Anil Chaturvedi is a leading banker with over four decades experience in international banking. He specializes in private and corporate banking, advising corporate businesses and investment banking and has a keen interest in cross-border banking between India and Europe. Anil graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Economics Honors from Meerut University in 1971. He later pursued an MBA in Financial Management from Delhi University and graduated in 1973.

After his MBA, Anil joined the State Bank of India as a probationary officer. He worked in various functions such as investment banking, industrial finance, and capital markets. In 1987, he was appointed as SBI’s Manager of the New York branch. He was charged with the responsibility of planning and implementing marketing strategies for getting on board non-resident Indians in the USA. His efforts yielded fruits and obtained the bank over $500 million by the time he left the State Bank of India. He worked in SBI for 18 years and left in 1991 having been honored with the Man of the Year Award.

In 1991, he moved to ANZ Grindlays Bank and became the vice president and senior representative of its operations in the US. He was responsible for different functions such as developing leadership skills among the employees, marketing strategies, product development, ensuring the bank is compliant with all regulations and coming up with a framework that will increase profitability.

In October 1993, he became the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch in New York. Anil was among the top global private bankers and was covering Indians living in the USA, Asia, and Europe. He specialized in wealth management for high net worth individuals. Between 2007 and 2010, he was in the list of Baron’s Top Financial Advisors.

In November 2011, he joined Hinduja Bank Switzerland as the Managing Director. Anil is responsible for coming up with corporate advisory strategies to help in the formation of cross-border alliances between corporates in Asia, USA, India, and Europe. He has been involved in many seminars to sensitize on the investment opportunities in India for Europeans in a bid to spearhead joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and raising of capital between Indian and European corporates.

Milan Kordestani: His Hobbies And Cash Flow

Milan Kordestani isn’t your typical 19 year old.

He is a champion equestrian, an excellent employee, and a phenomenal business owner.

To understand Kordestani, we have to look at his history.

Let’s talk about his first experience aboard a horse.

We can describe a 10-year old Kordestani in one word: persistent.


Because when he boarded a horse for the first time, the animal went wild and ran away.

However, it didn’t run away before throwing little Milan off.

Milan didn’t fret, however; he found the horse, and climbed back on it.

This is admirable for a child, and Kordestani has continued live admirably.

At only 19 years old, he has a thriving business.

Residing in sunny California and having a business in the same state, Milan owns Milan Farms.

On it, he grows 100% organic eggs, herbs, and saffron.

He raises his animals humanely and is very upfront when it comes to business matters.

Whenever a customer has a question, Milan is always ready with an answer.

He feels that being open and honest with your customers is the only way to do business.

When Milan isn’t loving on his chickens and shipping shipments of eggs, he is hard at work at the Huffington Post.

On any given day, Milan will write about politics, mental health, or agriculture for the Post.

When he is done working for the day – whether at the Post or on his farm – Milan can often be seen atop a horse.

Riding horses has been a passion of his for half his life, and he has the ribbons to prove it.

Milan has won 3rd place in the Worlds Championship in 2015 and 2nd place in the Worlds Championship in 2016.

Milan has a first place ribbon in his sights and from the way things are looking, he will be obtaining it in no time.

Avaaz Draws Attention to Multiple Issues

Activists build relationships to improve the world come through the form of organizations like Avaaz. This is becoming a global network that is reaching out to respond to so many things that are occuring in the world today.

People that are coming home and watching your local news everyday may have no idea about all the things that are unraveling inside of various communities in Asia or Africa. They may be aware of certain things like poverty, but they may have no idea about issues like natural disasters and refugees that are trying to find homes after they have had to fled war-torn countries.

Fortunately, there are non-profit organizations like Avaaz that have come on the scene and given an entirely new perspective to what people may be enduring and their day-to-day battles. This organization has millions of members that are spread out as activists across the world.

Sometimes finding the people that are willing to go can be just as difficult as finding the funds to send people out on missions. Fortunately, this organization has over 40 million people that are connected in this system. This community has a long list of people that are willing to go the distance and put their own needs aside in order to aid others.

Avaaz fight for all different types of causes. There are issues with nature that this organization can assist with. There are humans that are battling various states of poverty and destruction that need assistance. There are so many noble causes to fight for, but sometimes it takes a large crowd to push the government in the right direction.

When an activist is willing to use their time to protest and gain a level of recognition to corruption in government or disaster areas that need relief there will be more eyes on this matter. With the activist in place that can bring attention to these issues it becomes much easier to break down the walls of a government politics. It becomes easier to relay the message of helping one another across the board with activism from various Avaaz members.


Is Robert Deignan an Expert of All Sorts?

Robert Deignan, is a name that resonates with those who are looking for answers on what an expert really is. Having worked in the technology industry for 20 years, Robert Deignan is one of the greatest examples of what it takes to make a technology company great. What is it that makes him such a real-world example of a successful businessman? It’s more than his ideas, but it’s his education, as well as his willingness to commit to making his business work and grow.

Robert Deignan’s first venture was just three years out of highschool, making it clear that he wanted to know from day one what it takes to build a business and to make it work. A passion for technology was just the starting point for Deignan, leaving him with only time to think about what his next move was. After his first business, Fanklink had dissolved, he moved onto a software company to gain even more valuable experience, as well as learn more about what it takes to make a business work. The ability to work with a company that was customer-centric, as well as one that would offer multiple services in technology, it seemed the ideal fit for Deignan.

His passion for technology coupled with his curiosity to find out how things would work together, kept him focused on figuring out what business path would suit him best. Once his second venture had satisfied his need more for knowledge, Robert Deignan went onto found ATS Digital Services. Having worked in various roles from Vice President to being a co-founder, Deignan put all of his energy and discovery into ATS Digital in 2011. ATS would become the professional trademark of Robert Deignan, focused on being the one company that could resolve nearly any issue within the field of technology.

Mobile devices, as well as storage devices, and anything related to technology would get the attention of Deignan as an opportunity for business. It’s no surprise that he is the topic of discussion today in business, serving as role model for those who want to know what serving others is all about.

Investing with the Professional Help of Agora Financial

For anyone who wants to retire at a good age, you need an account that will provide you with the money that you need to stop working. Unfortunately, a lot of people either do not have enough saved up to retire on or they never saved up anything at all. Your career may never end because of the retirement you never saved up for, and you don’t necessarily have the money to hire an accountant or financial advisor who is going to charge a pretty penny for the work they may or may not be doing well for you.

In order to prevent these problems, you need to consider Agora Financial and all the publishing options they have made available. Agora Financial has a series of different texts available in e-book and film format, allowing you to get expert advice from the professionals in order to begin doing your own investing and retirement saving. You will no longer need to worry that you’re unable to retire because of a financial situation. Plus, Agora Financial has been created for people who don’t necessarily know much about finances and investing, so it’s ideal for those who have been focused on their careers for a long time and don’t know a thing about financial problems.

Thousands of individuals have used Agora Financial and have found that it’s been a way to satisfy their financial needs and save up for a more secured future without the need for financial advisors and experts. Before you know it, you’ll be saved up for the future and able to retire on quite a large nest egg to support yourself and your family. Agora Financial has made this effortless for anyone who want to utilize their e-books and films to gather more of this type of information, too.

National Steel Car Is Excelling Under Gregory Aziz

If you love to follow up news in the car manufacturing department, you must have come across a company called National Steel Car. This is a company that is based in Canada, and it has been producing cars that have been used in many parts of the world. National Steel Car has gone and done well in the global market because of the cars it has been giving its clients. People who love to use quality cars that are affordable prefer to purchase the products from National Steel Car. The company pride itself on being an institution that is never scared of taking new responsibilities and changing the market.


National Steel Car is among the giants in car manufacturing. The organization has spent decades in the industry, and it has been getting the best professionals to design and manage its operations, and this is why it has impressed everyone. National Steel Car has had several leaders since its introduction in the Canadian market, but none of them has managed to show a lot of progress compared to Gregory Aziz. See This Page for more information.


Gregory Aziz is a person who took over the leadership of the company several years ago and introduces a culture that has been practiced and resulted to great benefits in the international market. Gregory Aziz is doing an excellent job in the car manufacturing world, but many people do not know about his roots. Some people are not aware about the struggles and sacrifices the businessman has made to attain his position in the company.


James Aziz wears many hats in the Canadian corporate world. Many people understand the businessman as a finance executive who has worked in many financial companies and introduced so many changes to the country. There are people who have known the businessman because of the role he played when he was working for the family business and the growth he brought into the food company.


Gregory Aziz was born and raised in this nation. While his friends and age mates moved to other countries to start looking for greener pastures, James Aziz decided that he was going to settle in Canada and work on improving the country. The businessman went to the universities in Canada for his college education too. By the time he was joining the finance department to pursue his dreams, the businessman had worked for his family, and he had a lot of knowledge.

How Alex Pall and Andre Taggart Hit Their Stride

Alex Pall and Andre Taggart have been popular DJs for many years in New York. They have rocked clubs and radio shows over the years. The duo decided to take their artistic talent a notch higher by forming a band: “The Chainsmokers”. They recently released their much-awaited single titled “Closer”. The song features Halsey as the star of the moment. The band has released songs before, but this one stands out because unlike in “Don’t Let me Down” and “Roses”, this song features Taggart as the lead singer on stage assisted by Alex Pall. It is a revolution in their career. It is not common for DJs to showcase their singing talent in such a fashion.

Beat Crafters behind DJ Booths

DJs are talented people, by all means, imaginable, but they never really manifest their personality without a singer in the picture. They depend on songs written and sung by others to do their thing right. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are clearly redefining their career. They are no longer faceless like their other colleagues. They appear on stage and sing and dance to their creation. The two artists were recently interviewed regarding the new song release and where they intend to take their talent.

The Interview

Alex Pall was asked how he met Taggart and began their collaboration. He reports that he was a DJ in New York City. He observes that it was, at first more of a sidekick. He says it disturbed him that he was in something that was more of fun than work in the city. However, he, soon, realized that he was talented in dance music. He says that his manager decided to introduce him to Drew; a meeting that redefined his whole career path to date.

Taggart Meets Pall

On his part, Andrew Taggart says that he was attending college prior to his meeting with Alex Pall. He was a DJ by then. He recounts that DJaying was his passion from when he joined college. He says that he started producing music quite early. Many DJs were being booked into clubs in New York City. He says he put his first songs on SoundCloud and played them in several clubs. Interscope was managing his activities in the music industry. Taggart says that he was introduced to the Chain-smokers by someone working for Alex Pall’s manager, who informed him of the developments at the band. He boarded a bus from Maine to New York City and met Alex. He says that they had a natural chemistry going instantly and started working together in Alex’s Apartment until their plans fell into place.

Willis Towers Watson Appoints Michael Burwell As CFO

Willis Towers Watson appoints Michael Burwell as their chief financial officer to take part of the Roger Millay since he is retiring. Mr. Burwell appropriately fits that position since he is well versed in financial matters. Michael Burwell has been serving in the financial industry for over 31 years which has prepared him well in that professional field. At PwC, Michael Burwell was holding top management positions as well as in the United States of which he had a good legacy that is remarkable.


It is evident that Mr. Burwell has eleven years of experience in the auditing and twelve years in providing transaction services. The role that he plays in the Willis Tower Watson is recommendable since the company can experience his contribution to the firm; besides, he is passionate and committed to delivering his responsibilities. From the speech delivered by the John Haley, the Chief Executive Office of Willis Tower Watson indicates that Burwell appointment to be the Chief Financial Officer of the firm was appropriately and timely since the firm was in need of such services and skills that Mike has in the professional.


Since Burwell is well conversant with the transactions, transformation, and finance, it will be easy for the company to meet its long-term objectives and goals. For this reason, Michael Burwell will help the firm to be at the top in the provision of advisory services to the clients and be leading in the market.


Michael attended the Michigan State University where he earned Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He worked at the PwC Company for about 30 years, and it is from there that he strengthened and equipped himself with leadership skills since he resumed senior positions of the company. Michael Burwell was able to deliver quality services to all the customers and clients that approached him since he wants all to be satisfied.


When he was at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Company, he gained a lot of experience in the transactions and other financial related fields that made him lead the company to greater heights and more so achieving its set goals. Therefore, by joining the Willis Towers Watson is in order because the gained skills and experience will be transformed into the company and makes it have a global touch. The company will get the results that it expects from the set goals. Michael Burwell is a successful and goal-oriented business person that delivers his duties appropriately. See Related Link to learn more.




Equities First Holdings- Supporting business growth in Australia

Equities First Holdings is a company that offers lending services to individual and businesses. The firm, however, operates differently from the traditional banks which are known as the primary source of financing. Since the company was established, it has provided alternative means of financing to businesses in various parts of the world where the company has business operations. Equities First Holdings is an organization that meets the needs of the people through alternative financing options. The alternative business options are making it easy for individuals and businesses to access alternative financing.

With the economic climate becoming very tough for many companies, banks are now not giving out loans to many of their clients. Equities First Holdings has come up with a business model that is not affected by changes in the economic environment. Equities First Holdings is implementing shareholding loans. These are low-cost loans which are easy to repay since they do not fluctuate with the economic conditions. The interest rates are low and fixed. Equities First Holdings in Australia is working with multiple organizations to create to offer better services to the people. By financing busies expansion operations, EFH is assisting many businesses to grow. One of the companies which have benefited from financing is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited.

OSI Group’s sustainability plan under David McDonald

Located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a company that supplies value-added added products such as beef patties and sausage link as well as pizza and sandwiches to the largest food outlets globally. OSI group serves famous brands like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Yum, Subway, and Burger King among others. The Company has over 60 businesses in seventeen countries. For some years, the company has been operating in China and with eight food processing factories. OSI Group is building two new facilities in China which will make the company the largest poultry producer in the Asian Country. OSI Group President and also Chief Operations Officer, David McDonald is satisfied that the company has made tremendous steps when it comes to poultry production within the Chinese market.

David McDonald believes that some of the notable improvements made by the OSI Group are in both the production and processing departments. The improvements include the launching of the new modern mill located in Shandong Province. In India, OSI group has launched a new frozen foods processing plant and in Poland, the company has launched a new beef processing factory. The company has also established new markets such as Hungary and Geneva. OSI Group boasts of adequate experience in reference to consumer taste, cultural nuances, government regulations, and talent pool. By making use of the experience, OSI Group has been able to provide its clients with high-quality products and services.

Besides serving as the Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald is also a member of the board of directors. David McDonald has been instrumental in creating a global network comprising of the in-house firms and teams all over the globe. Mr. McDonald has ensured that the management teams in each region have a clear understanding of the local consumers’ cultures and tastes.

David McDonald serves as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He has also been serving Marfrig Global Foods S.A as an independent director since late 2008 when the OSI Group’s plants in Brazil and Europe were acquired by the company. David McDonald earned a degree in Animal science from Lowa State University.

The company is concerned with the effects of their business activities to the world. David McDonald, as both the president and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, has strived to make sure that the company maintains a sustainable and positive relationship with the environments, communities, and people they come in contact with.

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