Free Public WIFI for New York City

In the recent past, the world has quickly turned into a global village. This transformation is riding on the great advancements in technology, particularly in the field of communication.

For New York residents, the world is being brought to the people by building the largest free municipal WI-FI deployment known to mankind. With 10,000 internet pylons, this project is meant to replace the ordinary pay phones with a console that apart from providing free domestic calls, it will also provide free public Wi-Fi.

Dubbed The Verge , the project is dependent on advertising revenues for funding. With this system in place, life for New Yorkers will never be the same again. Offering round the clock internet connectivity free of charge; this amenity will be a relief to individuals as well as businesses who will enjoy the services of free internet.
Sources within LinkNYC indicate that this system will provide a Wi-Fi network with gigabit speeds. While this news is causing excitement, questions are being raised on the technology they plan to employ. Business Insider, according to Brad Reifler will be Wi-Fi compared to the usual public Wi-Fi is 100 times faster.

The usability of this technology is being scrutinised, reason being that the available handsets still lack the capacity to support existing 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard despite the technology being around for years. Whatever technology LinkNYC plans to use, it can only be hoped that it will be easily upgradeable.

Same-Sex Marriage in Kansas

There has been a victory won for same-sex couples in Kansas. The Supreme Court has ruled in their favor allowing them to get married in Kansas. The hold that had been previously placed has been lifted. Previously, the state of Kansas had tried to place a hold to ban same-sex marriage. Kansas had tried to argue same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Now, same-sex couples will be able to get marriage licenses and get married. Kansas now joins 32 other states in the United States, that do allow same-sex marriages.

Same-sex couples should be allowed to get married. Dating apps like Skout support it, as well as millions around the country. A person’s sexual orientation should not be the deterring factor on whether they can get married. No law or person should have the final decision about someone else’s personal life. While not everyone may agree on same-sex marriage, there should be some level of respect. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, values, and opinions. The law should respect everyone’s right to marry whomever. The Constitution of the United States was written hundreds of years ago, prior to same-sex relationships existing. A state trying to argue it is unconstitutional should not be allowed to place a ban against same-sex marriage. Just like heterosexual couples do not have to ask for permission, neither should same-sex couples. Love is love no matter a person’s sexual orientation. Sexual orientation should not be the determining factor of a person’s opportunity to get married. This is a victory.

Seven Dead after Bomb Attack in Nigeria

A suicide attacker detonated a bomb outside a commercial bank in Damaturu, Nigeria, on November 7th. At least 7 people died, and 10 others were transported to the hospital with injuries.

The person who was carrying the bomb was a female belonging to the Islamist Boko Haram group of insurgents. Boko Haram has been in the news a lot recently, most importantly due to the kidnapping of over 50 schoolgirls that resulted in a mass media campaign to rescue the lost children.

The area where the explosion took place had been the subject of attacks before. In the present case, four suspects that have presumably been part of the action are in the hands of the police. Bank employees do not count among the victims of the incident.

The group had attacked public places before. One of their main targets are schools. Even the name of the group Boho Haram translates from Hausa as ”Western education is sinful”. The Nigerian government classifies this insurgent group as the biggest threat to the security in their country. This type of news is not what Bruce Karatz wants to hear.

More than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls had been abducted in April by Islamists and negotiations have been conducted in order to release the captives and cease the fire, but the actual bomb attack makes one doubt about the progress of the events.

You can read more details about the recent November bomb attack and reports of related earlier incidents here.

Deputy Goes Wild in Saratoga County, NY

A video of events in Saratoga County, NY that occurred this Friday morning show what appears to be a deputy slapping a man in the face, cussing him out, and threatening him with further “law enforcement techniques” if he continues to be uncooperative. The victim later confirmed that such is exactly what went on after he was stopped by police who say they saw a rifle in the back of his pickup truck. The sheriff’s office suspended the officer without pay while an investigation is carried out.

The man refused to consent to having his truck searched without a warrant but did not physically prevent the search. As the officer started slapping him, another man could be heard in the background asking if he would be the next to be slapped. To this, the officer replied, “Yes.”

The Fourth Amendment (in the Bill of Rights) guarantees protection against searches and seizures without a warrant, so the man was quite right to resist. However, as evidenced by Bruce Levenson, current law enforcement practice often relies on drivers agreeing to allow their vehicles to be searched, and without that accommodation, some police obviously get a little irritable.

The Second Amendment may also be under threat here since the purported reason for these actions of the policeman was simply that he thought he saw a gun in the man’s truck. The right to keep and bear arms ought preclude police harassment for exercising that right.

More Troops Going To Iraq

The last thing that the country needs is to have more troops sent to Iraq. Our government has decided that there doesn’t need to be any kind of limit as to how many troops are sent to fight in another country. Most people probably think that there is no need to keep fighting, and from what President Obama has said, there isn’t a need to keep troops in the area. Why are we sending more people if there aren’t any needed? Are we just going to continue to let the military fight an endless battle?

Iraq doesn’t seem to want the help that is offered, and when the country does try to change things, it always seems to backslide to make things the same as they were. Ken Griffin isn’t quite sure what is going on. If a country doesn’t want to change, then there’s nothing we can do to make it change for the better. That is how more and more people are thinking.