Keith Mann: The Face Behind Dynamic Search Partners

Keith Mann is changing the game here in New York when it comes to managing top tier business talent and strategic investments. Over a decade ago, Keith started out with Dynamic Associates as manager of the Alternative Investment Division. Over time, he continued to work his way to the top.

 Moving Forward

As Keith continues in the field of investment banking and hedge fund management, he’s gone on to co-found Dynamic Search Partners. The main goal of the company is to act as a staffing firm that matches the skills of highly qualified investment professionals with positions. As a man who recognizes competence in his field, Keith has become a key player at Dynamic Search Partners as the Managing Director. In addition, he continues to work with hedge funds in need of talented executives to take the helm.

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Keith Mann has been the embodiment of persistence, proving that when he sets a goal, he’s ready to go after it.Keith Mann put his principles into action and it has paid off. Putting his principles into action has paid off. For those who wish to take the same path, it is important to recognize that hard work and determination were a major part of the equation, along with a knack for finances. With his experience and knowledge,  Mann continues to aspire to new heights. Look for him in the future. Keith Mann is a name that is sure to last in the business world.

Andrew Heiberger: A Success Story

One truth about Andrew Heiberger is that he doesn’t let his past define him. The man is actively setting up a future for himself while basking the laurels of his past. He’s always looking forward and seeing what is ahead. His life hasn’t always been easy, but Andrew has broken through the real estate market on several different levels. He is a leader that is bringing his firm into the next century. He is a mentor that wants to raise up people to help make the industry a better place. He is also an entrepreneur that is moving his businesses forward even as he looks for new opportunities.

Heiberger is a native to New York and has been working in the real estate industry since he was sixteen. The influence of his parents has been vital to setting up the man who would start redefining the real estate industry in the twenty-first century. He helped his family by working in the real estate market in Long Island. He bought, sold and traded land with those many years older than he. This helped Andrew develop skills that are still in use today. After leaving his family business, Heiberger spent time at the University of Michigan and the University of Miami School of Law.

The past can help form a man, but it is what he does with those that actually defines him. Andrew has been able to parlay his burgeoning skills into a successful career in real estate. As a lawyer, he understands the complexities of the market. This has helped him successfully launch different companies over the years.

His first major success is a company called Citi Habitats. Founded in 1994 when Andrew was 26, this company is a brokerage for real estate. Though Andrew sold the company in 2004, it still exists and is helping many find the right place to live even now.

2005 saw Andrew as a founder for Buttonwood Development to help develop properties around the New York City area. This company looked for opportunities to expand the real estate market while financing marketable projects. He stayed with this business until the bottom fell out of the real estate market in 2008. After this, Andrew decided to take a step back and reevaluate his goals.

In 2010, Andrew founded his current company. Called TOWN Real Estate, this is a high dollar real estate brokerage firm focusing on luxury. Andrew has put out blood, sweat and tears to get this company off the ground. Many wondered if a venture of this magnitude could even be a success after the real estate market crashed. It isn’t just a success, TOWN has expanded in to many different locations in Manhattan. The focus on the luxury home, land and apartment market helps keeps the company apart from other brands in the city.

Andrew Heiberger is a man who understands his business well. With over twenty years in the industry, he is well versed in the ins and outs of real estate.

Why Resolutions Fail

Resolutions fail because they’re a task, not a goal.

In addition to all the post-holiday season craziness that nearly all of us face, we now have a new item on the to-do list: MAKE THAT RESOLUTION AND STICK TO IT! Often, this gets tangled with PUT AWAY THE DECORATIONS, DEAL WITH GUESTS, CATCH UP AT WORK. . .the list can get overwhelming. Unfortunately, the task of the resolution often doesn’t help meet a goal or fulfill a vision, because the vision hasn’t been fully crafted if you ask Mark Ahn.

Resolutions fail because they’re often held in secret.

The personal push to get to the gym three days a week or drop twenty pounds is hard to achieve if the people you live with turn off your alarm clock, make plans without your knowledge, or bring home donuts and pizza. Once your vision of what you want to accomplish by this set of behavioral changes has been fully formed, you can share the vision and ask for help.

Dog Love

People love their pets so much that sometimes they go to outrageous extremes to stay together. When one pet owner died, she wanted her beloved German Shepard Bela buried with her. As sweet as the notion is, it was not Bela’s time to pass. The organization Best Friends stepped in and now Bela will being spending his life at a beautiful sanctuary in Utah. Though Bela’s had a history of aggression, and this was the primary reason his owner wished for the dog to be euthanized, it just was not the right thing to do.


The dedicated members at Best Friends assure all that Bela will live a happy and fulfilling life at the sanctuary and receive all the love that his heart can handle! That is what Dr Rod Rohrich wanted to hear for sure. On SmartBeautyGuide, some have feared the worst. Though pet owners only have their pet’s best interest at heart, sometimes divine intervention is needed to create a happy ending for all involved in the situation.

Mayor de Blasio is the Adult in this Conflict


First, they turn their backs on the mayor of NYC, now the New York City police have stopped working as evidenced by traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses that have dropped by 94 percent.According to police sources, the police lack of action is because they feel betrayed by Mayor Bill de Blasio and the police also fear for their safety.

While members of the police force have stopped performing the duties they swore they would do, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor de Blasio are coordinating an emergency summit with police union leaders in an effort to arrive at some sort of reconciliation.

Although police sources claim that their main concern is safety, many would agree that maybe they are having a fit because the new mayor is more mindful of the reality that many of the citizens of New York City have not been properly served by the police sworn to serve them.

Bruce Levenson and I were discussing how unfortunate it is that the power struggle between the police and the mayor has been disrupted by the tragic assassination of two members of the police force. But Bill de Blasio is not turning his back on both the citizens and the police force because he took an oath to serve all of the people in New York City.

Fortunately, it looks like Mayor de Blasio is the acting grownup and will strive for resolution and not domination.

New York City Has Hundreds of Dunkin Donuts

New York City is famous as one the world’s best food destinations, reports People like Sam Tabar come here from all over the world to enjoy the region’s many varied foodstuffs including elegant, upscale restaurants, authentic native cuisine and local favorites such as pizza and deli sandwiches. As it turns out, New Yorkers are also embracing one of the world’s most famous doughnut chains. Nearly two dozen new Dunkin Donuts fast food take out places have opened up here in 2014 alone.

This helps bring the total number of Dunkin Donuts to 536. This is double the number of McDonald’s and Starbucks outlets that one can find here. While local restaurants are a mainstay of this large city, chains have also increasingly made inroads in the region as well. New regulations have made it easier for chains of all kinds to open stores in Manhattan as well as the area’s other boroughs.

Dunkin Donuts is a large chain that features freshly made donuts of all kinds. Customers can typically pick from many kinds of donuts offered there including those covered in icing and donuts that have filling such as cream or jelly. The chain also allows customers to purchase sandwiches and coffee. The new locations in New York City have done brisk business as busy locals look for a place to grab a quick bite to eat and a hot cup of coffee.

First Eight Drug Imates Get Commuted Sentences Under Obama’s New Clemency Plan

On Wednesday, President Obama granted clemency to the first eight federal prison inmates convicted of non-violent drug offences. The clemency program is a common sense way to reduce the federal prison population and may serve as a model for the individual states to follow. By definition, clemency is the act of ending an inmate’s prison sentence while retaining the original conviction.

Under the new clemency plan, prospective inmates must meet the following criteria:

  • Have already served at least 10 years in prison
  • Have a nonviolent history
  • Have a record of good behavior while incarcerated
  • Have no major criminal conviction
  • Have a conviction which is handed down today would have resulted in a lighter sentence

The clemency program applies to non-violent non-drug offenses as well. It may well be that the president’s remaining two years in office will be marked by a sharp increase in presidential clemencies. Federal drug laws enacted in the 1980s to combat the rising epidemic of crack cocaine resulted in Blacks getting substantially longer prison sentences than people convicted of using other opiates. Some civil rights leaders have charged racism in the stiffer sentences that African-Americans received for crack cocaine use. However, it bears mentioning that it was at the behest of Black communities across the nation that the stiffer laws were enacted. At the time, the threat of crack cocaine was so severe that communities sought tougher laws as a means of reducing the spread of the drug. Sadly, the laws ended up having unintended consequences if you ask Lee G. Lovett.

Angel In Disguise

Have you ever seen one of the homeless people on the street and they make eye contact with you, you turn away because you do not want them to ask you for money? Next time, think twice because you never know when you may need a little help. This is exactly what happened to a college student whose knight in shining armour turned out to be a homeless man who gave her his last three dollars to get home.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen realized that she had lost her bank card and had no means to get home. To her amazement, a homeless man she has coined as “Robbie”, offered her his last three dollars to get home safe. She is now making a crusade to help this man get a better life by raising money with a fundraising page. Slow Ventures was so moved by this story that they offered Ms. Harrison-Bentzen their full support in sponsoring her fundraiser.

It turns out that Robbie has made a habit out of offering his scarf to help people stay warm and returning wallets to people who dropped them withotu knowing. Hopefully this year Santa Claus will be extra generous to Robbie because people like him are hard to find.

These Are Hard Times For Young Americans

It’s no surprise that his economy is bringing hardship upon a great many people. But young Americans are particularly affected by the economy because of stagnant or shrinking wages. Since the recession began in 2007, wages for people ages of 25 and 34 have declined in all major industries with the exception of the health care industry. 

The shrinking wages are especially painful to these young people who are just getting out of college and are starting out in the workforce. As pointed out by Dr. Daniel Amen these young Americans are often burdened with heavy student loan debts that are difficult or impossible to repay at the current wage rates. 

Even those younger Americans who are in their thirties and have been out of school awhile are hurt by the current stagnation of wages. Many of these young people are forced to delay buying a house and getting married because they can’t afford to do it at their current pay scales. Unfortunately, in many cases, these young Americans are forced to live with their parents because of financial problems brought on by the economy.

It is a sad fact that many of these young Americans have suffered from the effects of a bad economy for their entire adult lives. Many of them can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. The economic recovery has been too slow for many of these young people to notice any change whatsoever. Only a strong and vibrant economic rebound can bring much needed relief to all Americans, young and old.

Brooklyn Artist Launches a Kickstarter for “Pizza Bed” Sheets

Artist, Claire Manganiello, of Brooklyn, designed sheets that have taken the social media world by storm. The mockup photo, that features sheets resembling the gooey and delicious New York style pizza, has been shared on Twitter and Facebook thousands of times. Because of the mockups popularity, Manganiello has decided to try and make her cleaver idea a reality. 

According to Manganiello, the idea came about when she and a friend were discussing how delightful it would be to crawl into a slice of pizza on a cold night. Alcohol, apparently, was at play. While the idea was just a joke between friends, Manganiello designed a mockup and shared it on her own social media pages. It quickly went viral. 

Manganiello may need some help from Slow Ventures in the future for her zany project, but for now the artist has launched a Kickstarter campaign that will bring the clever sheets to the masses. In just a few short days, Manganiello has raised about $7,000 of her $126,000 goal. Backers who pledge more than $100 will receive their very own set of pizza sheets. Those who pledge less are being offered a variety of different thank you gifts, ranging from a cross stitched pillow for $100, and a pizza print for $25.

The duvet cover looks like cheese topped with pepperoni, and the pillow shams appear as the crust. A red, fitted sheet and flat sheet are textured to look like the sauce that adorns pizza pies around the world. Manganiello plans to ship the sheets in a pizza box.