Insight to the Life of Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan based human rights activist. He is also a producer in the film industry. He has contributed in the fields of public policy development, public interest advocacy, individual human rights and civil liberties, and pro- democracy support. He founded Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual human right festival.

He is also the President of the Human Rights Foundation, a foundation that has devoted most of its resources and energy in the fight for the Global Human Rights and freedom. He also holds the position of patron in Children Peace Movement, On Own Feet based in the Republic of Czech. Halvorssen also founded the Moving Picture Institute. In 2010, he bought the Norwegian News Magazine.

His opinions in regards to human rights have echoed around the world and have contributed to better engagement from the governments. His opinions have been referred and used in states to foster democracy and equality. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

He has appeared in several Journals that include; The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal to mention but a few. Television outlets have also featured him on several occasions. He was a recognized speaker at TEDX at the University of Pennsylvania. He spoke on matters of human rights in the University in the year 2010.

He was born in Venezuela to Hilda Mendoza. He went to the University of Pennsylvania. Here, he studied and graduated with a degree in Political Science and History. He has specialized in matters regarding Dictatorship, Slavery, and violations to democracy.

He has championed on the human rights through lectures in Harvard Law School, the New York City Junto, the United Nations Associations in New York, and the American Enterprise Institute. He was also asked to speak to the British Government on several Occasions.

In 1999, he initiated a campaign that sought for the creation of anti-slave policy. The policy required China to certify that Lucent Products were not manufactured using slave labor. China Laogai camps allegedly imprisoned over 8 million workers in over 1100 factories, farms, and other facilities that were utilized in the production of consumer products.

Besides, his involvement in human right activities, he has also a large interest in the film industry. According to a Hollywood Reporter, he is in the process of producing a film that is an adaptation of the fictional novel; The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress authored by Robert A. Heinlein.

Additionally, he has been involved in the production of several films including The Singing Revolution, a film that showed Estonia’s Peaceful Struggle for political independence.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Is Appreciated

Goettl started out decades ago as an air conditioning repair and installation service. Today, Goettl Air Conditioning does present the right name. The company is still working on air conditioners. Goettl does a lot more though. The company handles HVAC work, air quality improvement, and money-saving energy efficiency assistance. Residential and commercial clients are served. The multi-state presence further shows Goettl is an impressive company.

The company is so impressive that local online reviews have been incredibly positive. Online reviews mention the company is timely when making scheduled appointments and are thorough in the performance of the required work. Customers do want the work done right and many testimonials do reflect satisfaction with work done.

Press releases have also been issued promoting the good deeds of Goettl. Goettl has promoted tips on how people can protect their pets from the heat. Such press releases are extremely helpful to people who are new to the hot summers of Arizona and Nevada. They may move to the west from states with milder climates and are not sure how to care for their pets. Goettl has put forth info that can help them.

Goettl has also worked at raising money for charitable causes. The company has experienced some good fortune and does wish to help others. Not every small business has a desire to commit to the cause of corporate responsibility. Goettl most assuredly does.

A quick visit to Goettl’s Facebook page truly gives the public a lot of insight into the type of company Goettl is. The charitable nature of the company is clear thanks to a recent post noting a holiday food drive Goettl is supporting.

In terms of routine service, Goettl’s Facebook reveals customers also receive a “free, vintage flashlight”. That is a very brilliant promotional offer. Goetll has been in business — albeit under different owners — for many years. The vintage flashlight is a symbol of the company’s longevity and a nod to the old days of the classic air conditioner repair small business.

Todd Lubar Found His Niche In The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has made many people very wealthy. People who are good at certain niches in the real estate industry can take a hold of the niche and become very successful. One of the reasons why real estate niches can be a way to great success in the real estate industry is because the industry is very large. Many people tend to focus on the most popular areas or areas where it appears that money can be made instead of looking at smaller niches.

However, there are advantages to real estate niches. One of the biggest advantages is that there is not as much competition on a day-to-day basis. This gives real estate professionals an opportunity to go into a niche and take control of the niche or become a leader in the niche. One of the niches in the real estate industry that is often overlooked but has made many people successful in the real estate industry involves providing loans to people who do not qualify or barely qualify for loans under standard loan guidelines.

There are thousands of people who fall into this category. While many professionals in the real estate industry continue to overlook these people needing loans, there are some people in the real estate profession who have focused their professional energy on this niche. One of the real estate professionals who has focused his efforts on this niche in the real estate industry is Todd Lubar.

After starting his real estate career in 1995 as a loan originator, Todd Lubar worked hard to learn as much as he could about loans. He worked hard and learned all aspects of loans from all perspectives. With the knowledge that he gained from working as a loan originator along with the other jobs that he held in the real estate industry over the next decade, Todd Lubar was able to start his own real estate businesses that either primarily focused on loans or helped people with loans.

The real estate businesses that Todd Lubar started allowed him to become very successful in the real estate industry. The loan niche in the real estate industry for people who find it hard to get loans was the niche that made success possible for Todd Lubar.

Securus Technologies New Product-Remote Video Visitation

Securus Technology which is one of the leading organizations in the provision of criminal as well as civil justice technology for the purpose of public safety, investigation, monitoring, and correction, recently announced their campaign that is meant to promote the use of video visitation in correctional facilities across the United States.

Securus Technology is planning to carry out a demonstration to enlighten the people of the United States about the value, importance and the benefits of the video visitation services offered by the organization. Securus has been connecting more than 160000 inmates per month where their customers have been connecting with their loved ones and friends through their mobile phones or desktops instead of making long distance drives to the correctional facilities.

Richard Smith, of mentioned that the remote connection has helped many families to connect in many occasions include during birthdays for the inmates as well as their friends and loved ones, as well as connecting fathers with their sons and daughters with their parents on homework and has also helped to keep the family bond tight. The remote video visitation has also helped prisoners to celebrate holidays, participate in Thanksgiving and also engage in different family events without missing through the remote video.

Securus Technologies is a leader in the proving of communication services to the correctional institutions all over the United States. Securus has its Headquarters in Dallas Texas and has been committed since its inception to serve more than 3500 correctional facilities. The institution has been helping correctional agencies and law enforcement organizations as well as more than 1200000 inmates across the Northern part of the United States. The firm was founded in 1986 with a primary purpose of providing biometric analysis, public information, communication, information management, inmate-self-service as well as monitoring of products distributed in jails.


Sustainable Materials Company CEO Says Brexit Was a Mistake


According to Flavio Maluf “Brexit,” the UK citizens’ decision to leave the European Union (EU), will prove to be a bad mistake. Maluf is the Founder and CEO of Eucatex, a pioneering company in the area of construction and other manufacturing materials that are Eco-friendly and completely sustainable. What is more, Maluf has been working to save the environment now for over 20 years. He is a well educated, smart new type of entrepreneur who has often made sage observations about conditions and events in the worlds various markets. He say the signs in the current market trends are clear: the world’s markets are sensitive to major changes in the EU.


Maluf notes on Facebook, that Brexit supposedly happened because of the double whammy of having to pay the biggest share of the support of the EU, and at the same time, no longer being able to charge tariffs in their business with other EU countries. This, combined with an increasing inflation rate in Britain, led to the historic vote for the UK to leave the Union. It is true that the UK supported the EU with the biggest monetary load of all countries in the EU. In 2014, the UK paid over € 11 billion Euros, or approximately $12 billion in U.S. dollars. According to Maluf, it is the rising rate of inflation that was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.’


Whatever the motivation for Brexit, Flavio Maluf believes the result will be growing problems in all the world’s markets. Ironically, the only country Maluf thinks will be virtually unaffected, directly at least, is his home of Brazil. That is because Brazil does less than 2 percent of their exports to the UK. Besides that, many of the current woes in Europe are connected with the Syrian war and having to take on so many refugees from Syria. Brazil has had very few refugees applying for help. However, there are many countries, including the United States, that will be deeply negatively affected in the economy. He has used his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from New York University to great advantage.  Flavio also stresses the importance of investing in Brazil’s entrepreneurs.  Read more about Flavio himself on Wikipedia here:

Interviewing Betsy DeVos: A rare glimpse into the DeVos family initiatives

I recently had the chance to interview Betsy DeVos and had a long talk about the philanthropic initiatives she and her family have been involved with through the years, and it certainly provided a rare glimpse to all the hard work the family has put through for the community. The DeVos family was instrumental in building the nation’s first private school program in Milwaukee which has gone on to grow all around the country in tremendous numbers. The idea to help low-income parents in supporting education for their children came when Richard (Dick) and Betsy saw their own children go to school and met parents who were doing their best to provide quality education to their children but could not do so properly. I was curious to know as to how her simple initiative turned into a nationwide movement. Betsy was more than willing to share the story. Dick and Betsy got involved with growing the initiative in a better manner. Dick ran for the State Election Board and got selected in 1990 while Betsy started a foundation that helped children from lower income groups choose a school of their liking. Her hard work in this field has led to further evolution and development of the American Federation for Children (AFC) which Betsy now chairs and operates. The AFC is involved in promoting education reforms through the expansion of charter schools in the state of Michigan with the program expanding to other states like Louisiana, Indiana, and Florida. The tax-credit scholarship program was very successful in Florida with more than 50,000 students attending a school of their choice thanks to the initiative of AFC. Betsy’s organization also faced some opposition in states like Louisiana which was against the AFC’s initiative but Betsy’s tenacity and hard work paid off to reform the state’s educational mandate. On being asked about the effect of technology and how it’s creating new avenues for school going students, Betsy is of an opinion that digital learning is still in its infancy and has a long way to go but it can certainly be used to boost learning and education.

Dick DeVos is a second-generation entrepreneur. He is the son of the late Richard DeVos who was the co-founder of Amway. He began work in the Amway Corporation in 1974 and has been instrumental in taking the network sales company to great heights. He helped the company expand its bases after the restructuring of Amway Corporation which has now expanded to more than 50 countries around the world. Dick and his Betsy are also involved in the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which started in the year 1989. The foundation is involved in giving back to the community with various initiatives like education, community outreach programs and leadership programs.



This Bank & How It’s Revolutionizing The Home Ownership Process

Getting a loan in today’s poor economy might not be a good investment for a benefactor or beneficiary. Unfortunately, many people live below the poverty line or just don’t quality for a loan if that person is trying to buy a house. Even though the economy isn’t the best, people still need and have the right to live under much better circumstances and the Southern Region of Dallas, Texas is no exception. Luckily there is a blessing in disguise for some of the residents and there is one financial center that’s looking to change the game.

Full story here:

Habitat For Humanity is the brains of the operation while NexBank of Dallas is the muscle. Partnering up together, these two giants are changing the Dallas landscape one home at a time. Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a non-profit mortgage service provider, is looking to make changes in Southern Dallas. The area is filled with lower income families/individuals and these two philanthropic organizations are looking to help create a better life and lifestyle for the residents. NexBank may be playing the most crucial role of the process, but the role is in great hands for sure. This is one of Dallas’ most premier banking institutions and one of it’s wealthiest.

The banks leadership position is strong, are experts, and functions as a team. The success of NexBank is driven by it’s co-founder and president James Dondero. Dondero’s expertise in management is far from the status quo and his commitment has been vital for the bank’s success. NexBank hosts many services such as:

Commercial Lending
Correspondent Banking
Credit Services
Commercial Real Estate Lending
Corporate Finance
Indutsry Coverage
And many more

Dallas banking industry is setting the tone and should be looked at as an example on how to get things done. Sometimes straying off the beaten path is the best route worth taken.

Michael Zomber Is A Man Of Many Passions


In an interview with the iUniverse Podcast, author and screenwriter Michael Zomber talked about his passions and how they motivate him.


He has a love for the Japanese culture and has explored many aspects of it in his latest work Shogun Iemitsu. Zomber is a lover of history. One of his other passions is collecting antique weaponry (He has been a serious collector for 40 years).


He has collected quite a cache over the years. He has a number of Samurai swords and guns from all eras.


Such is his love for guns, his expertise has been featured on the History Channel’s documentary Tales of the Gun.


Michael Zomber’s riveting stories have received high praise. He has a gift for storytelling unlike most others. His expertise on swords and other weaponry during Japanese Fuedalism will have readers on the edge of their seat.


Bushido, Soul of the Samurai is an award-winning documentary that solidified his place as an expert


Michael Zomber and his wife own a production company that produced the Bushido documentary. He also has other works in progress.


He has also released other novels, all of which available on Amazon, including Park Avenue, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me and Son of Kentucky.


Michael Zomber is a man of peace. He has given generous donations to the United Way, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF and many veterans organizations.


Zomber, a Philadelphia native, received degrees from UCLA and the University of Illinois.



Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Helping Others Hike the Path

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a business person who was born in Venezuela. He now loves the new life that he has created in Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa often spends his days wandering around attractions in Panama while operating his online businesses. He adores the high-speed internet connectivity found in most places in Panama.

One place that Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa loves to hang out is Soberina National Park which is located about an hour from Panama City. It is especially nice as the sun is starting its slow ascent into the morning sky. This 55,000 acre park contains more than 525 species of birds including some very highly endangered ones that are seen very few other places on earth. Adrian especially loves to watch the colorful macaws start their daily routines and listen to them chirp to each other.

As the day begins to warm, then Adrian loves to climb the observation tower and see how many species of mammals that he can spot. There are over 105 different ones on that call this park home. He says that just a few minutes of watching the antics of the white-faced capuchin monkeys or the mantled howler monkeys is a great way to relax and helps to keep all things in perspective.

As the day starts to cool, you can often find Adrian hiking on the Las Cruces Trail. He especially likes to look at the historical stones that line the first mile of the path and think about how far Panama has come. As he hikes, he thinks about how hard those first settlers of Panama had to work. He recognizes that it is not unlike his own life’s history on Adrian was born in Venezuela and barely managed to escape the brutal regime there. Luckily, he did escape and was able to move to Panama. After arriving in the foreign county, he soon began his online career. Now, Figueroa wants to pass that knowledge along to others who would like to move to Panama. He realizes that just like the stones help him hike the path, he wants to be a stone that helps others hike their own paths.

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Organo Gold Coffee and Tea Beverages; Delicious Healthy Blends Worldwide

Beverages like coffee and tea are key staples in the global diet, especially here in the United States. Everyone craves their morning cup of joe and will do anything to find the perfect, tasty blend. Think about it: Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. Wow.

Organo Gold is one of the world’s favorite beverage lines that has quickly soared to the top and maintained its sterling status. The founder and CEO of the brand is Bernardo Chua, a man whose vision for Organo Gold has gone beyond the ordinary. Bernardo Chua has brought Ganoderma and its healthy benefits to the masses.

Ganoderma Lucidum is a glossy-looking mushroom that plays a major role in all of Organo Gold’s yummy beverages. Ancient Asian medicine called the mushroom’s extract, one of the finest herbs around.

Today’s scientific research finds that the mushroom contains incredible and potent antioxidant properties that encourage immune function, add extra oxygen to the body and can help one maintain a healthy weight. Believe it or not, this mushroom is actually grown in logs.

Bernardo Chua realized all the great properties Ganoderma contains and wanted to blend its medicinal powers into the world’s favorite beverages. Bernardo Chua created a most unique, popular brand that is quite addictive to many.

The company launched in 2008, and since that time, gradually spread its message and presence in many corners of the globe. Bernardo Chua’s latest launchings have visited the countries of Ireland, Poland and Malaysia.

Organo Gold provides lots of job opportunities for thousands of people who love his coffees and teas. Organo Gold distributors receive lengthy, comprehensive and accessible training with a generous compensation plan. Direct sales define the Organo Gold brand.

Organo Gold is based in Canada, and at the moment, has more than one million distributors around the globe, according to the latest numbers out there. The brand is active on social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

To learn more about Organo Gold, its delicious products and the benefits of magical mushroom Ganoderma, click here.