth, the largest economy in South America slightly slowed down in 2008/2009 owing to the global financial crisis. Again, in 2015, tough economic times drove the economy into recession and put tremendous pressure on the government. With the recession diminishing government resources, it has not been able to serve the public, especially in the area of infrastructure development, as prudently as it has in previous years. Fortunately, according to Filipe Montero Jens, there is an effective solution to this conundrum in private-public partnerships.

Public-private partnerships are agreements where members of the private sector get involved in delivering public services and amenities. According to Filipe Montoro Jens, these partnerships are an effective way for local governments to continue running smoothly even in the current financial crisis.

More on Filipe Montoro Jens

Filipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian finance and infrastructure expert. He currently serves as the CEO of Energizer Captacao S.A and has previously served as a director at Santo Antonio Energia. Additionally, he was also a director of Braksem S.A. for the three years between 2010 and 2013. Jens points to the example of the Brazilian municipality of Porto Alegre which has gone as far as creating facilitative legislation to guide the implementation of public-private partnerships. The municipality recently created a governance organ (the Program Management Board Partnerships) to define the concessions and modalities of public-private partnerships transparently.

Owing to his extensive experience in finance, he widely consulted by members of the press on issues related to government and private spending on infrastructure. He has spoken extensively on how local governments can become more responsible financially through prudent waste elimination strategies and investing more on revenue-fetching endeavors.

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