Dr. AviWeisfogel is the Prominent Medical Sleep Practitioner that Has the Correct Solution in the Remedy of Sleep Apnea:

Dr. AviWeisfogel aims to put a rest to the severe disorder of Sleep Apnea, by way of the Dental Practitioner or the Physician. The quality of a person’s sleep, according to Dr. AviWeisfogel, is of the utmost importance. When a person experiences, Sleep Apnea, his health greatly impacted. It is natural, that the well-being of the individual, greatly adds to that particular person’s lifestyle.

A very prominent sign of Sleep Apnea is snoring. Any individual snoring, each and every night, may have the condition. In order to diagnose it, properly: a sleep test performed.

Many persons are interested in knowing what other symptoms, are signs of having a Sleep Apnea. The condition is relative halt in breathing, during periods of sleep. Naturally, the best way to test for the condition is by means of monitoring, while the sufferer sleeps, in order to determine the extent of the condition. However, in answer to the preceding inquiry, the list of symptoms of Sleep Apnea follow:

1–Breathing is interrupted;
2–The patient is tired throughout the day,
3–The individual experiences Insomnia, due to awakening so frequently,
4–Mood disorders occur such as anxiety and depression,
5–The patient is subjected to dry mouth. He or she has a sore throat and there is pain when swallowing. The lips become cracked and dry.
6–The person experiences sleeplessness or restlessness–the result of the body registering that when the sufferer becomes fully engaged in sleep, he experiences a halt in breathing.
7–Headaches that are quite painful. The migraine headache, occurs in the morning hours, due to the fact the sufferer has experienced a lack of oxygen during the night.

Dr. AviWeisfogel suffice it to say, is providing the Physician, and the Dental Practitioner a way to cure a very serious condition, that can have serious consequences, with regard to patient health. By way of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, the Physician or Dental Practitioner is able to add a sleep lab component to his business setup. Too: the remedy, used, by means of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program is an oral device–which is very non-threatening to the wearer. It allows the individual to keep his air passageway open, in order to achieve better night’s sleep.

Notes with Regard to Dr. AviWeisfogel:

Dr. AviWesifogel practiced Dentistry for fifteen years at the Old Bridge Dental Center. He became interested in sleep disturbances, during this time. He has assisted physicians and dentists in opening sleep labs, and has lectured professionals, how to add a sleep lab to their respective practices for more info: https://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6417534 click here.

The preceding activities evolved to Dr. Weisfogel’s development of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program. The program is designed to allow the physician or the dental practitioner to add another income stream–by means of remedying the sleep disorder–to their existing operation.

How ClassDojo Is Transforming the Learning Experience

Do you have a hard time coaxing your child to open up about his day at school? Rest assured that help is on the way. ClassDojo is headed to a school near you, and you can get updates on classroom goings-on as often as you like.

The education app, designed for students in kindergarten through eighth grade, is being used in 90 percent of U.S. school districts and more than 180 countries worldwide. There are versions in 35 different languages. Given that the idea for the app was conceived just six years ago, growth has been astronomical.

ClassDojo was formed when two highly educated 26-year-olds from the U.K., Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, asked a simple question: What’s the worst part of teaching?

After talking to hundreds of educators, they launched the app that’s getting kids all over the globe excited about school.

How It Works

ClassDojo functions like a social media community for individual classrooms. It connects students, teachers, parents and administrators. Throughout the school day, users can watch videos, share photos, post comments and otherwise participate in classroom activities.

Teachers can post lesson plans, describe group projects or announce upcoming events. Imagine an ongoing open house or Meet the Teacher Night.

The goal is for users, especially parents, to become active team members in their student’s educational experience.

Fans say that ClassDojo provides a network of support that inspires kids to put their very best ideas to work. They report that students are more engaged, confident and well-behaved. Everyone works together to create a learning environment that’s tailor-made for the children and teacher in any given classroom.

A Range of Applications

The ClassDojo team continually works with teachers to address their frustrations and provide solutions. Here are some of the app’s diverse features:

  • Student profiles and portfolios

A profile and avatar are created for each student. Teachers can go to a student’s page and post feedback on schoolwork or encouraging remarks. Parents can comment, ask questions or send a message to their student.

Students can showcase their classwork or special projects in personal portfolios. Moms and dads can access them at any time. Kids may upload photos or film themselves in action to explain their work. Thanks to videos of an ongoing art project, for example, parents don’t miss a thing.

  • Class news

Teachers keep parents updated on day-to-day activities. Parents know what books the class is reading. They get live videos from the field trip to the aquarium. If the class gets a new hamster, there are plenty of pictures to document the event. Urgent news, like early dismissal for bad weather or a health alert, is communicated quickly and efficiently.

  • Private messaging

Teachers and parents can communicate privately without even exchanging phone numbers.

  • Strategies for success

Several series of videos teach basic skills for succeeding in school and life.

Teaching students to develop a growth mindset is one key element of ClassDojo. The idea is for students to set learning goals, work to achieve them, grow from their mistakes and rebound after setbacks. A growth mindset refutes the notion that intelligence alone determines success. Students who grasp the concept stop making excuses and work harder. The ones who don’t need a lot of academic help stop basking in their achievements and start setting harder goals.

Mindfulness lessons are integrated into the Big Ideas series. These videos teach emotional intelligence, and ClassDojo partnered with Harvard University and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to develop their content.

Students learn to put strategies in place for regulating their emotions when life throws a curveball. The focus is on managing stress, anger or sadness without overreacting or feeling overwhelmed. Breathing techniques and calming movements are integrated into mindfulness instruction.

Since parents can watch the videos at home with their kids, the lessons are reinforced, and dialogue about them is ongoing.

  • Behavior monitoring

Teachers can award or deduct points based on behavior. Life points might be added for a neat appearance or politeness. Learning points are awarded for things like completed homework assignments and extra-credit work.

Reasons to have points deducted might include disruptive behavior, leaving trash in the lunchroom or forgetting to bring the right book to class.

Whether the news is good or bad, parents see it.

Awards and Funding

Since winning the NBC “Today” Education Innovation Award in 2011, ClassDojo has racked up a number of honors from Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc. Magazine, LinkedIn and Fast Company, a leading business media brand.

ClassDojo raised the initial seed money of $1.6 million in 2012. The following year, its first institutional funding effort raised $8.5 million. Series B venture funding in 2015 added $21 million.

When your student isn’t forthcoming about what goes on at school, ClassDojo is the next best thing.


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JHSF, the Risk Taker

About JHSF

JHSF is a real estate firm that was founded back in 1972. With the hard work and determination of the managers, the company has risen to be a market leader in Brazil. The main activities at JHSF revolve around residential and commercial markets acquisition, development and management. Mainly the firm develops international executive airports, hotels, and shopping centers. The company is also involved in the share market as its shares have been traded on NorvoMercado and FBovespa for a decade.


JHSF capitalizes on the identification of new opportunities in the Brazilian high-end market. It then devises ways of responding strategically to the opportunities. The management weighs the risks against the benefits and many times ends up taking the chances. Many reports show that JHSF takes risks that the ordinary investor would avoid. In response to this, the management says that it is only in taking risks that a venture can become profitable. They say that if a loss occurs, the management should learn from it. The daring aspect helps JHSF be a pioneer in most of the types of projects it undertakes. The above helps it reap huge profits from new markets and ventures.

Locations and Enterprises

The company operations are mainly in capitals such as Sao Paolo, Manaus, and Salvador. JHSF mainly deals with four kinds of ventures: executive airports, restaurants, malls, and hotels.


JHSF has several accomplishments as it has integrated urban development Catarina as part of its projects. The first part of the above was the construction of Catarina fashion outlet and Executive airport. The project also entailed the development of high-class hotels in the high-income area of Brazil. JHSF as well owns Vitra building, which was drawn by Daniel Libeskinf. North American Architects rated the construction among the best 3 in the entire world. The Vitra project has also completed other 34 buildings, which are all state of the art developments.

Sustainability is a core value at JHSF as the company considers the environment and the living things. It ensures that all projects are constructed with utmost care and protection. CidadeJardim Corporate Center holds an AQUA Certificate for its environmental friendliness.

A Look At Sheldon Lavin’s Career     

 Sheldon Lavin remains nostalgic of his time in the financial consulting field. Having grown up with the vision to own his own business, the young financial expert founded his consultancy firm just a few years after graduating with an accounting and finance degree from the university. However, about forty years ago, the founder of Otto & Sons convinced him to invest in the meat processing industry. He joined the company as a partner. Lavin was tasked with providing financial advisory services to the company and its management. This partnership saw the company grow from a small meat processing facility in West Chicago, Illinois to become a leading corporation in the world. Lavin News Here.

When he joined Otto & Sons, Lavin set his eyes on making the company a global corporation. Although the process required loads of investments, his visionary leadership and strategic business strategies have seen him achieve this dream. Presently, the company has over 80 meat processing facilities spread in at least 17 countries. Most of them are located in major economies such as the US and China. Lavin has also overseen the diversification of the products offered by OSI Group to include vegetable items, sauces, and baked goods. Click Here for more.

Lavin believes that OSI Group’s success has also been as a result of the unique management system used by the company. Unlike other corporations that use a one-fit-all strategy, OSI’s subsidiaries are run independently. This enables the facilities to comply with local regulations and consumer’s tastes. However, the top management is still involved in setting rules and strategies for the facilities in addition to their budgetary limits. At the company, the efforts of each employ is hugely appreciated. Sheldon Lavin notes that the efforts of the employees have been critical, as they have played a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction and facilitating the production of quality products.

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group. The entrepreneur started his career as a financial expert before joining OSI as a partner. Over the years, he has been able to gain full control of the company. In addition, the 89-year-old executive leader sits on the company’s board.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group for more.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partnership with Allscripts and Nanthhealth Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America works hard to provide cancer patients with the best possible treatment available. That is why they are partnering with Allscripts and Nanthealth. This new partnership will help oncologists work with their patients to determine the best course of care for their cancer. The number of cancer treatments and the amount of new research is increasing exponentially, and this new partnership will help give oncologists access to a much easier to use database and that will help to streamline the process.

The new program being implemented is eviti®, a NantHealth support solution that has been designed and tested with the input of hundreds of oncologists across the United States. This new system has a wide range of benefits to both oncologist and their patients. In addition to helping to provide a custom treatment for each and every patient, eviti® helps to make and track these treatment plans.

Oncologists can use real-time data, including effectiveness and cost of treatments to help patients decide the best options for them. Tracking and mapping patient treatment plans help optimize each and every patient’s quality of life. The ultimate goal for any oncologist is to not only help cure their patients of cancer and live longer lives but for their patients lives to be happy and pain-free. This new partnership helps oncologists at Cancer Treatment Centers of America achieve both of these goals by providing the best treatment for each patient.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. It is known for using both conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, as well as taking a holistic approach to helping treat the symptoms of cancer. The CTCA hospitals work to help treat depression, pain, nausea, malnutrition, and anxiety. Each of the CTCA hospitals has high patient satisfaction scores, because of the care and attention that they are given by the team of professionals that works with them.

Patty Rocklage Accomplishments in Psychology

Patty Rocklage is a respected psychotherapist and philanthropist who is currently based in the United States. Rocklage has helped many individuals who are struggling with family and marriage problems. As a professional psychologist, Patty Rocklage provides her clients with counselling sessions until they can live a fulfilling life.

Patty Rocklage’s educational background has made a huge impact in her successful career. The businesswoman went for her university education at the well-known University of South California where she acquired her degree in psychology. At the moment, she is considered to be one of the most successful psychotherapists. The businesswomen are well licensed to practice in Massachusetts.

When Patty is not working as a psychiatrist, she loves speaking to people about life issues. She is also a qualified coach and team building expert who is consulted by many people. Rocklage has talked to international conferences in many parts of the world and recognized by many.

As a psychiatrist, Patty understands that she has to maintain a close connection with her patients so that they can face out challenging situations of life. Forming a relationship with clients is not a walk in the park. Most of the issues facing clients are sensitive and confidential, and they require a sober mind to face.

The businesswoman knows how to communicate effectively with the customers so that they can express themselves with a lot of ease. People know her to be warm and welcoming, and this makes her gain their confidence.

Patty Rocklage is very passionate about giving back to the community. At the moment, she is one of the volunteers at the Sudanese Education Fund that was established several years ago to help the people of southern Sudan who decided to relocate and settle in Massachusetts. Patty understands that without education, it is impossible for countries like Sudan to accomplish a lot in life.

After the students have completed their education at the state, they are offered stable jobs so that they can become financially stable. When they have financial stability, it is easy to help their relatives to acquire education. Very many Sudanese families have benefited from the fund.

Learn more about Patty Rocklage: http://norbifilms.com/patty-rocklage-a-therapist-at-the-office-and-a-supportive-wife-at-home/

How Betsy DeVos has brought Reforms to the Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman who has been making significant contributions to charity for the past three decades. According to her, everyone deserves compassion and a quality life. She has committed herself to making sure that children in the United States have access to the best schools. Betsy advocates for reforms in the sector and wants to make sure that people can attend schools of choice. Her dedication made President Donald Trump to appoint her to his cabinet as the U.S secretary of education. She has been making sure that parents are involved in deciding the kind of schools that their children should join.

Many students in the United States currently attend good schools due to the policies that Mrs. DeVos has been supporting. She advocates for the use of the school vouchers that will allow individuals to use public money in paying for their education in charter schools. The U.S education system has been limiting children to attending learning institutions depending on the neighborhoods that they live. This regulation has concerned many parents from low-income areas since their children might not be able to attend good schools. Betsy efforts have enabled many children in the country to access the best education.Mrs. DeVos is also appreciated for her involvement in politics. She started her career in the field by acting as a volunteer in the campaigns of President Gerald Ford during the 1976 elections. She has been actively involved in activities of the Republican Party for years. Betsy was once appointed to act as a delegate who represented the Michigan people. In 1992, she was offered a position at the Republican Nation Committee, which she held until 1998.

Betsy has been running most of her charity work through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which is an organization that she formed with her husband, Dick DeVos. The main activities that the couple has been supporting include leadership, community development, education, justice, and arts. They have assisted many people in addressing various issues that affect them.Various charity organizations in Michigan and other parts of the country have benefited from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation’s donations. They include the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program, ArtPrize, and the American Federation for Children. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos are the founders of West Michigan Aviation, which provides an excellent education to students across the state. Dick loves aviation, and this motivated him to establish the college. Betsy’s family gives millions of dollars to charity every year, and this has made it be regarded among the most generous in the U.S. They have supported the election of various Republican Party candidates by funding their campaigns. Mrs. DeVos is considered as one of the influential women in the country.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Journey in the Field of College Sports

Yanni Hufnagel is a native of Scarsdale. Yanni’s passion for coaching began when he was a child. Yaani spent most of his time reading coaching books while assimilating plays captured in the books involving basketball figurines.

Yanni Hufnagel’s coaching career

Early in his career, Yanni Hufnagel worked as a television broadcaster. His workmate and fellow news anchor observed first hand Yanni’s potential of becoming a sports coach. He has served as a basketball manager for various colleges, including Cornell University. In 2009, he was appointed by Jeff Capel to head the Harvard team as an assistant coach. He first served as an assistant before taking up a post as the head coach. While working for this team, Yanni was able to recruit some of the best players. He is considered an experienced coach who can spot and recruit great talents.

About Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is an American basketball coach based in New York. Yaani studied at Scarsdale High School where he played on the basketball team. Yanni is an alma mater of Pennsylvania State University and the Cornell University. He has a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. Yaani served as an intern with the New Jersey Nets before taking a job as a coach at the University of Oklahoma. While working for this institution, he obtained a master’s degree in adult and higher education with an emphasis in athletics.

He has also worked for Harvard Crimson men’s basketball program. Yanni was the coach of the USA Youth Team before joining the Vanderbilt Commodores. In 2014, he became the coach of the California Golden Bears. During Yanni’s tenure at the University of California, he worked alongside individuals, such as Cuonzo Martin. He currently works for the University of Nevada, Reno as the lead basketball coach. His efforts are recognized in various universities across the United States.


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George Soros Role In the Ferguson Protests

One of the most liberal men in the entire world has been giving out his fortunes the entire time he has been rich. He is arguably the most generous man in the world and is known to have given out over 12 billion dollars since he became financially empowered despite holding the title of the Man Who Broke the Bank of England. George Soros, the Man Who Broke the Bank of England, was not always rich, neither was he always American. However, as you will note, he was always determined to assert his sovereignty and that of the people with whom he came into contact.

The uncanny economist and financial investor was born in Hungary back in the days when the Nazi Regime ran havoc in the world, slaughtering the Jewish people of Germany and other sovereign nations’ on whose territories they encroached. He, in his formative years, found himself in a peculiar situation where his fellow Jews were being flocked together in concentration camps and executed simply for being Jewish. Since he could not willingly concede into slaughter, he and his family forged documents and faked their identities to stay alive. In a concerted effort to preserve life, his family plotted with other Jews to pretend, and they made fake documents for other Jews as well. He later managed to leave Hungary for London where he worked two shifts like a manual and casual laborer to raise fees for his studies at the London School of Economics. After achieving his education, he flew to the United States to chase the American dream. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros became financially independent and even started his hedge fund to consolidate financial gains. He inclined to philanthropy with every dollar that he made on top of what he needed to stay afloat. By 1979, he had founded the Open Society Foundations. His style of philanthropy started taking shape when he offered liberal black South Africans scholarships to equip them with the necessary skills to oppose the Apartheid Regime. His liberal nature took more shape when he funded the publication and duplication of banned literature in oppressive African regimes that tried to silence the people. The documents sparked rebellious feelings, and the people began agitating for democracy and the respect for their rights. He continued to flex his financial muscle against oppression across the world and even concentrated his dedicated efforts in strengthening the Democratic Party in the United States. Read more on NYTimes.com.

The Ferguson Protests

The Ferguson protests erupted spontaneously and violently after a racially motivated police murder of an unarmed 18-year-old. The situation was spinning out of control and could have resulted in further racially motivated violence. George Soros sought to intervene and better organize the unfortunate event to consolidate gains against racial profiling, police brutality and discrimination. He spent 33 million dollars organizing activists, bus rides and mass social media campaigns with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag campaigns. Lobby groups that benefit from his philanthropy also created documents capturing cases of police brutality in the Island and argued why and how errant police officers should be held accountable for their actions for the sake of peace and confidence in the police by the general public.

In What Does Equities First Holdings Specialize?

Equities First Holdings has been experiencing tremendous growth, and it could no longer contain its growth at its previous premises in Melbourne, Australia. The investment lender, a leader in the alternative financing services market, had to get bigger space that could contain all the stuff it previously had, customer traffic and leave for future growth. The company also took advantage of the situation to get a better spot to set up shop, a spot located more centrally in the busy and lucrative Australian city.

According to Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd’s managing director, Mitchell Hopwood, the business had to move to the new location with the address Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 for the sake of increased profitability and convenience. Apart from their regional address changing, they also had to use a new telephone line, +61 3 8688 7191. However, the relocation did make their business more accessible to their existing clientele the move put them at a more convenient location at the center of Melbourne.

In What Does Equities First Holdings Specialize?

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a financial service company that was founded in 2002 and has since been in the business to enable its clients to meet their goals, both personal and professional. It has been providing its clientele with loan services based on their systematic breakdown of the risks involved in tradable stocks. It first evaluates the risk involved in giving loans in contrast to the future performance that can be associated with the stocks, bonds, and treasuries in which the clients intend to invest. It offers alternative financing solutions by supplying its clients with capital against publicly traded stocks.

Equities First Holdings, LLC provides capital to its clientele around the world to trade in the stocks. It has, over the 650 transactions it has completed, managed to offer its clients high-value loans at low and fixed interest rates.