Malcolm CaSelle’s WAX is the Superior Virtual Market

WAX is a platform that makes use of the newest blockchain technology to offer customers a safe and secure protocol to conduct virtual trading. With WAX, cheaters never prosper as it completely prevents scams and stops unlawfully attained items from being traded. WAX’s primary target is the video gamer community, but anyone who wants to engage in virtual item trading can use WAX Tokens.

WAX’s intention is to have the entire video game digital marketplace using its system. WAX claims their protocol is so good that even the competitors of OPSkins will use their cryptocurrency. New companies are encouraged to implement their open source templates into their websites as well, WAX creates a fee based profit system for every person involved in the process.

WAX also assists its merchants in reaching a wider audience. Any item listed on their website can be listed on WAX, which means in turn any website that uses WAX can have your item posted. Merchants who use WAX will be able to list their items on various pages at once.

The thing that sets WAX apart from other cryptocurrency platforms is the people who created it. WAX was created by Malcolm CasSelle, one of the people responsible for OPSkins, the most popular third-party marketplaces on the entire web for niche video game cosmetics. Players of games such as H1Z1, Pubg, and CS:GO have been using OpSkins for years for their reliability and selection of skins and cosmetic overrides for their favorite games.

Malcomb CasSelle attended MIT and Stanford and gained considerable knowledge about computer science and programming during his studies. Since graduating, CasSelle has went on to be involved in companies such as Netnoir, Xfire, tronc, OPSkins and now WAX. Most of his business ventures have been in the industry of video games and video game services, with the exception of tronc. tronc is a giant in the newspaper world, they produce over a dozen news publications all over the United States.

Commitment Showcased by Perry Mandera in Various Fields

Perry Mandera is one of the businessmen who has showcased their dedication in the sector of transport. The commitment that he has put in the circle of business has earned him a better state in the community. Perry Mandera founded Custom Cares Charities. There are several projects that he has carried out in the community relating to the issues linked to the church and sports.

Perry Mandera studied at Chicago public high school where he graduated in 1975. He has utilized his skills in most of the projects that he has implemented in the society. After his studies, he enrolled in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves where he took the duty of the driver of the motor pool. Perry Mandera was then honored in the sector of Honorable Discharge from United States Marine Corps throIsmailiugh his dedication.

Perry Mandera at the age of 23 decided to become a businessman particularly in the segment of transport (Perrymandera). The skills that he applied in most of the businesses that he ventured in made him earned a lot of respect in the community. The company that Perry Mandera showed full commitment and was then one that he set up in 1980. As a passionate person the areas of politics, he served as a member of the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago for four years. He was the youngest politician in the scene of politics.

Perry Mandera merged the skills that he had in the business world with the politics. He founded a company called The Custom Companies, Inc. which was meant to supply its products to the customers based in the United States. The expansion of the company through the excellent leadership made it employed many people from various regions. The head office of the business was based in Northlake. Perry Mandera set up other branches of the organization in many parts of the United States to help distributors handle their matters successfully.

The dedication of Perry Mandera in the circle of business made him feature among the top businessmen in the list of “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Perry Mandera has further helped the community through various charitable programs.


Malcolm CasSelle: Implications of Blockchain Technology In Digital Asset Exchange

It may seem that blockchain technologies are merely a new buzzword in the world of technology. However, there is one man, Malcolm CasSelle, who has a vision that will help to revolutionize the world of digital asset management. Currently, the world is fraught with numerous problems that relate to scalability as well as regionalization. That is until the advent of the new technologies which blockchain has enabled. With the launching of his new company, worldwide asset exchange or WAX, he hopes to create a single standard platform for which all purveyors of the digital world will be able to enable their trades utilizing the new and exciting technology. They have created a new digital asset token deemed the WAX token which will serve as a standardized currency among virtual worlds. This was done in order to combat the common problem of fragmentation encountered in the digital world.

The president of the company Malcolm CasSelle is confident that this will help to revolutionize a once stagnant industry and introduce a whole new world of opportunity for those who are interested in digital asset management. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of technology with a bachelor’s degree in pewter science and a Masters degree in the same field from Stanford University. He has a decorated background of work history with a particular emphasis and the assistance of startup companies in the technology industry. With the insider knowledge that this experience has given him, he feels confident that the new company will begin to address a number of current problems within the world of digital asset management. No longer will for an asset exchange problems come into question as his new company will create a standardized format for digital asset exchange.

These new technologies will help to create a safe and efficient virtual goods market by the creation of new types of user operations the decentralization of technologies. Incredibly significant inefficiencies in the current economic system in the digital world have been caused by the fragmentation of the financial ecosystem. These should be swiftly dealt with by the new blockchain technology that is being deployed by the company WAX.

Vijay Eswaran Upholds Ancient Traditions In The Modern Workplace

Vijay Eswaran is one of the world’s most respected business leaders who has brought the multilevel marketing industry and small business financing solutions all across the world, and he’s also a philanthropist who has helped with disaster recoveries and environmental studies. But what sets Dr. Eswaran apart from other businessmen is that he also is a strong spiritualist and author on ancient traditions and how he uses them to guide his life. His strongest belief is that what you do should be to help elevate others and involve sacrifices and generosity in doing so. He’s always believed that sometimes the best way to win people over is to listen to their side of the argument and have an open mind to what your rebuttal or concession could be. He’s pointed to ancient philosophers like Lao Tse and Buddha as being some guiding points, and he’s also closely studied Mahatma Gandhi. But perhaps nobody’s influenced him more on a personal level than his father Vijayratnam.

Vijay Eswaran said that growing up he learned the practices of Vedism including being a vegetarian, and he said his father had no objection to meat in particular but just told him that if he couldn’t bring himself to kill a certain animal, he shouldn’t eat that meat. His father also was a member of the Malaysian Ministry of Labor and would travel around the country to address economic issues. Eswaran got a bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics himself from the London School of Economics, and he worked in several odd jobs and served as a marketing consultant for several IT companies before he found the opportunity to go into multilevel marketing. It began while he was in the Philippines establishing a branch of the Cosway Group, but then he met Joseph Bismark who he partnered with to start what would become a billion-dollar company known as QI Group Ltd.

Most of QI Group’s business comes through selling home care products, healthy drinks and organic foods, air purifiers and even vacation deals and travel packages in its lifestyle division. The company also has an asset management division that has several hotel property holdings and also finances business owners, and QI University is a partnership between the company and the government of Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran is a dual citizen of Malaysia and India so he often travels to important events in India such as the 6th Pravasi Divas where he spoke a few years ago. He was also invited to the Global Indian Meet conference in New York where he was presented with the NGI award. He’s the author of several notable books including the 2005 bestseller “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

Academy of Art University Graduates Shine in New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is a major opportunity for fledgling designers to make a name for themselves. The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University hosted its 21st runway show at the famed Skylight Clarkson Square last September. 10 recent grads of the Academy of Art University unveiled their designs to the world. The grads presented five women’s wear lines, two men’s and two collaborated works.

The  Academy of Art University, The Academy of Art University’s main campus is located in the South of Market district of San Francisco, CA. Founded in 1929, the originally advertising focused school has evolved into an art and design powerhouse offering students the chance to pursue professional careers in 31 disciplines in the art and design field.

The diverse group of fashion grads worked their tails off putting together the show. With the spotlight beamed on them, the aspiring designers made the most of their 15 minutes of fame, turning heads and winning hearts with designs that were fresh and original. In front of potential mentors, which included America’s Top Model’s J. Alexander, peers and the entire internet via live stream, the Academy of Art University alums made their school proud. And in doing so, assured the continuation of the Academy’s hallmark of developing some of the industries brightest and most creative minds.

Notable Alumni of the University include Academy Award winning Make up, hair stylist and special effects man Rick Baker (for Disney’s 2014 movie Maleficent), 2005 Pulitzer Prize winner Deanne Fitzmaurice, Star Wars animator Tim Bertino and actress Heidi Montag.

“These are the designers who will inspire and lead the next generation of creatives”, said Jayne Foster, the Academy’s Graduate Director of Fashion regarding the bright young alums. And in viewing the the creative offspring of these youngsters, the future looks very bright indeed.

With a faculty consisting of 283 full time and 1154 adjunct teachers, and a student body of 12,600 students (undergrad and graduate combined) The Academy of Art University is one of the largest privately owned art and design schools in America.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s contribution to healthcare.

Dr. Mark Holterman is an Ivy League scholar. He obtained his bachelor of arts degree in biology from the Yale University. He graduated top of his class (cum laude). He then joined the University of Virginia to pursue his MD and Ph.D. in medicine and immunology. He is regarded as a gifted surgeon and a remarkable pediatrician.

Over three decades of medical practice, Dr. Mark Holterman has accomplished a lot. His areas of specialties are; neonatology, Short Bowel Syndrome, Biliary Atresia and liver transplantation. He was director of surgery at the University of Washington from 1993 to 1995.He also did his fellowship at Seattle’s Children Hospital specializing in pediatric surgery. Dr. Holterman used his obtained skills in immunology to research at the Clinical Institute of Montreal.

Dr. Holterman taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago from July 1997 to December 2010. During this time, he did his research. He later worked as a surgeon for children at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. He was the chief surgeon there for two years. He is currently a professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He is also a Pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of OSF Healthcare. Dr. Holterman is the founder and C.E.O of Mariam Global Health.

He has been awarded several times. Some his awards are; the Americas Top Doctors’, the Patients Choice Award and the One Time Doctor Award (Premiergazette). He is described by most as a good listener and decision maker. He has also been praised by his patients for his organizational skills. Through Mariam Global Health, he assists the Children of Vietnam. The organization invests in businesses that help in the innovation of global technology in healthcare.It also invests in businesses that propel the international Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam(IPSAC-VN). Dr. Holterman works with IPSAC-VN in teaching doctors in Vietnam. He also provides surgery for patients in hospitals which are part of the program.

Dr. Holterman is a remarkable physician for children. His skills in immunology and general surgery gives him the precision to care and look after children.


Investment Strategies with Chris Linkas

Investors should learn always. Clients are always asking about the economy, the markets as well as individual stocks. Thus it is important that investors have this information at their fingertips. According to Chris Linkas, there are some investment aspects that distinguish between great investment managers and just ordinary investors. There are some major strategies about an investment that an investor should know. For instance, an investor is a human being and so not possible to understand everything. This first strategy claims that the market is ever growing and hence so big for investors to understand all manner of activities going on there (Cheynecapital). Investors have access to clients’ portfolios, management teams of companies as well receiving a lot of data concerning the markets. Nevertheless, as humans, it is possible to make mistakes. A major blunder an investor can make is to hold on to a losing investment thinking the market is long.

The”sell on news” trend comes in as the second strategy. According to Linkas, Some investors get excited with what they see on the news. For example, investors should stick on to their goals. Nothing trending should trigger them into rushing to the subsequent trade. Self-protective sectors can as well decline forms the third strategy. All stocks can get affected when the markets shift and so declining of even the defensive stocks.

As an investor, do not always rely on rumors. This fourth strategy claims that few rumors come true and result in a takeover. Consequently, relying on rumors to make an investment decision might bring about the worst results ever. The last strategy states that investors should not disregard a stock ceaselessly, Linkas argues. Some stocks can frustrate at a certain point but can bounce back as well at a certain point.

The company offers investment management guidelines for companies, investment funds as well as managed accounts. He joined the company in 2003. Since 2012 November, Chris has served as the Head of European credit as well as heading the 20persons European credit Group ( He was responsible for principal investment in countries with UK euro regions. He has investment experience in shipping, real estate, secondary LP interests, leases, non performing loans securities, corporate loans and many more.