End Citizens United Counteracts Citizens United

In the 2010 Supreme Court case of Citizens United v. F.E.C., corporations won the privilege of acting as ‘people’. This allowed billionaires with special interests to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. Since then, there has been no transparency in the funding of election campaigns. Billionaires and corporations can now sway political decisions in their favor.

End Citizens United is a PAC aimed at stopping the unlimited and unaccountable money in political matters. The steps towards achieving this are electing supporting candidates, raising the question of money in politics, cooperating with ballot measure campaigns, and using the grassroots membership to show political power on the issue.

The $100,000 Russian digital ad campaign from 2016 showed just how vulnerable elections have become. The loopholes in the law will not reveal just how much foreign individuals, governments or corporations have invested in elections in order to sway public opinions.In 2016 the American Pacific International Capital, a company controlled by Chinese nationals, used this to contribute $1.3 million to a PAC supporting Jeb Bush.

In 2017 the End Citizens United has endorsed Democrat Doug Jones to run for U.S. Senate against Roy Moore. According to ECU, Roy Moore is an extremist with a racist agenda, who serves special interests over the will of Alabamians. He hosts extreme ideologies, unfit with American values. He has embarrassed Alabama on countless occasions and has paid himself $1 million from a charity he headed. Unlike him, Doug Jones does what is right in all situations. Moore is aligned with shady big donors, which is precisely what End Citizens United is fighting against. He is also a leader in the effort to repeal the Johnson amendment, in order to allow political groups to use churches to fund campaigns. Moore has a long history of promoting outdated and bigoted ideas. Unlike him, Jones has brought KKK members involved in bombing to justice.

Washington has options to stop this but does not take action. Democrats have been trying overcome Republican opposal to the DISCLOSE Act, which requires groups to disclose political spending. House Democrats have once again introduced By the People reform package to overturn Citizens United and get foreign money out of US politics. For more info about us: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/ click here.

Ending Citizens United supports Democrats since the last ones are fighting to overturn Citizens United. ECU supports candidates under the attack of special interests of donors and their PAC networks of shady money groups. ECU is funded by grassroots activists throughout the country. ECU actively uses social media to keep their members informed about latest actions taken by them and to expose any shady money funds in politics.

Talos Energy Helps Lift Mexican Economy

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, a country needs a robust economy to keep it running. That is exactly why Mexico, whose industry has had a notable decline as of late, decided to open their gates. Since 1938, almost 80 years ago, no one could drill in Mexico’s waters or their land. No one, that is, except for their nationalized oil and gas company called Pemex. But recently, that all changed. With the housing crisis and economic turmoil that happened just a few years ago, it caused Mexico’s leadership to look elsewhere. They opened a bidding war in 2015 for the rights to drill on Mexican land and waters.

The result is that three companies have taken the helm. Talos Energy, Premier Oil, and Mexico’s own Sierra Oil and Gas will lead the charge on the new well, which is placed off the Tabasco coast in the Sureste Basin. The three companies have a pretty equal share of the profits: 40% to Sierra, 25% for Premier, and 35% for Talos. The Houston-based Talos will be the primary operator.

Talos Energy, LLC is a Houston based company that operates in the Gulf of Mexico – the U.S. portion – and off the Mexican coast as well. The firm is one of the most rapid growing ones in the entire country, and has won numerous awards for its success as a small business. They started with 15 employees in 2012 and now have 120.The company has always been venture backed with equity companies.

They received over $600 million from their parent company Phoenix Holdings. With this, they were able to grow quickly and acquire Helix Energy Solutions for $620 million. The company focuses on exploring, exploiting, and developing oil and gas products in their territories, producing up to 16,000 barrels of oil per day. The firm offers impressive packages to employees, such as profit sharing. This even goes for their scientists, who usually only get paid salaries. The company also has weekly game days in the office and casual days to keep a team atmosphere up. They are on track for $500 million of revenue this year.

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Tony Petrello- His educational background

Anthony Petrello enjoyed a unique upbringing that has contributed immensely to his success in life. He was born in Newark, New Jersey. The people of Newark are known to be hardworking and have huge respect for work ethics. People there believe that one should only benefit from what he or she has earned through legit ways. This culture has been inculcated in his mind, and his life so far has all footprints of hard work and determination.

Anthony Petrello started his education in the public school system in the town of Newark. He proceeded to join a public high school. Anthony Petrello showed to be talented in mathematics while still in his early stages of education. At a very young age, he could solve complex mathematical problems such as calculus and algebra. From his ability to handle mathematical problems it was clear that he was indeed a mathematics genius.

Tony Petrello realized at a very young age that he needed to work hard to realize his dreams since his parent were poor and could not afford to give him a comfortable living. Despite being in a poorly funded school, Anthony used the limited resources available to sharpen his skills in mathematics. When Petrello was in high school, he had the opportunity of participating in a mathematics forum where representatives from the Yale University were in attendance. They spotted his abilities and that marked the turning point of his life. He was offered a full scholarship that would cover his education for the rest of his life at the Yale University.

After high school, he joined Yale University to study a degree in mathematics. Despite being in class with other extremely bright students from all over the world, Anthony Petrello proved to be way ahead of them. He used to help the then mathematics’ professor at the institution Serge Lang in proving mathematical theories. These were problems that no other student at the institution could handle. Anthony went ahead to earn bachelors and master in mathematics. However, at some point, he decided to leave Yale and the mathematician profession and follow his new passion in law.

Tony Petrello joined Harvard school of law and graduated with a Juris Doctor. He then joined Baker& McKenzie law firm in New York. At the law firm, he used to handle issues of corporate taxation and other general business litigations.

Tony Petrello is the current chief executive of Texas-based oil and natural gas drilling company known as Nabors Industries.

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Ricardo Tosto: No ICMS Tax on the Long-term Insurance Contract

Ricardo Tosto explains how ICMS is not levied on the insurance contract with an extended duration:

The Treasury sometimes interprets the law literally and in its favor, often causing an increase in tax collection. However, it usually ignores the constitutional principles of taxation, the legal system as a whole, and the context that should be taken into account while the process of interpretation takes place. It is an excellent example of this apparent trend that the State Treasury always charges ICMS on the premiums paid on insurance with an extended term, assuming that such values are included by the sellers in the final price of the merchandise and, therefore, should be included in the tax base. To give legal support to this argument, Ricardo Tosto argues that Article 13, § 1, II, “a,” of Complementary Law 87/96 states that insurance paid should be included in the ICMS calculation basis since LC does not except or limits this rule.

However, Ricardo Tosto affirms that the taxpayers do not agree with this point of view. The claim is that, under a broader and more systematic interpretation, CL only provides that insurance premiums, arising from obligations assumed under the Consumer Protection Code (Articles 24 and 26), should be taxed by ICMS. By selling their products, CDC obliges sellers to ensure the perfect conditions of use of these products to consumers within 90 days (warranty period). In the event of a defect, sellers must replace or refund the value to consumers; if not, they run the risk of being prosecuted and sentenced to the payment of indemnity. To meet the CDC, sellers hire insurers to cover expenses related to the repayment of securities or replacement of defective products. Ricardo Tosto stresses that it is important to note that premiums paid from insurance are transferred to the final price of products and charged by consumers as a condition of a business. Thus, it makes sense to subject them to ICMS taxation.

In the meantime, once the legal guarantee period established by the CDC (or even earlier) has expired, there is nothing to prevent consumers from entering into a new, longer-term insurance contract to protect them from potential risks about the products purchased. In this case, the values of the premiums will be borne directly by the consumers, which contrasts with the previous scenario (when they were transferred to the final price of the products). It is also necessary to point out that such a contract is independent of the purchase and sale of the products and is therefore subject to another legal regime (Resolutions 122/2005 and 296/2013 of the National Council of Private Insurance).

Consequently, premiums paid in respect of such contract cannot be taxed by ICMS, since they are not related to the price paid for the products purchased. Also, these premiums will be received by the insurer as its revenue. In this case, sellers cannot be required to pay the ICMS. Otherwise, they would be paying tax on the revenues of third parties, a situation that can be considered as a violation of the tax principle of the ability to contribute.

On this matter, the Superior Court of Justice, in a special appeal, was asked to rule. Ministers recently decided in favor of taxpayers (Special Appeal No. 1,346,749-MG). The conclusion was that the amounts paid for insurance for an extended duration, which the consumers hired separately (when acquiring goods), cannot be taxed by ICMS. This judicial precedent does not refer to any paradigmatic case. It is only an isolated decision and has no binding effect. However, it can be considered as a major victory for taxpayers, which may influence future decisions by judges.

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The Noteworthy Contribution Of The Prominent Activist, Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was a renowned labor activist who dedicated his relentless effort to fighting for employment rights of industrial workers. He was born in Liverpool, England, in 1874. Although he was born and raised in a poor background, this did not deter him from striving for excellence and protecting the rights and interests of others.

Since he had no formal education, he commenced his career by seeking manual jobs in order to meet the family needs. Through hard work and dedication, Jim Larkin became a Foreman at Liverpool docks.

As a dedicated social worker, Jim upheld the belief that industrial laborers needed to be treated with dignity. As a result, he chose to shift ships and join the National Union of Dock Laborers. In 1905, Jim larking assumed the role of a full-time coordinator for the trade union.

Jim Larkin was transferred to Dublin in 1907 since National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) was not happy with the methods Jim employed during industrial strikes.

While in Dublin, Larkin formed an industrial workers union, Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). The purpose of this union was to bring all skilled and unskilled Irish industrial workers together to address issues concerning their welfare.

Additionally, Jim formed the Irish Labor Party that led several strikes. One of the strikes that made a significant impact was Dublin Lockout in 1913 where more than 100,000 industrial workers stopped working and went on strike for about eight months.

The strike paid off well and the industrial workers won the right to fair treatment and employment. In all the strikes that Jim led, he strongly discouraged violence and upheld the belief that a fair day’s work should be followed by a fair day’s pay.

In 1914, Larkin went to the United States where he began a new freelancing career on public speaking. While in America, Jim Larkin joined the Industrial Worker of the World (IWW) and the Socialist Party of America. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

During this period, Easter Rising took place in Ireland and James Connolly, Jim’s friend, died as a result. For this reason, Jim started the James Connolly Socialist Club where the left-wing activities were handled.

In 1920, Larkin was sentenced due to criminal anarchy and was released after three years before being sent back to Ireland.

In 1924, Jim Larkin organized the Worker’s Union of Ireland, and as a result, he was recognized by Communist International. Jim died on 30th January 1947 in Dublin, Ireland.

Reputation Management Company Builds Brands

For entrepreneurs that are trying to start a business, it is important to focus on building a brand and an image. Entrepreneurs also need to look at what they need for their reputation. For one thing, there are tons of entities on the internet that are willing to destroy the reputation of others. It is common for online businesses and people who have an online presence to deal with trolls. While some users who seek to start trouble tend to be low priority when it comes to threats against reputation, there are some that can run some really good campaigns and destroy the reputation of an individual. This is one of the reasons it is very important to be careful.


Entrepreneurs are not going to have time to manage their own reputation. This is one of the reasons that they need online reputation management companies. One online reputation management company is Status Labs. This company is very experienced with handling all types of online reputation management campaigns. They are able to deal with circumstances where people have been hit with scandals. The good news is that each scandal can be recovered from with the help of Status Labs.


While Status Labs handles digital crises, they are also available for helping people maintain a good reputation. After all, there is no telling when there is going to be an attack on a reputation. For this reason, it is important to take preventative measures to make sure that there is no damages to reputation and business. Status Labs is willing to help people keep track of every mention of the company and decide whether or not the mention is worth addressing. Status Labs often comes up with a good plan of action that is going to involve the work of their clients where they will bring their reputation back to how it was before.


These days, the success of a company depends on the reputation more than before. People are not going to just look at the products that the company sells. They are going to be looking at how they treat others and the types of companies they associate with.

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Success and Achievements of Tony Petrello

Success is all about passion and dedication. It is all about being creative, committed and also not forgetting the art of innovation. Nabors Industries Ltd is the leading oil and gas driller across the globe. The company’s success has been as a result of committed management and they will never write anything without mentioning the name of one great Toiny Petrello. He is one of the guys behind the tremendous achievements of this great company. He is in no doubt the leading CEO and has made the company one of the best to ever work with. The company is located in Hamilton and has been having its operations in the Middle and Far East countries, United States of America and various oil-producing oil countries. The company has by and large developed because of the leadership commitment and dedication.

Tony Petrello has come from far. He did not have the privilege of being brought up by a well up family. He has attended public schools like any other child of a poor background. The great Tony was very famous in his hometown. Everybody knew him as a mathematics genius and could find nothing difficult. Due to his fame and also his humor in approaching certain issues, Yale University came looking for him and awarded him a scholarship to advance his mathematics skills. He pursued a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and later masters in the same course. He was under the mentorship of a famous mathematician and a technologist. He was respected by the management of Yale University because of the way he approached certain mathematical issues. It came as a surprise to them that he was not interested in mathematics and had other dreams when he joined the Havard School of Law to Pursue a bachelors degree in law.

Tony started his journey of becoming a professional after graduating whereby he was employed by Baker & Mckenzie. That is how he started developing his practical experience in the legal field. At the company, he specialized in taxation, corporate governance, and other business-related issues. He was a tax expert considering his first degree. The company decided to promote him and made him the managing partner of their New York office. That is how his star continued to shine and he now started dealing with new clients. He resigned in 1991 to join Nabors Industries Ltd as the Chief Operating Officer. In less than one year, he was elected as the company’s board of directors as the president. He later became the deputy chairman and then the chairman later.

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The Life Story of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines and has managed to work for many years in multi-level marketing. For more than 10 years, he has served as a leader in the health and wellness industry. The career journey of Bernardo started in Gano Excel where he served as an executive.

During his stay at the company, he helped it grow and expand to Canada, Hong Kong and the United States within a period of three years. After relocating to California, Chua was appointed as the President at the Gano Excel USA. The company produces products such as capsules, instant coffee as well as other food products that consist of Ganoderma.

The Street revealed that Bernardo Chua started Gano Excel in 1995 together with his partner Leouw Soon Seng. The two had a vision of transforming and touching the lives of people across the world.

The company has now grown to become a top international Network Marketing Company that provides moving consumer products. Gano Excel first started in Malaysia is an international leader when it comes to cultivation, marketing, distribution, research as well as production of world-class, innovative Ganoderma immunology products.

Due to its strong commitment to quality products and excellent customer services, Gano Excel managed to win recognition internationally as a reliable and efficient company.

When it comes to the research, production and marketing of products made from Ganoderma, Gano Excel has managed to make a name for itself as Born to Be Global and also The Pioneer. It currently has a global network of more than 60 countries across the world and has expanded into a multi-dollar business venture in a span of 20 years.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua established Organo Gold and currently the company has its presence in 35 countries across six continents. In 2014, Chua expanded the operations of Organo Gold to Singapore. A philanthropist, Bernado Chua runs a non-profit organization that is known as OG Cares Foundation.

The foundation is sponsored by Organo Gold and its gives support to the youth by engaging members of their communities as well as offering them opportunities to become productive. Chua strongly believes that the youth of today have lots of potential and need help to make it in life.

Agora Financial will Help Your Money to Grow

Agora Financial is a wealth building organization for consumers. This company has been around since 1979 and is a subsidiary of the Agora Network. The Agora Network consist of at last 30 companies that provide publishing, information and real estate service. Agora Financial specializes in wealth building and investments for consumers.

The company caters primarily to retirees and other employees who have money to save and invest. They provide updated information about various aspects of the financial industry. This information is given to clients in the form of online publications, videos, seminars, conference calls and even podcasts.

The company provides their clients with the best strategies to build up their wealth. Customers that work with Agora Financial will be given specific advice and information about the best places to invest and build their wealth in current times. Keep in mind that a client will have to pay for some of this exclusive information. However, much of it is free.

Clients who are ready to retire from work can set up their income to build wealth for the future. Realistically, people should start saving for their retirement as soon as they begin to work. However, there are a lot of people who do not save for their retirement until they ready to stop working. Regardless of the approach that a consumer takes with their retirement, they can use Agora Financial for generating income.

Clients that use Agora Financial services will be able to have a steady source of income during their retirement years. Even if they have not yet retired, clients can still use Agora’s financial information to generate a second source of income. They can do this in the form of savings or by producing a steady second income stream. The analysts within this financial organization do not sit around at their desk figuring out what opportunities are available. They also get out into the world to figure out what financial vehicles and investments will realistically make profits. Ultimately, Agora Financial wants their customers to be financially secure and stable.


A Short Seller Who Raised Approximately $100 Million to Bet against a Stock: SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi doubles up as the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Since founding the company in 2009, SahmAdrangi has actively participated in all its development aspects. The firm raised about $100 million to bet against one stock. This money was obtained from investors. Kerrisdale Capital Management’s move is the first of its kind. Sometimes, Hedge fund managers raise money to concentrate on a particular investment thesis including recovery of residential mortgage-backed securities and distressed energy companies. However, a relatively small company based in NYC, Kerrisdale Capital Management intends to use the money to short an upcoming public company’s stock.In an email to investors, SahmAdrangi wrote that the firm had raised a considerable amount of capital very fast. He explained how together with Shane Wilson was focusing on the upcoming campaign, website, video, and more to persuade others about their thesis. The money already started purchasing stock to establish its stand in an unnamed company.Kerrisdale Capital Management, which manages about $500 million plus the newly raised money, has a record of betting against firms and making its case known to the public. Some recent Kerrisdale activist short positions include satellite company Globalstar and drug makers Zafgen and Therapeutics. Its main hedge fund bets both against and for company stocks. It averages a return of around 28% annually.

About SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. He is arguably the best-known short research activist. He first came to the limelight after shorting deceitful Chinese companies. Some of these companies have since been subjected to enforcement actions by the Exchange and Securities Commission. SahmAdrangi started his career in Deutsche Bank leveraged financial investment banking group. He later became an analyst at Longacre Management, a billion dollar distraught debt hedge fund. Adrangi went to Yale University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.