The Unique Tech Career Of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has such a young and innocent face that it is impossible to believe that he has accomplished so much so soon. Eric Pulier is a highly distinguished Harvard graduate. In addition, he is a published author, columnist, a brilliant technologist as well as a public speaker. Eric Pulier is a generous philanthropist besides being an entrepreneur. He is responsible for building and growing a number of successful startups.



Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey and his natural intelligence impressed all. While in the fourth-grade, Pulier was programming computers. In 1984 he finished high school and started his own database computer company.



After graduation he moved on to Harvard. He was the editor of the daily newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. He also wrote for the paper. He wrote a number of insightful editorial pieces. His topics ranged from the stigma attached with getting a Harvard degree to terrorism to a wide array of topics. Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue his dreams. This was in 1991.



One of the startups of Eric Pulier was XPrize. This is a program that includes a number of competitions as well as prizes for those who are willing to push themselves in order to realize their fullest potential. His vision behind this firm was to help all those determined teens and young adults to achieve their dreams and get rewarded for being successful.



Next achievement for Eric Pulier was Akana. It was under this brand that he founded the SOA software program besides acquiring a host of other SOA vendors. This continued throughout the 2000s. He sold this company to Rogue Wave Software in 2016. By then this company had grown to become a highly powerful suite of SOA solutions.



The philanthropy work of Eric Pulier cannot be ignored. The most noteworthy is the Painted Turtle. This is a camp that is organized for children having chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier is the VP-cloud operations for this organization. He has donated time as well as money in order to ensure that children having special medical needs are able to enjoy this summer camp experience.


We Should All Be Rooting For Securus Technologies To Get More Government Contracts

Securus Technologies new innovation has a bunch of different applications that are all helpful to the criminal justice industry. If you have never heard of this company before, they are essentially a telephone company. They also provide Internet and video chat services to prisons that they have contracts with. Essentially, prisoners inside the prison that Securus Technologies has a contract to serve must make phone calls through this telecommunications company.


This allows Securus Technologies to intercept every single telephone call made in a prison that they have a contract with. Each of these telephone calls are recorded and logged by the telecommunications company. This creates quite a mountain of digital information. It would be mind-bogglingly impossible to search through all of this information by hand.


Securus Technologies gives law enforcement a powerful software innovation that allows officials to dig deep into this mountain of digital information. It can search all of these recorded telephone calls instantly. You can tell it to flag certain phrases or it can search for a singular person’s voice. This allows law enforcement officials to listen to every single phone call made by a person of interest.


This kind of technology has already been proven to prevent crimes. Law enforcement officers can gather detailed information about the flow of contraband into and out of prisons. But there are more applications for this kind of technology.


The technology allows police officers to understand which criminals are involved with each other. They can also record damning evidence that can be used for a conviction in a court of law. And the technology allows law enforcement officials to decode slang terms. This technology really makes it difficult to get anything by law enforcement officials. That is why I am rooting for Securus Technologies get more government contracts across the country.


Avi Weisfogel – The Doctor That Can Bring Back Your Lost Sleep

Avi Weisfogel is a name that has been doing the rounds in medical journals all over the US. The reason being his immensely successful sleep inducing methods guaranteed to treat any problems related to sleep. A Dentist by profession he has a vast wealth of knowledge in marketing and is a through and through professional.

He is a Dentist of wide renown, having been practicing for over 15 years, and have received many accolades and marks of distinctions for his work in the progress of dentistry. But, he had always been more inclined towards figuring out the reasons behind the advent of sleep and sleep-related disorders. In this quest of his to seek answers, he began lecturing would be dentists on sleep and sleep disorders. And, in the year 2014 established Dental Sleep Masters, a society aimed towards aiding dentists in inducing sleep in their patients using oral supplementation.

As a founder of Dental Sleep Masters, he has become an authority in sleep apnea. He possesses a vast wealth of knowledge in aiding people towards fighting it. According to Dr Avi, sleep apnea is a problem that affects people of a higher weight and age, although, it is not restrictive to that category, but, is found to be widely present in that category.

According to Avi Weisfogel, there is a remarkable possibility that obesity may be the reason and root cause of sleep apnea. Excessive fat around the neck may strangulate a person, resulting in a loss of sleep. There is no denying that it may occur in patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Mission and Teachings of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles, California was originally founded almost a century ago by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The mission of the Centre is to help students improve the quality of their lives by understanding how these principles could be applied to every day situations. The word Kabbalah means to receive, so the applications taught through the Centre are directly related to how people can better receive the ancient wisdom that guides the spirit along a better path. The teachings are designed to help people make better connections to attain greater levels of fulfillment that they will be able to sustain for their entire life span. Visit

What the Centre Provides

The teachings provided to students at the Kabbalah Centre help them make better decisions that will not only bring about the positive results they want in their own lives, but will work to bring about positive results for the entire world. The Centre provides spiritual tools to students through the various course programs and classes it offers. Some topics addressed in the classes include the benefits of Chinese medicine and learning how to awaken intuition. In addition to the study sessions available at the Centre itself, students can also take advantage of online lectures and in-store materials such as audio tapes and books to aid their learning. Read New York Times report for Kabbalah Centre.

In addition to the courses available to students, the Kabbalah Centre also organizes a variety of events that includes informational lectures, meditation sessions and meal sharing. The Centre also hosts a number of spiritual retreats and tours to areas known to have higher levels of spiritual energy. The Centre also encourages students to give back by volunteering. They could choose to organize events that would help the people in their community or they could choose to mentor other students studying the principles of Kabbalah.

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Sujit Choudhry – Perspective Of Modern Comparative Law

What is Comparative Law?


Comparative Law is the act of comparing two or more different legal systems using legal methods. It entails the study of the disparities and similarities inherent in the legal systems of different countries. It involves the critical studying of existing different legal systems across the world, such as the English Common Law, the French Civil Law, the Chinese Law, Jewish Law, Canon Law, Socialist Law, Islamic Law, and the Hindu Law. Comparative Law also involves the description and in-depth analysis of foreign legal systems, which in turn, produces results that correlate to the cultural differences in the various legal systems being analyzed.


Proponents of Comparative Law in Modern Times


The modern day study of Comparative Law can first be attributed to the formal British jurist, Sir Henry Maine, who, in his work; Ancient Laws, laid the frame work for the building and development of legal systems in primitive societies and engaging critically in comparative discussions to that effect.


However, the popularity of Comparative Law today is mainly down to the tireless efforts of eminent legal jurists like Sujit Choudhry, which gave an informed understanding of foreign legal systems, especially in an era of globalization and complexity that basically underlines international public and private laws. Today, Comparative Law creates an avenue for the harmonization and unification of laws, resulting in better cooperation among international states, even as some national legislative houses are seen domesticating foreign laws; thereby creating a sense of common world order.  For more, browse on


Sujit Choudhry and Comparative Jurisprudence


Sujit Choudhry is regarded as the greatest proponent of contemporary Comparative Law! Professor Choudhry is an internationally recognized and highly respected authority on Comparative Constitutional Law and Building. A legal jurist of academic excellence, Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from Oxford, Toronto and Harvard. As a constitutional lawyer, Professor Choudhry’s legal research emboldens a wide range of issues that centers in Comparative Constitutional Law, which advocate constitutional design as a decisive tool to undertake the transition from violent conflicts to peaceful and cordial democratic politics. Dean Choudhry is the founder and Faculty Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions–the first University-based center in the world that actually generated and mobilized legal knowledge for constitutional development.

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Professor Sujit Choudhry’s invaluable experience in serving as adviser to the process of constitutional building includes places such as Egypt, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Jordan, Ukraine, and lot a more. Choudhry has written and published over seventy book chapters, articles, reports and papers. Some notable edited collections includes; The Migration of Constitutional Ideas,’ Constitutional Design for Divided Societies,’ Dilemmas of Solidarity, etc, all of which are top sellers on Amazon. Presently, Choudhry a member of the UN Mediation Roster, an Executive member of the International Society of Public Law, and dozens of other legal societies, groups, and coveted positions being held by Professor Sujit Choudhry.

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In Search of The Best Plumbing Service Provider

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The company is committed to excellence and provides the most effective and efficient services to get your home or business back up and running on all cylinders. All in all, Sunny Plumber is the best of the best and that’s a fact.


Law in Brazil

There are a lot of people who are moving to Brazil or starting a business there. With all of the growth and change in the country, now is the time to start thinking about the future. If you are going to start a business there, you need someone who can explain business law to you. Not only that, but you need someone who truly cares about your experience during that time. Ricardo Tosto has a great track record of success in this area. Not only does he truly care about clients, but he also wants to help them in a variety of other ways as well. Over time, he has proven to want to help others on his journey to building a great law firm.

Ricardo Tosto

When Ricardo Tosto was young, he had the dream to start a law firm. Although the journey has not been easy, Ricardo Tosto has worked hard to get where he is today. Not only that, but he truly wants to invest in the lives of other people in the community. No matter how successful he is getting, he always wants to focus on others. In the past few years, Ricardo Tosto has expressed an interest in investing in the local community. In the coming years, he even wants to build a new location so that he can service new customers. Although the internet is available to almost everyone in Brazil, few people are doing their legal work in this manner.

Final Thoughts

Ricardo Tosto has had a great career, and it still has a lot of promise and growth. If you want to learn how to invest for the future, a lot of people can help you during that process. With all of the changes that have taken place in this area over the years, Ricardo Tosto has proven that he truly cares about the lives of other people. He provides a valuable service to the local community, and he is there to help others in times of need. He is a great example of the power of a great lawyer in the nation of Brazil.

Planet one business professional awards gives Troy McQuagge gold medal for CEO of the year

The current CEO of the US Health Group, Troy McQuagge has been awarded a gold medal at this year’s one planet business professional awards. The awards are held annually with the aim of recognizing people that have done extremely well in business leadership. The awarding of US Health group is an indication that he has done a lot to transform the manner in which service delivery is done by the company.

Troy was appointed to the position that he holds seven years ago. When he started, the operation of the entire group was somehow disorganized. The first move that he made was creating an agency that helped him redistribute the functions of the entire group. This move went a long way in eliminating the chaos that had previously characterized the operations of the company. When the company successfully beat the confusion, he was appointed to the post of group president. His excellent leadership has taken the company from one success level to the next.

The awards that he attended also look for businesses that are doing really well and award them. These include the public and privately held businesses, profit and non-profit organizations. When Troy spoke about the award, he stated that he was very happy about the recognition because above all other things, it meant that the company was on track towards achieving their goals, dreams and aspirations. He was confident that even though the company had been going through a few rough patches from time to time, they had improved greatly over the years and that they could do more with time.

About Troy McQuagge

As mentioned, Troy is the man that heads the US Health Group. For the past seven years that he has been at the top, he has really transformed the manner in which the company does business. He has close to three decades of experience in the field, which has given him the experience that he needs to successfully run the business. He is also very active in philanthropy and other charity causes. Troy is an inspiration to the business community and the society at large.




Copa Star: High-value Healthcare For Brazilians

Copa Star, the high-quality hospital located at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, is known for excellent health care services in a luxurious ambiance. The hospital has well-trained staff, high-quality physicians, and latest technology to care each of its patients personally. The hospital spans in a 21,000-meter square area, and it has seven floors. It provides the latest treatments in Cardiac Surgery and Neurosurgery with latest and sophisticated techniques to ensure the full recovery of the patients. The hospital is inaugurated in November 2016, and it is located in the proximity of famous Copacabana beach. The hospital group is planning to expand this successful model to other parts of the country. It has initiated the projects in Brasília and São Paulo.

The Rede D’Or São Luiz Network hospital building is an example of state of the art architecture with natural light is entering almost all the rooms. The walls of the hospital are decorated by the paintings of Yutaka Toyota. The hospital is giving an impression of a five-star hotel with the options and amenities it provides along with world-class healthcare. The hospital has 550 employees including 113 physicians to serve the patients with utmost care. The employees are getting trained on how to behave professionally to the patients and their relatives. The hospital is also giving special two months training for the new employees to help them experienced with the latest technologies, machines, diagnosis methods, tests etc.

D “Or São Luiz Network, the hospital group has partnered with The D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), an institution set up for the technological and scientific advancement and training to various healthcare professionals. The non-profit institution started its operations in 2010 and its campus in Rio de Janeiro provide a wide range of options and training include detailed research in medicine and surgery. They use the resources and technical excellence of Rede D’Or São Luiz hospitals including Copa Star. IDOR also coordinates with the training and research activities of the network hospitals in Brasilia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife. The IDOR research team includes 17 researchers and at least 50 students in various researches in the institution which are in the areas of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Intensive Care Medicine, Oncology, and Neurosciences.

With the help of Rede D’Or São Luiz, IDOR provides various courses like Residency programs that include graduation and post-graduation, and other improvements, specialization and updating courses. The post-graduation and doctoral programs such as UFRJ, UERJ, INCA, and FIOCRUZ are aimed to improve the research, clinical, and surgical capabilities of both researchers and students. Additionally, it conducts various seminars, lectures, workshops, etc., to increase the exposure of the students by bringing latest changes in medicine, surgery, and technology. The institute also brings international delegates and guests for the events to encourage a collaboration of researchers from worldwide.

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Thor Halvorssen Perfect Person To Lead Charge For Human Rights In 21st Century

Thor Halvorssen is the perfect leader for human rights advocacy in the 21st century. The man is 39 years old and has been politically active his entire life. His activism gotta start when his father was put in jail in Venezuela as a political prisoner. Then a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorssen helped Amnesty International and other human rights groups secure his father’s freedom.

His mother was shot in New York City for what she believed in. She was marching in protest of human rights abuses in South America when a security force opened fire on the crowd. It was Thor Halvorssen who broke the story in the Wall Street Journal.

The lifelong human rights activist also shot into the Zeitgeist with a confounding Fox News interview. Fox News, forever a right-wing propaganda channel, brought the human rights activist on air to talk about why socialism is inherently evil. Much to the chagrin of the interviewer, Thor Halvorssen expressed an incredibly nuanced political point of view. Socialism, he explained, is not inherently evil. In fact, he blew everybody away by saying that he donated the maximum amount to the presidential campaign of Democratic Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.

It is his understanding of social media marketing that will really put him on the map. When pop star Nikki Minaj was offered $2 million for a private concert by the unilateral dictator of Angola, Thor Halvorssen took to the Internet. He penned an open letter to the female rapper urging her not to play the concert. Thor Halvorssen detailed all the human rights abuses perpetrated by the dictator of Angola. He also said that by taking $2 million from this dictator, Nikki Minaj was essentially stealing from the people of Angola. The dictator made all of his money by abusing his population and stealing his country’s natural resources for himself.

The pop star went on to play her concert, but anybody googling the incredibly popular singer was likely to come across this information. That simple act educated thousands if not millions of people across the world about international human rights violations.  for more.